DirectAffiliate Affiliate Network Review

DirectAffiliate is a direct advertiser and affiliate network with in-house round-the-clock call centers, an extensive pool of Tier 1–3 GEOs, high affiliate rates, and exclusive offers.

DirectAffiliate is a direct advertiser and affiliate network with in-house round-the-clock call centers, an extensive pool of Tier 1–3 GEOs, high affiliate rates, and exclusive offers.

Date of foundation: 2017

Official website:

Offer verticals: nutra, E-commerce, education

Number of offers: over 250 

Payment frequency: weekly (on Monday or Thursday)

GEO: 25+ GEOs, including unique ones (the Nordics, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, UAE)

All sources of traffic are accepted, except fraud, incent, and Google brand SEO.

Registration and launching your first campaign

To register with DirectAffiliates, you will first need to go to their website.

The next step is to fill in some basic contact information and share your affiliate marketing experience.


Once you receive the confirmation email and your account gets approved, the first thing you will see is the dashboard.

The dashboard includes the following tabs: Offers, Statistics, Finances, etc.

To launch your first campaign, go to the Offers tab and pick up your offer to generate your affiliate link.


The network’s database showcases quality landing pages that perform great in terms of conversion, approval, and redemption rates. You can choose from a wide variety of ready-made promo materials and campaign elements. The only thing left to do is to set up your campaign and start sending traffic to the network.

Payouts and support

Payouts are made regularly once a week, either on Monday or on Thursday. There is a 7-day hold period, though. 

There is a number of available payout methods on DirectAffiliate, such as Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin (the commission is 0.0005%), WebMoney (the commission is 1%), and Capitalist.  

Each partner is assigned with a dedicated affiliate manager right after registration. So, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the support team for help and assistance.

Advantages of working with the network

DirectAffiliates has a whole range of competitive advantages, such as:

  1. A bonus program that is based on your approval rate: the higher your profit, the higher your affiliate rate. 
  2. Newly registered partners can enjoy the minimum affiliate rate of 91% for a 3-month period regardless of your profit.
  3. The average approval rate amounts to 60-65%.
  4. In-house call centers.
  5. In-house factories and logistics.
  6. Your manager can help you find the most effective creative angle.
  7. Unique GEOs (the Nordics, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, UAE)
  8. Leads are processed right after the order is received.
  DirectAffiliate has shared with us some insights on the top-converting GEOs right now:de/be/pt/sk/cz/se/ch/fi  


We have been working with DirectAffiliate for quite a while already and mainly promote nutra offers. The network has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner. The guys often allow us to send traffic to private offers with affiliate rates higher than the market average. If you drive huge traffic volumes, you can run your campaigns based on CPL, which can considerably improve your ROI. All the problems are solved pretty quickly, and your manager is always here to help you with all sorts of issues. So, we can safely recommend this network as a reliable partner and an expert team of affiliate marketing professionals.


I have been working with DirectAffiliate for about a year and can now say that I’m very happy with the results I got from cooperating with the network. First of all, it’s a direct advertiser with a wide range of nutra offers in Europe, including in the Nordics and Switzerland. Secondly, the approval rate is sustainably high, and so I am able to plan out my ad budget in advance. I would also like to pay respect to my manager Vasily who is available 24/7 and helps me figure out all sorts of issues, be it creatives, landing pages, etc.


Hi everyone!

Let me share my honest opinion about the DirectAffiliate affiliate network. I have been working with the guys for over a year already and am generally satisfied with our cooperation. Here are the network’s competitive advantages that I can mention:

  1. An exceptionally high approval rate. For instance, the approval rate for weight loss offers is about 5%, which is quite a lot compared to other affiliate networks.
  2. High-quality promo materials, such as pre-landers and landing pages.
  3. My manager @Yaroslav_gonza who is able to understand affiliates’ pain points and can share actionable advice.

Some disadvantages:

  1. All landings and pre-lenders are developed based on object-oriented programming, and if you are not a coding guru, then you’ll probably struggle with technical issues that you will be able to resolve only by reaching out to the support team.
  2. Payouts are made only once a week on pre-specified days.



If you have quality traffic and wish to work with a direct advertiser to avoid sharing part of your profits with reseller networks, then DirectAffiliate is a go-to for that. The network offers lucrative payouts and high affiliate rates.

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