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Saleads: a young affiliate network with financial offers

Saleads is a pretty young affiliate program working by CPA model. In the catalog, there are over 100 offers of various subjects: financial offers is a pretty large category, but there are also nutra offers. Verified webmasters can access private offers. Besides, there are advanced withdrawal of money in hold and a flexible payment schedule.

Briefly about the affiliate program


Types of offers: finance, banking, and nutra offers.

Promotion tools: PostBack URL, UTM tools, SubID, affiliate links, advertising banners, etc.

Payment systems: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Visa.

Payouts: once a month or upon request (a minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles).

Features of the program

Webmasters get fixed remuneration for installs, approved leads, purchases, and subscriptions. The remuneration volume depends on the type of offer, cost per one lead starts from 2 rubles. Average remuneration 600 rubles. Affiliates can drive traffic from various sources: related websites, forums, and blogs are applied most frequently. Also the accepted traffic comes from YouTube channels, doorway, emails, social media communities, teaser and banner ads. There are various promotional materials: advertisements, banners, push notifications, Toolbar, pop-up windows in mobile apps and games, “hypercontext”, and many other options.

Major advantages of Saleads

  • Downloading real-time statistics.
  • Personal manager for every webmaster.
  • Detailed information on all money accruals.
  • Great functionality and tools for traffic acquisition.
  • Offers of various hierarchies.
  • Referral program with 5% deductions.

Offers in the program

Major advertisers in the system are large Russian banks and microfinance organizations. There are also a few middle-sized online stores. Most offers (over 70) are financial ones. Among the most famous advertisers in Saleads there are “OTP Bank”, “Bank Otkritie”, MoneyClick, Bistrodengi, and Turbozaim.

There are also several offers for webmasters working with content projects. For instance, such online stores as “” and “” which can be rarely encountered in other affiliate programs.

Starting work in the program

Saleads offers webmasters a facilitated registration. After you pass this stage, you can view offers in the catalog. The only drawback is that you cannot sort offers by type, subject or payment model.

Before starting to work with a particular offer, you need to specify the traffic source you are going to use, and provide data on yourself. Also, don’t forget to add to your account your advertising network or a platform you are going to use to drive traffic. Then, choose necessary promotional materials and connect the necessary platform.

As you can see, the working process in the affiliate network is quite simple and intuitive. Saleads is a great option for beginner affiliates, however, advanced webmasters will also like working in the system.

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