Practice: Native Traffic to Dating

This case was submitted by one of our readers who watched our practice-oriented workshops and decided to put his knowledge into practice and start driving traffic to dating offers. He described his campaign in detail and provided a step-by-step instruction on how to drive native traffic to dating offers. 07 may 0comments reading time:7 minutes

CPM and CPC. A case on how to choose a more cost-effective pricing model (+$1900)

This case covers the peculiarities of choosing the best and most cost-effective pricing model when running push campaigns. The conclusion we have arrived at is based on comparing various tracking metrics and a thorough analysis of the received results. 01 may 0comments reading time:7 minutes

Case: passively driving traffic on sweepstakes from push-notifications with a 62% ROI

This case is dedicated to driving push traffic to sweepstake offers. As we gained quite a lot of experience in running sweepstake campaigns, we managed to secure a sustainable profit. 23 january 2comments reading time:7 minutes

Searching for profitable campaigns on low-competition GEO

This case demonstrates how thinking outside the box can help you boost your profit when running push campaigns. 14 january 0comments reading time:7 minutes

Case: “$1800 profit with a 65% ROI after a month of push-notifications on one offer.”

This case was prepared for you by our affiliate team. Having run a push campaign for a month, we managed to secure a $1800+ profit. 15 november 0comments reading time:10 minutes