Nutra (Health & Beauty, Nutraceuticals) vertical includes various healthcare products that are relevant today and will remain so in days to come. The audience for this vertical is very diverse as nutra offers aim at solving problems for any age and gender. Due to the flexibility of nutra offers and extensive experience of affiliate networks, this vertical can be a very good option for beginners. It also has high payouts which makes it even more attractive.

GLXY ADS Affiliate Network Review

GLXY ADS is an international affiliate network with direct offers in a slew of verticals: Insurance (life, auto, health), Mortgage refinance, Home Improvement, Solar, and Debt Relief.
FinancialInsuranceLeadgen Nutra

AdCash Ad Network Review

AdCash advertising network with more than 14 years of experience within the marketing industry provided affiliates with access to high-quality ad inventory that will fit multiple niches from technology to pet care products.

Digistore24 Affiliate Network Review

Digistore24 is a full-fledged marketing platform that allows affiliates access to an online store, payment solutions, accounting solutions, and even tax automation tools. The platform is fit to promote digital products, software, events, physical products, and more.

Blitz Ads Affiliate Network Review

Blitz Ads is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with access to more than 2000 offers within the Diet, CBD, Male Health, Muscle, Skin, Brain, and Blood niches.

KMA.BIZ Affiliate Network Review

KMA.BIZ is an affiliate network that works with whitehat nutra offers. The network accepts traffic from any GEO and supports CPA and CPL payout models.

ADLEADPRO Ad Network Review

ADLEADPRO is an international multi-vertical CPA network that provides affiliates with direct and indirect offers from advertisers around the world.
e-CommerceFinancialMobile CPAmVasNutraSweepstakes

Shakes Pro Affiliate Network Review

Shakes.Pro is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with nutra offers. The company also has exclusive partnerships with many advertisers, so affiliates have an opportunity to test private offers with Shakes.Pro.

Affiliate Dragons Affiliate Network Review

Affiliate Dragons is an affiliate network that has been in business since 2020 and specializes in Mobile Content/VAS offers, as well as in the sweepstakes, nutra, dating, streaming, and applications.
App NetworksDatingLeadgen Mobile CPANutraSweepstakes

JuicyAds Ad Network Review

JuicyAds is an international advertising marketplace where publishers and affiliates can capitalize on adult traffic.

LeadRock Affiliate Network Review

LeadRock is an affiliate network and a toolbox manager in one. The platform has an international GEO coverage and focuses on nutra and e-commerce offer verticals.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review

MyLead is an affiliate network with global coverage that unites more than 270 000 publishers from all over the world.

AdSupply Ad Network Review

AdSupply is a well-known US ad network with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Their RTB marketplace runs on multiple ad technology/format patents and was acquired by Docler Media in 2018.
Ad NetworkGamblingGamingNutra

Affcountry Affiliate Network Review

Affcountry is a young affiliate network with more than 100 direct offers with high CPL rates and payouts up to $1 000 in crypto, gambling, nutra.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

TrafficStars is a feature-rich self-serve ad network that specializes in adult traffic.
Ad NetworkAdultDatingGamblingNutra

CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review

CMaffiliates — is a multi-vertical affiliate network that provides exclusive offers to its affiliates. The network started out as a media buying team and now has years of experience in CPA marketing. It officially hit the market as a network in the summer 2020.
CryptoDatingGamblingLeadgen Mobile CPANutraSweepstakes

Perform[cb] Affiliate Network Review

Perform[cb] is an affiliate marketing network that works with both the largest brands in the industry and Silicon Valley’s hottest new startups.
Datinge-CommerceFinancialMobile CPANutra

Yep Ads Affiliate Network Review

The Yep Ads Performance Network has been growing and evolving for the last 6 years, their mission statement is “perpetual growth”.
CasinoDatinge-CommerceFinancialGamingiGamingMobile CPANutra

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

ClickDealer is one of the leading worldwide CPA networks. Its database showcases over 13 thousand CPA offers in a variety of affiliate marketing verticals.
DatingLeadgen Mobile CPANutraSweepstakes

DirectAffiliate Affiliate Network Review

DirectAffiliate is a direct advertiser and affiliate network with in-house round-the-clock call centers, an extensive pool of Tier 1–3 GEOs, high affiliate rates, and exclusive offers.

ProfitPay Affiliate Program Review

ProfitPay is a brand new nutra affiliate program and a direct advertiser in Europe. The company is based in Warsaw, and so its team has an in-depth knowledge of the Polish market. No wonder their top GEO is also Poland.
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