19 Things That Facebook Algorithm Loves

Facebook's ad algorithm is notoriously unpredictable and not always correct. However, there are some factors that can help you improve Facebook's ad relevancy score and the general rating of your ad account. Of course, not all of these tricks will produce the desired result if you advertise, say, a gambling product, but a lot of them will prove to be useful for warming up your account. 29 june 2020 0

WhatsApp Rolls Out Digital Payment Option in Brazil

On June 15, Facebook announced it was bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People are now able to send money to each other without leaving the messenger. To ensure transaction security, a six-digit identification code or fingerprint verification is required to process a payment. 16 june 2020 0

4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Campaigns Fail

The hard truth is that all marketers running Facebook ads are striving to achieve good results, but by far not everyone succeeds. In this article, we would like to share with you a few most common mistakes affiliate marketing beginners make when launching a Facebook ad campaign. 07 may 2020 0

5 Mistakes Beginner Facebook Affiliate Marketers Make Most Often

Those who are only starting their affiliate marketing journey often ask the same questions in chats over and over again. We have gathered the five most common questions and did our best to answer them. 23 april 2020 0

Facebook is Taking Legal Action Against a Cloaking Software Maker

On April 9, Facebook filed a complaint in California federal court against Basant Gajjar accusing him of violating the company’s terms and policies by providing cloaking software under the name of “LeadCloak”. As the name suggests, LeadCloak was designed to circumvent the social network’s automated ad review system with the ultimate goal to push deceptive ads. 10 april 2020 0

[2020 Case Study] $388,874.33 Revenue In 49 Days With 109% Increase in Returning Customer Rate

Facebook is constantly changing. Always new updates. Algorithm is never the same. It’s IMPORTANT to be on top of your game. Especially since the CBO roll out is happening soon. I’m going to go over the strategies, systems, and campaign structures on how we profitably made over $380,000 in 49 days. 03 april 2020 0
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