Analyze New GEO Before the Launch

3 November 2022
Hi! We are the team of the Playfina Partners affiliate program! We work in the iGaming niche with...

Influence Marketing: Verticals and Campaign Flows

13 October 2022
In the previous article, we have discovered the defining characteristics of influence market as an...

Influence Marketing 101

10 October 2022
Marketing can be defined as the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or...

Facebook Accounts off the Shelf

2 September 2022
Affiliate marketing and especially media buying requires a lot of skill, experience, and resources....

Emojis Attract Users

3 August 2022
If you feel that your campaigns have hit the ceiling and can’t grow anymore or in case you struggle...

Promote Gambling Without Saying Casino

1 June 2022
Gambling is one of the so-called evergreen verticals, which means that it does not lose its...

Words to Avoid in Ad Campaigns

5 May 2022
Why bother about being rough or toxic By saying toxic here, we mean using provocative copy,...

Advertising Shopify Stores On Facebook

21 April 2022
Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that allows you to create a store, configure it, choose...

Meta Shared the Roadmap for 2022

16 February 2022
Meta has recently held their quarterly call to share their achievements and plans for the next...

Spy Services for Affiliates

11 February 2022
Why do we need to spy? Sometimes it may be difficult to decide where to start, especially with your...

New Year in Marketing: Trends 2022

24 January 2022
To mark the new year and to take a closer look at marketing trends, ZorbasMedia team has...

Limited options for targeting minors

17 August 2021
If you run campaigns for a younger audience, specifically those under 18 y. o., then you should...

TikTok — traffic source with the biggest audience

13 August 2021
A marketing research agency Nikkei Asia has been analyzing the mobile applications market for...

Getting Your Nutra Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Approved on Facebook

12 March 2021
Hi everyone! In this article, we are going to describe a number of sure-fire ways to get your...

Case: driving Facebook traffic to women’s footwear offer. Or how to earn $ 2500 in 2 weeks

2 November 2020
Affiliate Program: Umgid Traffic source: Facebook Offer: “Women’s sneakers KEDUKI” Geo:...

Mobile Content in Affiliate Marketing

17 August 2020
Definition of mobile content offers Types of mobile content offers Mobile content business...

19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

29 June 2020
Facebook’s ad algorithm is notoriously unpredictable and not always correct. However, there...

WhatsApp Rolls Out Digital Payment Option in Brazil

16 June 2020
On June 15, Facebook announced it was bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil....

4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Fail

7 May 2020
The hard truth is that all marketers running Facebook ads are striving to achieve good results,...

5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

23 April 2020
Those who are only starting their affiliate marketing journey often ask the same questions in...
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