Sweepstakes involve online prize draws. The payout models for this vertical are usually CPL, CC Submit, or SOI/DOI. Affiliate networks pay for leads (registration, personal data) or subscribers with a credit card. This vertical shows high seasonality, so marketers should keep an eye on the latest products that would make for an attractive prize. In this section, you will find affiliate networks that have sweepstakes offers in their database.

Sweepstakes Affiliate Programs in Affiliate Marketing: How to Monetize Sweepstakes Offers

Are you considering entering the world of affiliate marketing through sweepstakes campaigns with a business-minded approach? This comprehensive guide is tailored to provide you with the essential insights and strategies necessary to execute successful sweepstakes campaigns. Sweepstakes offers are particularly appealing due to their streamlined conversion process and cost-effective testing methods. From grasping the fundamental concepts to executing effective campaigns, this guide is your go-to resource for a professional foray into the world of affiliate marketing.

Understanding the sweepstakes industry

Traditionally, sweepstakes involve participants signing up for a chance to win prizes, with winners selected randomly. However, in the affiliate marketing realm, the term “sweepstakes” has broadened to include various offers where users must sign up to participate. This expanded definition encompasses VOD offers, online courses, and more. Our focus in this guide will be on traditional sweepstakes, where users enter prize draws.

What makes sweepstakes appealing to many marketers is their low complexity and the minimal budget required to get started. It’s widely regarded as the most beginner-friendly vertical in push ad marketing.

Key benefits of sweepstakes:

  1. Ideal for beginners: sweepstakes offers are incredibly beginner-friendly, making them an excellent entry point into affiliate marketing.
  2. Low initial budget: you don’t need a substantial budget to test the waters with sweepstakes.
  3. High conversion rates: sweepstakes typically convert well, making them attractive for affiliate marketers.
  4. Year-round appeal: sweepstakes maintain their popularity throughout the year, so you’re not tied to specific seasons for success.

Types of sweepstakes

Sweepstakes can be categorized into two main types, each with its own subcategories: CC Submit (Payment/Free trial) and Email Submit (SOI and DOI).

SOI (Single Opt-In)

  • SOI sweepstakes represent the simplest registration process in the world of sweepstakes. Users are typically required to provide basic information such as their email address or name to participate.
  • These offers are renowned for their high conversion rates, making them an excellent choice for marketers looking for quick wins.
  • However, SOI offers tend to come with lower payouts compared to other sweepstakes types, and it’s uncommon for them to exceed the $5 mark.

DOI (Double Opt-In)

  • DOI sweepstakes add an extra layer of user verification by requiring participants to confirm their email registration. After registering, users receive an email with a confirmation link, which they must click to complete the process.
  • Due to the additional step, DOI offers generally have lower conversion rates compared to SOI offers.
  • On the flip side, the higher level of user engagement and commitment often leads to more substantial payouts, making DOI offers an attractive choice for affiliates willing to put in a bit more effort.

CC Submit (Credit Card Submit)

  • CC submit sweepstakes take the user commitment to another level by asking for their credit card details as part of the subscription process. Users are required to provide their card information, and they may be charged a small fee upfront.
  • CC submit sweepstakes offers typically offer higher payouts per conversion compared to email submits, often exceeding $10. You might wonder why advertisers are willing to pay more for CC submits and why users need to pay a fee to enter.
  • The reason advertisers favor CC submits isn’t for a quick profit from users’ credit cards. Instead, CC submits typically lead to free trial subscriptions, as discussed earlier. These trial periods typically last from 3 to 14 days, after which users are billed for their monthly subscription, resulting in significant profits for advertisers.

Mobile subscriptions

  • Mobile subscription sweepstakes, also known as carrier billing offers, involve users subscribing to services where payments are directly charged to their mobile phone bills.
  • While mobile subscription offers come with higher payouts, they often suffer from lower conversion rates. This is because users may hesitate to share sensitive information such as mobile phone details.
  • Affiliates who choose to work with mobile subscription sweepstakes should be prepared for a different set of challenges, such as optimizing their campaigns for improved conversion rates and navigating the intricacies of mobile billing systems.

