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Affiliate program

CPAgetti: an overview of the nutra CPA network

CPAgetti is an affiliate network proposing nutra offers to affiliates. The network exists since 2014, there are currently over 500 offers in the catalog with health and beauty products, sexual vigor products, accessories, devices, jewelry, and watches.
27 april 2019 0 comments

Leadia: the CPA network with exclusive and high-payout offers

Leadia is an affiliate network aggregator which lists offers of various subjects. In the network, there are law, real estate, health, tourism, car repairs, and other offers. There are many exclusive offers that you won’t find in other networks. All offers are highly specific and have high payout rates, therefore, remunerations are also high.
26 april 2019 0 comments

7offers: an overview of the features of the CPA affiliate network

7offers is an affiliate network offering payments for target actions. The network was launched in 2014 and gained good reputation among affiliates. It works on the CPA basis and accepts both desktop and mobile traffic. There are various payment models: there are offers with fixed payments and with percentage remuneration of the order value.
25 april 2019 0 comments

Aff1: an overview of the affiliate network with exclusive offers

The affiliate network Aff1 was launched in 2018, but it has already managed to become very popular among affiliates. It covers many industries and offers profitable terms and great tools to webmaster
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CPAHub: an overview of the affiliate network with financial offers

The affiliate network CPAHub was launched to the market in 2012. The system proposes working with finance and nutra offers by several models: PPL (pay per lead) and PPC (pay per click). On average, remuneration of affiliates is from 125 to 1500 rubles.
24 april 2019 0 comments

Dr.Cash: an overview of the affiliate network with pharma offers

Dr.Cash is a popular pharma affiliate network which is primarily oriented in the Russian-speaking traffic. However, the network also accepts traffic from Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and other countries.
24 april 2019 0 comments