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AdCombo: the CPA network for making money by driving traffic to foreign countries

AdCombo is a Canadian affiliate network which is an authorial project from the team of that appeared in 2014. The network is working with a universal set of CPA, CPI, CPL and RS offers. The admin panel is in English only, but the technical support team also speaks Russian.

This network is good for making money on the international traffic by promoting goods with a remuneration for a successful sale and delivery. In the offer list there are over 1200 options, among them there are well-known Chocolate Slim, Goji Cream and others.

The affiliate network runs the gamut, about a third of offers is good for making money on traffic from Russia and the CIS. Remunerations fluctuate from $1 to $500, on average they are $5-$25.

AdCombo Affiliate Area

Characteristics of the affiliate network


Types of offers: nutra offers (cosmetics, health and beauty products, accessories, weight loss products, etc.), gambling, finance, Wap-Click subscriptions, software, binary options, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Promotion tools: a landing rotator, domain parking, a history of Post-back signals, translation of the target pages, etc.

Payment systems: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Wire.

Payouts: once a week (a minimum amount for withdrawal is $50).

Features and advantages of AdCombo

This affiliate network hosts offers for 250 countries around the world, the best GEOs are Latin America, Southern Asia and Eastern Europe. Some offers are universal in terms of geographic presence. There are many program options with various remuneration models: for goals, sales and installs. Almost all traffic sources are accepted, the only unaccepted types of traffic are viruses and hack traffic sources.

Another advantage of AdCombo is detailed statistics on every offer. Also there is a referral program in the network: for every new acquired partner you are getting 5% from their income. We can highlight the following among other advantages:

  • Exclusive offers. In the system there is a range of exclusive international offers that you cannot find in other affiliate networks.
  • Great offers in the Cash on delivery segment. This remuneration model works much better with the international traffic.
  • High bids for popular offer conversions. Many offers sell impulse demand products, and remunerations for them are much higher than on the Russian internet.
  • Several options of landing pages for most offers. The network independently translates target pages into a desired language which is definitely an unconditional advantage.
  • Detailed statistics on offers. There are data on all necessary KPIs.
How work in AdCombo

How to make money in this affiliate network

First, you need to register as a webmaster. At this stage you will have to mention your preceding work experience so that managers can go through the information before activating your account. We should note that newcomers can also register, however, in this case when registering you’d better mention what sources you are going to use to drive traffic from and what offers you are planning to work with.

After your account is activated, you will be able to enter your account and go to choosing affiliate programs. You can sort all offers by GEO and type, and each of them has a detailed description of terms and maximum remunerations. After you choose a program you will have to get the manager’s confirmation.

In general, working with AdCombo is quite simple, and nearly every affiliate is going to like the system. If you are looking for the CPA network in the EU, this affiliate network will suit you perfectly.

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