Facebook is Taking Legal Action Against a Cloaking Software Maker

10 April 2020
On April 9, Facebook filed a complaint in California federal court against Basant Gajjar accusing...

[2020 Case Study] $388,874.33 Revenue In 49 Days With 109% Increase in Returning Customer Rate

3 April 2020
Facebook is constantly changing. Always new updates. Algorithm is never the same. It’s IMPORTANT...

Facebook Updates Its Data Access Tools

2 April 2020
In an effort to make its system more transparent, among other improvements, the social networking...

5 Things You Need to Account For Before You Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

31 March 2020
In this article, I’m going to talk about five things to consider before launching Facebook Ads...

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

20 March 2020
Hi there! The third episode of our special project will be no less interesting than the previous...

How good are you at guessing creatives? A test

16 March 2020
There are lots of ad creatives running on Facebook, and the creative angles used by affiliates are...

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 2. How to pick up landing pages and make creatives

27 February 2020
Hi everybody! This is the second episode of our special project. In this article, I’m going to...

Top 10 Secret Tricks and Hidden Features of Facebook Ad Account

19 February 2020
Today, we are going to share with you some cool Ads Manager features that we use in our work....

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia.

13 February 2020
Hi, guys! ZorbasMedia is launching a new special project where we are going to drive traffic from...

Creating a Template for Ad Campaign Import into Facebook

11 February 2020
Our today’s article deals with automated ad campaign import into AdsManager through a token. This...

Case Study: Driving Facebook Traffic to a Nutra Offer with a 181% ROI

7 February 2020
Offer: Erogan Funnel: Improved pre-landers and landings provided by the affiliate network CPA...

No More Mobile Web and In-Stream Placements on Facebook’s Audience Network

6 February 2020
On February 5, Facebook confirmed its decision to nix mobile web and in-stream ads from Audience...

Zalo, a Vietnamese Telegram where you can launch your ads

27 January 2020
Xin chào! A lot of affiliates complain that it has become increasingly difficult to work with...

101 Things That Can Get Affiliates Banned on Facebook

13 January 2020
This article is not about bypassing Facebook’s ban. On the contrary, it deals with how to avoid...

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

5 January 2020
Mobile traffic is getting bigger day by day. The amount of time users spend browsing the Internet...

Facebook suits Hong Kong affiliates for ad fraud

17 December 2019
On December 5, Facebook filed suit against a Hongkonese digital marketing agency called ILikeAd...

From toxic paid SMS and fraudulent WAPclick to something new and yet profitable

6 December 2019
Hello there! It’s my first column on ZorbasMedia, and so I would like to introduce myself. My...

Case Study: Driving Facebook Traffic to a WebView Android App. $2700 profit

3 December 2019
Campaign time period: October 24-October 31, 2019 GEO: Russia Traffic source: Facebook Affiliate...

ZorbasMagazine. The Essay Niche in 2019

26 November 2019
The essay niche has been on the rise in 2019, and it is expected to grow even more popular. The...
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