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4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Fail

The hard truth is that all marketers running Facebook ads are striving to achieve good results, but by far not everyone succeeds. In their drive to launch a campaign as soon as possible, many affiliates are making stupid and totally avoidable mistakes that doom their campaigns to failure from the very onset.

In this article, we would like to share with you a few most common mistakes affiliate marketing beginners make when launching a Facebook ad campaign. 

1. All or nothing

At first glance, it may seem that running Facebook ads is pretty easy, but this can’t be further away from the truth. To get a full understanding of what Facebook marketing is capable of and master its functionality, you need time and money. A lot of money.

Another thing you need to remember is that each and every campaign element affects your overall profitability. So, if you are losing money, you need to ask yourself a question, “What am I doing wrong?” Chances are your creative isn’t performing well enough or you’re targeting the wrong audience. Try changing different campaign elements and start running split tests. Most importantly, be sure to jot everything down in your notebook, a Google Doc, or even napkin.  

2. Creatives that don’t convert

It’s critical that your creatives and ad copy are relatable to your target audience and exactly cover their pain points. Moreover, the ad copy and image must complement one another. 

Here’s an example: 

The copy is unambiguous and convincing (Free shipping on orders $40+), but the image is overloaded with content. It may just seem that you are promoting kitchenware… 

The copy advertises reusable Stasher bags, but what do these bags look like? Where can we take a look at them? Why aren’t they displayed in the picture? The more questions the user has, the fewer conversions you will get.

So, when setting up a campaign, ensure that your creative clearly communicates the USP.  

3. I know exactly who to deliver my ads to

Facebook Ads allows you to target narrow audience segments. For instance, you can deliver your ads to bodybuilders who live alone and are soon celebrating their birthday.

It would seem that the narrower your target audience, the easier it is to work with it. Unfortunately, it’s far from the truth. 

First of all, by setting up a narrow target audience, you will get increased PPC. 

Second, your targeting may be incorrect. If your target audience is bodybuilders, you won’t be able to reach it simply by selecting “gym” and “bodybuilding” in the user interest section. Your campaign will be displayed only to those users who are interested in this subject. The same applies to cars. If you select sports cars or luxury cars in the user interest section, your ads will be delivered to those who are interested in these cars rather than those who own them.  

One more thing. An audience of less than a million is simply too small. An audience of 1 to 10 million can perform well if you have a decent sales funnel set up. However, it is best to focus on an audience of 5-10 million or more. 

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4. Thinking short-term

Too many affiliate marketers believe that Facebook Ads is a direct-response marketing channel. Once the user sees and clicks on an ad, a conversion is generated. Although this is possible for some e-Commerce companies selling WOW-products, it doesn’t work for most businesses. 

People are on Facebook to socialize rather than do shopping. So, what you need to do is to improve your sales funnel. Deliver more ads to those who have already visited the website.  

Here’s an example: 

This type of ad is rather popular. It introduces the company and gives an idea of what it sells to attract user’s attention and direct them to the website.  This strategy may generate conversions, but it is more likely just to get some people interested in the products you’re advertising. 

Now, compare it with this ad: 

The ad above is clearly targeted at people who are already familiar with the Truff brand.  

It is no longer about the company itself, and it aims at convincing users that they do really need this product.  

So, a well thought through sales funnel will generate better results in the long run than the “buy now” marketing strategy. When you try to improve brand awareness and generate interest, the best decision is to think long-term. Facebook ads are no exception. 


The mistakes we have mentioned are very common among beginner Facebook Ads marketers, and chances are you have already read about them. Nevertheless, some of us still keep losing money. You can avoid falling in the same traps by keeping track of your campaign data, analyzing it carefully, and adapting your marketing strategy to the ever-changing Facebook Ads ecosystem.  

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