Average payouts

Sweepstakes offer payouts span a wide range, varying from as low as $0.50 to as high as $40 or more, depending on the specific offer and its vertical. SOI offers, known for their simplicity, typically offer lower payouts. It’s relatively rare for SOI payouts to exceed $5 per conversion. In contrast, CC submit and mobile subscription offers, which require a higher level of user commitment, often come with significantly higher payouts. These can be quite lucrative for affiliates with the right strategies and traffic sources. While the potential for higher payouts exists, it’s essential to note that these high-payout offers can be more complex to work with and may require a deeper understanding of optimization techniques.

Traffic sources

Traffic sources play a pivotal role in the success of your sweepstakes offers in affiliate marketing. Choosing the right traffic sources can greatly impact your campaign’s performance. In this section, we’ll delve into how these traffic sources function, their advantages and disadvantages, and recommend traffic providers.


Facebook Third-party chatbot: affiliates create groups or pages for sweepstakes promotion and use chatbots to engage with users. These bots send private messages (PMs), often surveys, which, when completed, direct users to the sweepstakes offer page.

Cloaking: many affiliates using Facebook for sweepstakes employ cloaking techniques to present sweepstakes offers to visitors while showing different landing pages to Facebook moderators. This helps run campaigns discreetly, avoiding account suspensions.

Push Traffic Push traffic can be acquired from networks or collected by setting up scripts on landing pages to build your database. While collecting your data yields better results, it typically generates lower traffic volumes compared to network-provided options.

For sweepstakes campaigns using push traffic, it’s advisable to employ milder angles to ensure longer-lasting campaigns. Be aware that competition is fierce in this arena, and traffic quality may be lower than that on Facebook.

Native Advertising Native ads can be highly effective for sweepstakes as they appear less like traditional ads, leading to higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. They allow you to craft compelling stories and descriptions that resonate with the audience.
Social Media Advertising Social media allows for precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can create visually appealing ad campaigns, run contests, and leverage influencers to increase brand exposure and participation in your sweepstakes.
Email Marketing If you have a well-segmented email list, email marketing can be a powerful tool. You can send personalized invitations, reminders, and updates about your sweepstakes to a receptive audience. Ensure compliance with data privacy laws, such as GDPR, when conducting email marketing campaigns.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising PPC allows you to target users actively searching for related keywords. By bidding on relevant terms, you can attract users looking for sweepstakes opportunities, increasing the chances of conversions.
Pop Traffic Pop traffic can be cost-effective and can capture users’ attention as they navigate websites. It’s essential to create compelling and relevant ad creatives to maximize conversions while ensuring that pop-ups align with the user experience.
Contextual Advertising Contextual ads can be highly targeted, appearing on pages related to sweepstakes, contests, or similar topics. This relevancy increases the likelihood of users engaging with your offer.


Advertising sweepstakes to the utmost potential

When it comes to sweepstakes advertising, harnessing its utmost potential is a strategic endeavor. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into two key aspects that can significantly impact your sweepstakes campaigns creatives and landing pages.

Sweepstakes creatives

Creating effective sweepstakes creatives is crucial. Popular angles often revolve around giveaways of high-value items like smartphones, electronics, or gift cards. Use attention-grabbing icons and clear prize visuals in your ad creatives. Ensure that your creatives align with the offer to maintain relevance.

Landing pages and pre-landings

Successful pre-landing and landing pages for sweepstakes engage users with interactive elements like games, quizzes, and questionnaires. They instill credibility and convince users they’re uniquely qualified for the reward. Social proof in the form of comments and reviews, countdown timers, and highlighting the reward’s full value can enhance your landing pages.

