ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2012
ClickDealer is one of the leading worldwide CPA networks. Its database showcases over 13 thousand CPA offers in a variety of affiliate marketing verticals. The network offers a comprehensive range of traffic monetization solutions to its partners, including a slew of products and a dating smartlink that was launched 2 years ago and has proved to be effective since then.  
Business models
CPL, CPS, CPI, Revshare, SOI, DOI
Offer vertical
dating, sweepstakes, nutra, mobile, leadgen
Payment options
WebMoney, Paxum, Wire, etc.
180 countries
Accepted traffic sources
Smartlink accepts the following traffic sources: display, push, social (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat), PPC, in-app, pop, e-mail
Prohibited traffic source
Fraud, spam, and incent


ClickDealer is one of the leading worldwide CPA networks. Its database showcases over 13 thousand CPA offers in a variety of affiliate marketing verticals. The network offers a comprehensive range of traffic monetization solutions to its partners, including a slew of products and a dating smartlink that was launched 2 years ago and has proved to be effective since then.  

Although the network’s main focus is on dating, its affiliates are also able to promote sweepstake, mobile content, nutra, and leadgen offers. 

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

ClickDealer runs on its own in-house platform that was developed by the company’s team. The network’s partners can pick up offers and access their real-time statistics, such as clicks, conversions, etc., from their personal accounts. The platform is constantly updated and improved by ClickDealer developers. 

Two years ago, the network rolled out an in-house dating smartlink that automatically selects a pool of high-payout offers for you based on your traffic parameters. This allows affiliates to save their time and money on tests, as it is the algorithm that is going to determine which creatives convert the best. The smartlink’s parameters are also updated regularly to improve your campaigns’ profitability. To get your smartlink, you will need to sign up on the network’s website.

Registration and getting started 

You will have to register separately for the smartlink affiliate program and for the CPA affiliate network. 

The registration process is pretty straightforward. To start, you will need to fill in some basic contact details and specify what traffic source you work with. Account approval generally takes little time, but it all depends on the number of applications the network’s managers have to process.  

When the network is running affiliate contests, the approval process can take up to two days. 

Once you register with ClickDealer, you will be contacted by your manager. If they have doubts about your traffic quality, you will be asked a couple of questions to clarify all the issues. You will also have to submit your previous campaign stats. Each partner is assigned with a dedicated support manager right after the registration to help you launch your campaigns.

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review


The network’s database includes over 13000 direct or exclusive offers in a variety of verticals, including sweepstakes, E-commerce, dating, etc. ClickDealer has been around for over 9 years already. Throughout this time, the network’s main focus has been on dating. Now, its offers cover both traditional GEOs, such as Tier 1 countries, Asia, etc., and less competitive regions, including Latin America and Eastern Europe. The offer database is updated daily. 

Two years ago, ClickDealer launched an in-house dating smartlink. The smart algorithm automatically redirects the user to the most suitable product based on a number of parameters so that affiliates are able to focus on campaign optimization instead of audience segmentation.

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

Here’s what an offer looks like on the platform:

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

In the offer description, you can find all the information you need to get started, such as geography, device, desktop or mobile, payouts, audience age, etc.  

Go to the Smartlink details tab to find out how it performs in different countries:

ClickDealer Affiliate Network Review

Most affiliate networks impose frequency caps on smartlink ads, but ClickDealer has no restrictions in terms of leads, and so there is no need to worry about your KPIs. Besides, affiliates can drive traffic directly to the offer page or to a pre-lander provided by the network. It all depends on your preferences. 

By the way, sending traffic from multiple sources is not an issue. Of course, you can improve your campaign performance considerably if you can assign a particular label to each source. However, if you don’t have the technical ability to do it, your smartlink will automatically select the best option for you. 

The network also provides its partners with new uniqualized creatives. ClickDealer has a large team in charge of promotional materials that carefully pre-selects and tests them before adding them to the smartlink. 

If you prefer to focus on campaign management and optimization and can’t pick up a single traffic source to work with, then the ClickDealer smartlink is the way to go. It has been designed based on the data from thousands of ad campaigns to help you max out your profit margin. 

Moreover, on February 14, ClickDealer launched a brand-new gay traffic smartlink. 

The best-performing countries:

  • USA; 
  • Australia; 
  • Germany; 
  • Great Britain; 
  • Canada. 

In addition, ClickDealer regularly holds affiliate contests: the end of December 2020 marked the end of the Cuddly Christmas contest. All its participants were rewarded with bonuses, the three of them received branded sets, and the winner got PlayStation 5. 

All the network’s offers are now participating in a new contest called ClickDealer Nitro. The mechanics behind this is simple: send traffic to the network, reach the required KPIs, and claim your prize! You can also decide to join the race for the main prize, a Porsche Taycan 4S! The contest ends on July 18.


As of this writing, the GEOs that are killing it right now include  

Germany, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Japan. When it comes to the network’s smartlink, these GEOs have demonstrated excellent performance for a couple of months already. 


The minimum payment threshold for those who run CPA or smartlink campaigns is $500 or $100 a month respectively. 

Affiliates can choose from a number of payment methods, including Webmoney, Paxum, wire transfer, etc.  You can also negotiate an individual deal and switch the monthly payment threshold to a weekly payout.  


As mentioned above, each partner gets a dedicated support manager who is available 25/7.  

Moreover, you can reach out to the network’s team on social media to settle a variety of questions, except for billing and traffic issues.


Hi there! Our team has been working with ClickDealer for a couple of years already. Today, we are striving together towards a common goal: to move the affiliate marketing industry forward. We ran a lot of projects together and now truly miss the hot after-parties in Barcelona and Bangkok. We would like to thank the guys for their quality work. They are constantly introducing new products to the market and always pay on time. We can safely say that ClickDealer is one of the leading affiliate networks out there. 


Evadav sent traffic to a smartlink from ClickDealer. More than 23 million impressions were sent in a single month. Geo – France and Germany. The average ROI for this month was 65%. We can recommend ClickDealer as a reliable partner and a team of professionals in the affiliate marketing area. 


I have been promoting ClickDealer dating products for two years already. Now, I know for sure that it is better to work only with industry leaders. My manager has been very supportive throughout this time in terms of picking up the right offer and testing my campaigns. Although the initial results were not particularly encouraging, I can now generate a 60-80% ROI on a regular basis. Today, I send traffic to the network’s dating smartlink and gay smartlink.  



ClickDealer has an extensive range of high-payout exclusive offers. The marketing agency has established itself as a reliable business partner for both webmasters and advertisers.  

So, let’s wrap it up by enumerating the network’s main advantages: 

  • In-house platform; 
  • Over 13 thousand offers (direct or exclusive); 
  • Dating smartlink; 
  • Bonus system and affiliate contests. 

ClickDealer allows both beginner affiliates and seasoned marketers to monetize their traffic successfully. Sign up on the platform and start earning money right now!