What is ZorbasMedia

ZorbasMedia is a comprehensive information resource that provides in-depth coverage of the global affiliate marketing industry. With our in-depth understanding of the market, we are committed to helping our readers enhance their professional expertise and achieve remarkable success in their careers and projects.


What is our job

We are experts in Affiliate Marketing, providing valuable insights and up-to-date content. Our focus is on reviewing key industry events, profiling major players, interviewing trend-setters, and tracking global trends. Our mission is to create a platform that empowers affiliate marketers with new ideas and growth opportunities. Join us to stay informed and take your affiliate marketing journey to new heights.

The Company's History

ZorbasMedia is a leading media platform renowned for organizing top-notch online and offline events that foster unity within the affiliate marketing circles. Over the course of four years, our dedicated team has orchestrated numerous impactful interviews, three exciting meetups (including one in Armenia), seven large-scale conferences (both virtual and in-person), two memorable parties, and various productive business dinners. Each event has played a vital role in nurturing the community. In 2021, ZorbasMedia was honored with the prestigious “Best Media in Affiliate Marketing” award at the Kinza Awards.

From a team of four, we have grown into a thriving holding company with over 130 employees. Our expansion includes establishing offices in Russia and Armenia, as well as developing an innovative team structure that drives our success. This is what ZM company looks like today:

  • ZorbasMedia

    Is a well-established source for all things affiliate marketing, providing valuable insights and industry perspectives from experts and market leaders. Stay informed with daily updates, relevant information, tips, and insightful content.


    A large-scale conference where professionals dissect the latest cases, deliver valuable presentations, and engage in discussions about industry trends.

  • ZM team

    A major media buying company that includes more than five teams. ZM team is a leader in the iGaming vertical: it features a ready-made infrastructure, unlimited budgets and a strong IT department.

  • ZM recruiting

    Ready to become a part of ZM? Check for current vacancies in our recruiting bot. You can also fill out a form and we will contact you as soon as we have a suitable vacancy.

Our Milestones:
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • August 14th

    The idea of establishing an independent affiliate marketing media was born, giving rise to ZorbasMedia

    October 17th

    The launch of the website and the release of the first special project — a video interview with a representative of a well-known affiliate network CPAmatica

    October 20th

    The first article released

    November 22th

    Our first online-workshop about native ads for dating offers

    February 28th

    ZorbasMedia became a media partner of the TES conference for the first time

    September 20th

    Creation of the ZM TEAM media buying team

    May 21st

    The first ZM CONF online conference with 13 affiliate marketing experts and animated discussions

    August 20th

    The launch of the HR ZorbasMedia project was aimed at helping ambitious and enthusiastic people find dream jobs in ZM TEAM, ZorbasMedia, media buying teams, and IT companies.

    September 25th

    The first offline ZM CONF PARTY for 300 people in the heart of Saint-Petersburg

    April 20th – 22nd

    ZM CONF 4, which for the first time hosted international speakers: iAmAttila and Federico Zwanck (Gasmobi)

    September 16th

    KINZA 360 affiliate marketing conference that brought ZorbasMedia a trophy in the “Best Media in Affiliate Marketing” nomination

    September 17th

    A cozy party celebrating ZorbasMedia’s three-year anniversary that brought together our closest friends and partners (as well as enriching our team with a magnificent parrot)

    November 19th

    Our Versailles ZM CONF PARTY, the most prominent event of the year

    May 6th

    ZorbasMedia’s first business meet-up in Yerevan

    December 2nd

    ZM CONF 7 — our biggest online conference to date

    May 11th

    The first Affiliate Reunion Tour meet-up in Belgrade

    To be continued…
    ZorbasMedia Team

    ZorbasMedia is a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals. Our focus is on finding innovative formats and enhancing existing ones. Each day, we dive deep into the world of affiliate marketing, curating the most interesting and valuable content for you. Through insightful interviews and engaging live streams, we connect you with industry leaders. Stay informed with our latest news and exclusive information on bonuses and promotions across various affiliate marketing platforms. Join us as we navigate this exciting journey together.