ProfitPay Affiliate Program Review

ProfitPay is a brand new nutra affiliate program and a direct advertiser in Europe. The company is based in Warsaw, and so its team has an in-depth knowledge of the Polish market. No wonder their top GEO is also Poland. The affiliate program has been around since August 2020, but the guys have been involved in the nutra business for over 5 years already. The program's main focus is on nutra offers.

Date of foundation: 2020

Official website:

Business models: CPA, CPL

Offer vertical: nutra

Payouts: Capitalist, WMZ, QIWI, YooMoney, bank cards (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)

GEO: Europe, Asia

All traffic sources are accepted, except for spam, incent, fraud, and pop traffic


ProfitPay is a brand new nutra affiliate program and a direct advertiser in Europe. The company is based in Warsaw, and so its team has an in-depth knowledge of the Polish market. No wonder their top GEO is also Poland.

The affiliate program has been around since August 2020, but the guys have been involved in the nutra business for over 5 years already. The program’s main focus is on nutra offers.

Why you should work with ProfitPay

ProfitPay has an in-house media buying team that is in charge of sales and testing out new offers and creatives. This gives the program a considerable competitive advantage, as the guys never offer webmasters promo materials that haven’t been pre-tested. In addition to landing pages and creatives, the program can also help you localize your promo materials to the local language. 

Here are some examples:

1. Visulan Complex


To szybko i skutecznie poprawia wzrok! Składnik, który każdy ma w swoim domu!

Landing pages:



Innowacyjna domowa metoda na zatkane żyły! Zbija cholesterol jak szalona! Sprawdź 

Landing pages:



Często chodzisz do toalety? Jeden domowy trik usuwa symptomy przerostu gruczołu w podeszłym wieku

Landing pages:

So, why is this affiliate program so attractive for webmasters? For starters, the average approval rate on ProfitPay is 50%. If you drive huge volumes of quality traffic and want more security, the program will be willing to provide you with a guaranteed approval rate. Moreover, ProfitPay also has an in-house reliable call center. 

Let’s emphasize the main advantages of the affiliate program: 

  • Discounts on popular affiliate marketing services (, Binom, Multilogin,, Keitaro, etc.). To get your promo code, be sure to contact your dedicated manager.
  • High affiliate rates — up to $36.
  • Simple API integration in just 4 clicks.;
  • In-house cloaking solution.
  • Domain parking.
  • Postback URLs.
  • Landing page integration.
  • Promo materials translation.

Registration and getting started 

Signing up on ProfitPay is super easy and takes little time. To register with the platform, you will need to specify your name, email address, create a password, and also enter your Telegram contact info because you will only be able to set up API integration when you reach out to your dedicated manager.

Then, click Register to log into your ad account.


Overall, there are 31 offers on the platform:

  • 3 offers for Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand
  • 3 offers for Lithuania
  • 19 offers for Poland

Offer categories

Health and beauty:

  • Adult
  • Hearing
  • Eyesight
  • Cholesterol
  • Joints
  • Parasites
  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Hair
  • Prostate
  • Memory
  • Blood pressure
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Immunity

The best-performing nutra offers as of this writing are given below:

  • Male enlargement

  • Eyesight improvement capsules

  • Ear drops

  • Weight loss


As we have already mentioned, ProfitPay is a direct nutra advertiser in Europe. There is also a number of offers for Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia) from direct advertisers. The rates are as follows: up to $38 in Thailand, up to $22 in Vietnam, and up to $25 in Indonesia. Although Asian GEOs have been added to the program’s database only recently, they have become quite popular among webmasters. Moreover, if you drive considerable traffic volumes, ProfitPay will be happy to provide you with exclusive offers. In general, about 1-2 new offers are added to the platform each month. 

The most profitable GEO right now is Poland. In May 2021, ProfitPay is planning to launch an offer in Romania, and later in Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Spain, and Italy.

Payouts and support

The payouts are made daily upon request. The minimum threshold amount is $100. There is a 5-day hold period, but webmasters generally receive their money on the day of the request. If you send traffic via API, reach out to your manager to activate API-based lead generation.

Affiliates can choose between the following payment methods: Capitalist, WMZ, QIWI, YooMoney, bank cards (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan). If necessary, you can sign a B2B agreement with the program.

Support is available every day from 8.00 to 20.00, but you can also contact the team during non-working hours — the guys always meet you halfway and promptly give feedback.



ProfitPay is a team of true experts. I started working with them a year ago, and we have recently resumed our cooperation, which I am very happy with. The support team is great (Pavel and Alexandra are there for me 24/7), the affiliate rates are very high, as well as the approval rate. The offers cover various niches, and some of the offers are exclusive to the program. In my opinion, this is one of the best affiliate programs out there. Highly recommended!


ProfitPay is a decent affiliate program. I’m testing out adult offers right now, and the program’s offers haven’t been burned out yet as compared to TerraLeads. The affiliate rates are considerably higher than the market average, and so I get some profit even from my test campaigns. The minimum payout is $100.

One difficulty for newbies may be setting up API integration. However, there is a comprehensive manual that can help you with that. Moreover, your manager can provide you with ready-made promo materials. By the way, the support team is available almost round-the-clock.

So, I think that this is one of the best affiliate programs in the market, mostly because of fresh offers.


This is a great affiliate network. I used to work with Leadrock some time ago, but then I registered on ProfitPay and that was something! High payouts, low product prices, an in-house call center, and, as a result of all this, a high approval rate. As far as the technical issues are concerned, everything is also ok, as my manager Pavel is always around to help me. Payouts are made with no delays. The guys also run affiliate contests, and I enjoy taking part in them.


ProfitPay is an affiliate program with in-house nutra offers. The company is based in its main GEO, and so it has an in-depth knowledge of its target audience, which translates to a high approval rate. Although the minimum payout is $100, a beginner affiliate will still be able to run successful campaigns and earn money, as the platform’s interface is user-friendly and easy-to-use, while the support team is available 24/7.

Sign up on ProfitPay and launch your first campaign!

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