5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

23 April 2020
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5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

Those who are only starting their affiliate marketing journey often ask the same questions in chats over and over again. We have gathered the five most common questions and did our best to answer them.

Mistake 1. Working with multiple GEOs simultaneously

5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

I run different campaigns in different locations, but they don’t generate any profit.

If you are about to start promoting an offer and don’t know which GEO to choose, reach out to your affiliate manager or fellow affiliate marketers for advice. Blindly running your ad campaigns in different countries on a shoestring budget is a risky and venomous endeavor. Choose one location, study your target audience carefully, and only then launch your affiliate marketing campaign.

Mistake 2. Ignoring the issue of increasing PPC

Guys, my PPC is super high. Should I stop my campaigns altogether or probably wait until the situation improves?

This applies only to the case where an affiliate is running considerable traffic volumes, but the PPC is still not going down. In such circumstances, you need to focus on your targeting settings, ensure you have found the right target audience for your offer, go over your creatives (whether they have a USP or not), and probably reconsider your ad copy. Another strategy would be to reach out to one of your acquaintances who matches your target audience’s criteria and show them your ads. You will receive valuable feedback on the quality of your ads and comments on what can be improved.

If you don’t have any such acquaintances, you can split test different creatives.

Mistake 3. Poor work organization

My accounts keep getting banned, what can I do about this?

Of course, Facebook can ban your account for a variety of reasons such as a lack of proper warm-up, trigger words in your creatives, and so on. If you have no idea why you keep getting banned, this means that you work in a haphazard manner. Create a Google Doc to have all your account information in one place and keep track of everything. Analyze all the data and don’t forget to save all the relevant information in the Google Doc. This will bring order into your workflow and help you define a clear pattern for account management.

Mistake 4. Spreading yourself too thin when it comes to offers

5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

Grabbed my hands on an offer and wasted $50 on testing. Pls, help me pick up the right offer for my campaigns.

If you have wasted $50 on testing, it doesn’t mean that the offer is not converting. What this means is that you haven’t found the right target audience or delivered the right ads. To ensure you do everything right, test out various angles (creatives, pre-landers, landing pages, and so on). Remember that $50 is not always enough to make up your mind about an offer. 

Mistake 5. No optimization

My campaign has finally climbed into the green. I won’t touch anything so as not to ruin it.

Ignoring the optimization stage is something that stands in the way of your success. Find out when the users drop off from the website most often. Some elements of the website may fail to load quickly or the server may take a lot of time to respond. Besides improving the user website experience, ensure you have top-performing creatives and target the right audience. Facebook allows you to find out what audience segment generates the highest conversion rate, what their demographics are, and so on. Try targeting a more narrow audience in your next campaign based on the received data.

Of course, this is by far not all mistakes that beginner Facebook affiliates make. We decided to focus on the basics. Hopefully, this article will help you take a fresh look at some common issues and shed light on how to solve them.

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