12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

5 January 2020
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12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

Mobile traffic is getting bigger day by day. The amount of time users spend browsing the Internet from their mobile devices has been growing sustainably in recent years. In 2019 alone, the number of mobile Internet users increased by 10% as compared to 2018, while the number of unique mobile Internet users exceeded 5 billion people. This can be partially explained by the fact that a lot of people have access to computers only in the office and tend to use smartphones and tablets exclusively while at home.

You can show your ads on mobile apps and especially on social networking tools (after all, the amount of time people spend on social media is now higher than ever before) and popular smartphone games.

But how to make your ads stand out among other ads offering similar products or services? How to make them not only visible but also effective? In this article, we’re sharing 12 tips on creating and setting up mobile ads.

1. Time is money

When setting up your ads, take time targeting into account. For instance, many people use social media apps or play mobile games on their way to work or home and during lunchtime. At weekends, the best time to deliver your ads is noon. For instance, it’s recommended to show your ads around 14:00 on Saturday. And, of course, if you’re targeting a wide geo, be sure to account for time zones.

Let’s say you’re promoting a pizza parlor. Focus on those hours of the day when your potential customer is willing to make an order. As for weekdays, it’s lunch and dinner time, while on Friday evening your clients will be even more likely to make an order. The same can be said about weekends.

2. Remember about geolocation

When setting up targeting, you can use geolocation to optimize your reach. This is one of the major advantages of mobile advertising. For instance, if you’re promoting a store or restaurant, target the neighboring locations. This will also allow you to use creatives highlighting that the facility you’re promoting is located in the vicinity: “Delicious pizza just 200 meters away”.

3. Brevity is the soul of profit

Users often give mobile ads only a hasty glance, which implies that you should convey the information you want your potential customers to receive in the most concise and laconic manner. Your message must be clear and convey all the necessary information in a flash. For instance: “Two pizzas for the price of one!”.

4. Put more emphasis on the visuals rather than ad copy

We perceive and analyze images significantly faster than texts. And so the ads that place an emphasis on images such as a picture of a product or person have the best conversion rate. It’s best if your creatives also convey some additional message and enhance users’ understanding of the product you’re promoting.

5. Use visual effects to attract attention

There’s plenty of ads around, users have long developed the so-called banner blindness, and so don’t expect that they will give your ads enough attention. That’s why your banners should be eye-catching and stand out among other ads. For that purpose, you should use visual effects or GIF animation.

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

6. Entertain

It’s rather boring to view ads. In between work, people are looking for entertainment and strong emotions. If your ads are entertaining, they will get more attention. For that, you can use some fresh memes. Better yet, you can come up with your own memes that will become associated with your product. Also, your ads can tell short but compelling stories.

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

For instance, guys from VIZIT are particularly good at entertaining their audience…

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

7. Call to action

Always call users to perform a certain action. “Buy it right now”, “Visit our website”, “Register and get bonuses”. This method is as old as advertising itself and has always been effective.

8. Special deals and offers

Apart from calls-to-action, consider using some other tricks. What makes your offer different from any other? Why will customers get value for money when ordering pizza on this website?

To get users hooked, offer:

  • special deals;
  • bonuses and promo codes;
  • limited products;
  • limitd discounts;
  • gifts for purchase;
  • two products for the price of one.


9. An ad must load quickly

No matter how cool, interesting, eye-catchy and attractive your ad is, if it loads slowly, the user won’t see it (they will just scroll it down on a social media app). That’s why you should adapt your creative so that it loads quickly even if the Internet connection is poor. Your GIF animation or video must comply with the size/quality principle: the minimum size without loss of quality.

10. Try to make personalized ads

Be closer to your potential customers. Set up targeting based on user data. This will enable you to make more relevant and thus more effective ads.

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

The most important thing is to choose the correct targeting options to make your ads relevant to potential customers. It’s unlikely that people over 60 will be willing to order a pizza from you.

12 Tips on Creating Mobile Ads That Convert

11. Remember about the advantages of native ads

Native ads do not irritate users because they are integrated into the platform’s content and are not always recognized as promo materials. This ad format is even more relevant for mobile advertising as it fits seamlessly into social news feed.

If you target the right audience and follow all the recommendations given above, then native advertising can produce the best results conversion-wise. If your client orders pizza more or less regularly, offer them something else, for instance, Asian food delivery with a good discount.

12. Use retargeting

If the user clicked on your ad but didn’t make the target action, don’t worry. Retargeting will come in handy for you. Keep showing your ads to the user to make them return to the website you’re promoting.

And, of course, even if you make the perfect ad based on our tips, be sure to test it out.

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