Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

20 March 2020
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Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

Hi there! The third episode of our special project will be no less interesting than the previous ones because today I am going to outline the problems I ran across while launching my first Facebook campaigns.

Good things first though! A couple of weeks ago I attended the TES conference in Lisbon where I met with my colleagues from all over the world, took some time off, recharged and recovered from the long Russian winter. I am personally a big fan of TES Portugal, as it’s pretty warm there when the conference takes place, and the event itself is held by the ocean. All conference attendees have known each other for years, which gives the show a friendly atmosphere. Historically, the TES conference is marked by a huge presence of pure or partially adult companies. However, as is the case with any other event, you can always forge new business connections and get to know some insights, whether you are working with gambling, nutra, or adult dating offers. So, I strongly recommend you attend TES.

Now, let’s move on to something more concrete, as those who drive traffic from Facebook saw a lot of changes in the last couple of weeks. 

Firstly, almost all Business Managers with a $350 limit disappeared from the market, and so it’s next to impossible now to buy an account at a reasonable price. Those BMs that were left don’t grant you the admin rights and you can’t drive decent traffic volumes as an employee.

I only see two possible way-outs here: account farming or purchasing super expensive BMs that will probably be unsuitable for work.

  Guys, if some of you have come across such an issue, please write to me on Telegram and share your experience of coping with these troubles, what is it that you do, etc.  


Account farming can be a viable alternative, but it can significantly increase operational costs and require a larger team and more complex business processes, so I’ll opt for it only as a last resort. But maybe I’m wrong? I will be very grateful if you share your opinion on this.

This episode was expected to cover my first campaign stats in detail. However, it turns out that this article will deal with my main pain points, as everything I launched got blocked and rejected.

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

In the next episode, I’ll shed some light on the reasons behind these bans. At a rough guess, the reasons are as follows:

  • the accounts were not warmed-up enough;
  • the cloaker couldn’t cope with the workload;
  • manual moderation;
  • low account trust;
  • inappropriate creatives and trigger words in an ad copy.

So, I’m going to analyze the source code to find out why the accounts were barred from showing ads. It’s already more than clear for me that running high-payout offers is not an easy task.

I contacted Bully from Media500 and he told me that this failure most likely stems from the cloaker, trigger words or using bitcoin images. We decided to discuss such things together in the future, and the guys are ready to lend a helping hand to trusted affiliates as they have been involved in this vertical for a long time and know how everything works.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I attended a meetup hosted by Alfaleads, talked with some top affiliates and found out that high-payout offers are killing it right now, a lot of teams have already secured a very high ROI, but this information hasn’t gone public yet. It seems that this vertical is trending now. There has been a lot of talk at the meetup about how you can use apps and lead forms to drive traffic to high-payout offers and circumvent all possible obstacles. It’s an open secret that apps are widely used in gambling, dating, and sweepstake campaigns, but I’ve never heard anything about this before when it comes to our vertical.

  My fellow affiliates, if you have ever worked with apps to promote such offers, please be sure to contact me on Telegram and share your experience with me to ramp up this project and bring more value to the community.  


My gut feeling suggests that apps could be the best option of them all. Besides, Media500 is also interested in such traffic and I would like to work with it as well. I want to see how it converts, what the average LTV is and what ROI it can bring.

By the way, last week I attended the meetup hosted by PropellerAds where I met an affiliate who also works with this vertical. I told him about this project and that all my accounts had been disabled. He read my previous articles and gave his comment.

Hi, Stan!

As I read your articles, more and more questions arise. Why did you decide to spend $1 on running whitehat stuff? To increase your limit to 5 ad campaigns, I guess? If so, you don’t mention it anywhere.

Creatives featuring bitcoins don’t seem to be working (and this has nothing to do with manual moderation, as it takes effect only after you spend more than $500).

Only two of your creatives appeal to me:

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3 Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

Driving Facebook traffic to high-payout financial offers. Experiment by ZorbasMedia. Episode 3

Why has your account been disabled? Well, you should find out why your ads were banned in the first place (look for ad_review_feedback in the source code). Plus, it is possible that something went wrong with your cloaker.

Then, you should always test out new creative angles to reach audiences that are willing to make money online but prefer to stay away from all this bitcoin-related stuff.

The comment has been provided by Pavel, for which we are incredibly grateful.

Meanwhile, I’m warming up new accounts in the hope that Mark Zuckerberg and Affiliate Gods will take mercy on me this time. If you have any questions, be sure to contact me or the guys from Media500, LadyV and Bully.

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