ADeer affiliate network review
30 April 2020

ADeer is an affiliate network specializing in CPA & affiliate marketing. Originally from San Francisco, for more than 2 years they have been working in CPA marketing with a focus on Nutra, СС Submit, Sweepstakes, Dating, and COD. More than 1000 nutra offers for Tier 1 GEOs are available for affiliates willing to drive traffic and monetize it in such a way.


ADeer (formerly known as NutraLight Ads) is an affiliate network from San Francisco, USA. As previously said, they provide quality offers in such verticals as Nutra, CC Submit, Video Games, and Sweepstakes. The main business model is CPA, so any seasoned affiliate can find an offer they can work with.


Registration requires filling in a pretty standard registration form. Once the publisher’s application is submitted, the network will vet it before granting approval. However, this process takes only a few hours.


Every affiliate gets a dedicated manager who is there to help with any questions 24/7. Affiliate managers assist partners in three aspects. First of all, they would handpick the hottest offers for partners. Second, they constantly share actionable tips for campaign optimization. Lastly, they are affiliate marketing experts willing to provide the network’s partners with trendy traffic types, creatives, and landing pages. To sum up, they are here to help affiliates scale up their business.


More than one thousand offers are available for ADeer partners. The main focus is nutra for Tier 1 GEOs, and the best performing GEO right now is the USA. However, affiliates working with CC Submit, Sweepstakes, Dating, and COD can also find offers in ADeer.

Here’s the quick rundown of everything you can find in the admin panel.

There are just a few sections on the main menu bar. Dashboard with all current info on the offers you are running. Offers where you can select offers. Account info where you can customize your account settings. Alerts where you can see all the relevant alerts.

Let’s take a closer look at the Offers section.

So, when you get access to the general pool of offers, you can select the vertical you want and choose an offer that you’d like to promote. However, bear in mind that you’ll need to get your application approved in order to start promoting the offer. Approval takes a short time, so it won’t be a problem.

Once your application is approved, you will see the offer info:

There you can see accepted types of traffic and creatives, but most importantly set up the links to track all of your campaigns properly.

Preferred traffic, perks & benefits for affiliates

As for the traffic, Facebook traffic is preferred. And ADeer can help affiliates working with Facebook in quite a few ways such as providing Facebook agency accounts and topping up Facebook personal accounts via credit card and prepaid payment. Also, ADeer sends out weekly newsletters with the highest converting offers and other useful information. For example:

ADeer also accepts other traffic types. However, incentivized and adult traffic will not be accepted, so bear this in mind.

As for the GEOs that are killing it right now, it’s Tier 1 GEOs such as the USA. Right now ADeer is working on broadening its reach to European GEOs, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain.


Payments are available via ACH, wire transfer, and PayPal. Payments are made on a weekly basis. ADeer is open to negotiating special terms and conditions. 


Having worked with ADeer for quite a while, I can say with all certainty that this network is a trusted partner you can rely on when scaling up your affiliate campaigns and reaching new heights in your marketing career. The ADeer team is always around when you need help or actionable optimization advice. What’s more, they have never failed to pay on time.


affiliate marketer

Forging stable, long-term partnerships with affiliates and advertisers is vital to the success of any affiliate network, and ADeer is perfectly aware of it. The network’s team ensures you get paid without delays, and the AMs are always willing to lend a helping hand, share expert advice and provide you with the best-performing creatives and landing pages designed specifically for your offer and traffic type. So, if you want to stay on top of your game and gain an advantage over your competitors, ADeer is a go-to for that.


media buyer

Our partnership with ADeer has been great so far. The network’s team and AMs are super easy to get along with and are true marketing professionals. ADeer has earned itself a reputation as a top-grade affiliate network by providing timely payouts, exclusive offers, and all-round support.


media buyer


ADeer is a company by and for affiliate marketing professionals who are willing to put in effort and resources to achieve strong results and make money online. A variety of offers and professional approach of ADeer team can help you scale your already existing affiliate marketing business or give you favourable conditions for your start in affiliate marketing.

Sign up on ADeer and monetize your traffic today!


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