Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia.

13 February 2020
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Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia.
Hi, guys! ZorbasMedia is launching a new special project where we are going to drive traffic from Facebook to high-payout financial offers (from $400 to $850 per conversion, which sounds great indeed). 

We have decided to give this project a go because Facebook traffic is currently trending out there and affiliates/teams are always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow and diversify their risks.  

The finance vertical was chosen for a good reason. It’s believed that when it comes to $600-payout offers you have to fork over a lot of money on tests, and so there is no place for an average affiliate in this business. We have decided to show how you can run these offers and secure a sustainably positive ROI in three months on the example of a run-of-the-mill affiliate (me). 

A few words about my affiliate marketing background: I used to run pops and push, and so I have a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing is. However, I have never worked with Facebook and financial offers before. I have all the tools necessary to get started on Facebook: accounts, cards, a cloaker, spy tool MagicAdz, and anti-detect browser Indigo. 

The process of driving traffic from Facebook is rather complicated as such, so this is just the minimum tool kit to get started. 

So, what are we going to do

The project plan is to publish 10-12 articles and host two webinars in three months. Testing budget: $5-10K. 

For this special project, we have decided to partner up with Media500 because: 

  • we have known these guys for quite a while as trusted partners; 
  • the most impressive GEO coverage in the market;
  • lots of offers to choose from; 
  • the guys optimize traffic on their side and send the right traffic to the right brokers, thus increasing the CR; 
  • payouts high enough to maintain the cash flow – net 5 on average; 
  • if you have been working with Media500 and have proved to be a reliable partner, they will be eager to help you with creatives, landings, translations, accounts and pretty much everything necessary to run a profitable campaign; 
  • high payouts, and if you run quality traffic you can get bumps; 
  • no caps; 
  • the guys can provide you with an opportunity to run prepay tests when it comes to certain GEOs; 
  • I know from personal experience that they are in touch 24/7. 

I have chosen MagicAdz from all the spy tools out there because I did a little research on the best Facebook spy services beforehand and finally settled on Magic. 

As I see it, this is the largest Facebook ad spy tool with extensive GEO coverage and cool features like filtering any ads by their verticals. You can also search the best converting offers at the moment and view all the ads linked to them. 

We will run Tier 1 and Russian-speaking GEOs. 

The project curators are Media500 affiliate managers Bully and Lady V who will give us detailed advice at each campaign management and optimization stage. 

Before launching a campaign, I recommend you always discuss all the details with your affiliate manager because this is the person who has market expertise and a vested interest in your success. 

This is an introductory article where I outline the concept behind the project and consult with my manager before launching my first campaigns. 

I reached out to Bully, and here’s what he advised me to do: 

First of all, I will explain the flow of how we work. Affiliates promote the offers and their goal is to generate leads who are then contacted by the call centers. When a lead makes his first purchase, the CPA is triggered and based on that, the affiliates get paid.

 Once we have that figured out, the next step is choosing the GEOs, offers, and creatives, as well as making the ad and targeting the best audience. The good part is that we supply all the creatives that are required which is pretty much everything that is needed to run our offers. Affiliates use different sources to promote the offers and are guided by their account manager depending on their experience and traffic source. 

The first step is to choose the best source for your offer and later choose together with your manager the best GEOs based on the recent + past results (database) from the network’s advanced tracking system. 

Once we have the base we could get down to specifics.

 You have chosen Facebook, which is a top source for our offers. The best targeting for FB is: desktop, news feed, age 35+, both genders. 

Needless to say that you should use this time to warm up some FB accounts that will be your most important resource for this project. 

After collecting and putting everything in one piece, share the result with your account manager and make the last minor adjustments. Then, the tech team will set the postbacks and pixels.  

The best hours to send the traffic are 9-10 local GEO time. 

Always update your AM before starting to send traffic so that he could follow the data from the beginning. Your AM’s biggest advantage is following and optimizing the traffic together with you, choosing the best creatives and focusing on them according to the data collected. What’s left is to keep going with the tools that were given to you by our team and as more traffic is sent the options to optimize will start to appear. 

The next article in this series will be published within a week and will cover the first campaign results. Together with the Media500 team, we will optimize the campaigns and start steering them towards profit. 

If you have any questions left about this project, feel free to contact me (stansemenov on Skype, @stansemenov on Telegram). If you want to ask about offers/creatives/campaign management/optimization/etc., contact Bully(live:.cid.fa15c4a4314207a0), he will be glad to lend you a helping hand. 

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