Direct linking isn’t effective when promoting sweepstakes offers. To maximize conversions, you need a well-crafted pre-landing page that captivates your audience with the allure of winning prizes. Here’s how to create a high-converting pre-landing page:

  1. Clear call-to-action: your pre-landing page should feature a prominently displayed and straightforward call-to-action button. Users must easily understand how to enter the sweepstakes.
  2. Visual appeal: visual elements play a crucial role, accounting for 70% of your pre-landing’s success. Ensure your pre-landing page is visually appealing, with enticing graphics and design.
  3. Fast loading time: a quick-loading pre-landing is vital, as loading time significantly impacts the conversion rate. Users are more likely to engage with a fast and responsive pre-landing page.
  4. Geo-relevance: tailor the language and content of your pre-landing page to align with the chosen GEO. Geo-targeted pre-landings tend to perform better by connecting with the local audience.

For instance, your landing page can showcase multiple sweepstakes offers simultaneously, presenting users with various prize opportunities to increase their chances of winning. Your task is to select relevant prizes from different advertisers for each landing page. This strategy prevents one advertiser from receiving multiple registrations from the same individual.

Choosing the right sweepstakes affiliate platforms

With a multitude of sweepstakes affiliate programs available, selecting the perfect fit can be a daunting task. Here are some crucial factors to consider before diving in:

  • Payment threshold: some of the best sweepstakes affiliate networks offer low withdrawal thresholds, sometimes as low as $5. Others may set the bar higher at $300 or more. Your choice should align with your preferences.
  • Supported verticals: while you’re primarily interested in sweepstakes offers, top-notch networks also feature a diverse array of verticals. These could encompass dating, gambling, gaming, and cryptocurrency, among others. Diversifying your portfolio can ensure a steady monthly income.
  • Payment schedule: the cream of the crop often provides weekly payouts, with multiple payment methods like PayPal, bank wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies at your disposal. Others might adhere to biweekly or monthly payment cycles. It’s essential to consider what suits your financial needs best.

Navigating the sweepstakes vertical in affiliate marketing

The sweepstakes vertical in affiliate marketing is a dynamic and lucrative space, offering ample opportunities for those who are well-prepared and strategic. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, these insights are your compass to steer you towards increased conversions, boosted earnings, and sustained triumph in the sweepstakes realm.

Case studies

ZorbasMedia presents a sweepstakes affiliate marketing case study. The campaign used push notifications in France with YepAds, ClickDealer, Gotzha, and PropellerAds. In just a week, they spent $320.33, earned $521.50, and achieved a $201.17 profit (62.80% ROI). The campaign aimed for 500-1000 daily clicks at a low cost (3 to 5 cents per click). YepAds delivered the best results, and the campaign became a passive income source, showcasing successful push notification strategies for sweepstakes.

An affiliate marketer ran TikTok ads promoting gambling offers in Russia from December 2020 to January 2021. They spent $3,280, earned $10,493, and achieved a net profit of $7,212 with a 219% ROI. They used automated account registration, creative angles like gameplay clips and influencers, and cloaking with AppsFlyer tracking. Later, they added a pre-landing page to optimize campaigns. Due to increasing difficulties, they shifted to sweepstakes offers while working on sustaining high traffic volumes.

The campaign, utilizing PropellerAds and YepAds, generated a $22,938 profit with a 30.9% ROI. They improved click-through rates and reduced CPC with creative ads resembling system messages and simplified banners. YepAds offered top sweepstakes offers and support. Most traffic came from PropellerAds, known for versatile targeting. The study highlights the careful use of tactics and their effectiveness, resulting in a $20,000 profit with a 30% ROI.

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Sweepstakes offers are beginner-friendly, cost-effective, and maintain year-round appeal. This guide has provided you with valuable insights and strategies to excel in sweepstakes affiliate marketing. We covered various types of sweepstakes, the importance of choosing the right traffic sources, and creating effective ad creatives and landing pages. Selecting the right affiliate platform is crucial.

To further your success, explore case studies, articles, and forums dedicated to sweepstakes affiliate marketing. With these resources, you’re equipped for increased conversions and sustained triumph in this dynamic and lucrative field.