In this section, we publish real case studies from the world of affiliate marketing. We also publish anti-cases, as we believe that you can learn from other people’s mistakes. More…

Our cases will allow you to follow the logic behind the work of affiliate marketers, get to know what you should pay particular attention to when working with offers and traffic sources and how you should think to earn more money. All the cases are real and are either written by our in-house team based on the first-hand experience or thoroughly checked by our experts. We never publish case studies by some third parties until we verify that all the given data are true.

Case study: Advidi, Admaven, Gambling. +$240 (ROI 25.79%)

This case study was written by one of our affiliates and is dedicated to driving push traffic to foreign gambling offers. Prior to publishing this case, we held a workshop on the same topic for Russian-speaking affiliates. Today, we once again break down the campaign results and the approaches we used, this time in the form of a case study. 03 september 2019 0 comments reading time: 6 minutes

Asia, mobile content, high ROI and frustrating results

The author of this anti-case lost about $24,000 but gained invaluable experience and knowledge. It turns out that failures have greater educational value than successful campaigns. 26 june 2019 0 comments reading time: 13 minutes

Case: Poland, downloads, MegaPush. +$813!

Nick Titan, a member of our affiliate team, discusses how he monetized push traffic driving it to PC downloads. 03 june 2019 1 comments reading time: 7 minutes

Practice: Native Traffic to Dating

This case was submitted by one of our readers who watched our practice-oriented workshops and decided to put his knowledge into practice and start driving traffic to dating offers. He described his campaign in detail and provided a step-by-step instruction on how to drive native traffic to dating offers. 07 may 2019 0 comments reading time: 7 minutes

CPM and CPC. A case on how to choose a more cost-effective pricing model (+$1900)

This case covers the peculiarities of choosing the best and most cost-effective pricing model when running push campaigns. The conclusion we have arrived at is based on comparing various tracking metrics and a thorough analysis of the received results. 01 may 2019 0 comments reading time: 7 minutes

Case: passively driving traffic on sweepstakes from push-notifications with a 62% ROI

This case is dedicated to driving push traffic to sweepstake offers. As we gained quite a lot of experience in running sweepstake campaigns, we managed to secure a sustainable profit. 23 january 2019 2 comments reading time: 7 minutes
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