UMGid Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2013
UMGid is an international affiliate network and direct advertiser in the CIS and Southeast Asian markets focusing on nutra and physical products.
Health & Beauty, Nutra, Physical Products
WebMoney, Capitalist, Advcash
The minimum payout
Main GEOs
Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam. If you run quality traffic from other regions, UMGid will be willing to add this GEO in its database upon request
Rejected traffic
Incentivized traffic, fraud traffic, pop traffic, push traffic, porn traffic

Table of context

  1. Introduction
  2. Registering on the platform and getting started
  3. Support and available payment methods
  4. GEOs that are killing it right now
  5. Contact info
  6. Conclusion

UMGid is an international affiliate network and direct advertiser in the CIS and Southeast Asian markets focusing on nutra and physical products. The network’s database showcases 100% exclusive offers with fast payouts and wide GEO coverage.

UMGid Affiliate Network Review


UMGid is a high-tech CPA affiliate network that allows its partners to make the most out of their traffic. The network regularly raises bids and never fails to pay on time. UMGid provides affiliates with a wide range of tools for successful online business, such as exclusive offers, high converting landing pages and pre-landers, as well as an in-house call center that is regularly checked for quality to ensure a high approval rate.

Registering on the platform and getting started

Registration with UMGid is very easy and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete it.

To sign up on UMGid, click on the Register button in the upper-right corner of the page. Then, you will have to fill in a registration form. First of all, you will need to specify whether you are a webmaster or an advertiser and then provide your name, email address, messenger contact details, affiliate marketing experience, and your preferred traffic sources. Once you submit the registration form, you’ll be contacted by the network’s manager to agree upon all the details.

UMGid Affiliate Network Review

How to launch a campaign on UMGid

Step 1. After clicking on the Offers section of the navigation menu, you will see a list of available products grouped by category for your convenience.

UMGid Affiliate Network Review

For example, let’s pick up the Chokolate Slim offer for Vietnam from the Health & Beauty section. You can look through offer details and remuneration info before you decide.

UMGid Affiliate Network Review

Step 2. Once you have picked up your offer, you’ll need to create a stream.

UMGid Affiliate Network Review

  1.  Enter your stream name;
  2. Choose your offer in the drop-down selection box. Choose your goal (in this case, it is selected by default. If you have several options to choose from, pick up the one you need);
  3. You can skip this field;
  4. Choose your traffic source in the drop-down selection box or create a source by clicking on the Create sources line.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  5. Choose your GEO;

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  6. Choose the platform you need in the drop-down menu (if you are advertising in Europe or CIS, choose EU, if you are advertising in Asia, choose China);
  7. Choose your domain in the drop-down menu;
  8. Choose your content language or languages.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review

  9. Once you have chosen your language, you’ll be able to pick up a landing page; 

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  10. Select a pre-lander if available.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  11. Here, you can specify the code of the resource you use to gather analytical data;
  12. You can enter any information you need in the Additional metrics field (your Facebook pixel, for instance).UMGid Affiliate Network Review

Support and available payment methods

Publishers’ comfort is one of the network’s key priorities, and therefore UMGid regularly increases bid prices and always pays on time each Friday. The minimum payment sum is $30.

Available payment methods: WebMoney, Capitalist, Advcash.

Hold period:

  • Ukraine — 5 days;
  • Russia — 10 days;
  • Vietnam — 5-7days;
  • Indonesia — 15 days;
  • India — 15 days.

If you run quality traffic, you will be able to agree upon personal terms later.

Every partner is assigned with a dedicated account manager once the registration process is completed. Your manager will be there for you 24/7 to help with any arising issues. You can reach out to your manager for both offer advice and technical support, as well as to request a payout.

Landings and pre-landers

The network provides its partners with ready-made landing pages and pre-landers that have already been translated into your target language, as well as potentially profitable campaign set-ups for effective traffic monetization. An in-house design team allows UMGid to offer 100% exclusive promotional materials. Another available feature is split-testing, which enables affiliates to compare the effectiveness of different landing pages and pre-landers.

Analytics on UMGid

Valuable tools provided by the network:

  • Real-time statistics.
  • Detailed analytics — the Statistics section of your personal account is equipped with a customizable filter that categorizes the collected data by over 20 parameters, including SubID, landings, pre-landers, and streams.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  • API integration with third-party analytics services.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  • Postbacks that allow for more accurate statistics on purchases and other conversions.

    UMGid Affiliate Network Review
  • Sub ID conversion tracking.
  • Domain parking.
  • Customizable traffic back based on GEO. You can redirect rejected traffic to your own website in the Streams settings or automatically sort it out by region across offers.

Detailed stats enable you to run traffic successfully without a tracker. 

GEOs that are killing it right now

UMGid is currently solidifying its presence in such GEOs as the CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan) and Asia (Indonesia, India, and Vietnam).

If you don’t know what products to promote, take a look at the list of offers that are killing it right now:











Chokolate Slim






Green Coffee






Summer women’s sneakers



Levis Howard


Contact info

Support is provided through a variety of secure communication channels, such as:

  • Telegram;
  • Skype;
  • e-mail; 
  • tickets.

If you have any questions left, you can always contact Telegram account @Veronika_umgid that is available 24/7.

Each partner can get personal terms and conditions. Hold period and payment terms can be assigned individually depending on your traffic quality and volumes. The network is also planning to run a number of contests in the winter of 2020. 


I have recently registered on UMGid, and I have not so much experience in affiliate marketing. Before signing up on the platform, I did my fair share of research and my choice finally fell on UMGid. The network has a clear-cut, transparent policy, and if you still have questions, you can always reach out to your manager. The networks’ database has a wide variety of offers and covers lots of GEOs, including Indonesia, India, and Vietnam. I also appreciate timely payouts. So, as for now, this is the best affiliate network for me. I definitely recommend it to both seasoned and beginner marketers.

Viktor, Affiliate

I have been working with this network for quite a while. Over this time, I haven’t come across any particular issues. The network has lots of offers and covers multiple GEOs. The payouts are always made on time, the support team is quick to respond and lend a helping hand. This is a network I highly recommend to everyone.

Olesya, Affiliate

I have been working with UMGid for more than a year already. The network has lots of exclusive offers, which is very important to me personally. The payouts are always made on Fridays. The network is always willing to add landing pages and pre-landers to its database upon request. UMGid offers complex detailed statistics, and the network’s team is always there to help you figure everything out. I’ll definitely continue working with this network in the future.

Andrew, Affiliate


Sign up on UMGid and start monetizing your traffic and promoting products right now. Once you register on the platform, you will be contacted by the network’s managers to discuss all the details.

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