OMNI CPA Affiliate Network Review

Official website:

Date of establishment: 2014

Official website:

Offer vertical: nutra

Number of offers: 40+

Payment methods: WMZ, bank cards, ZaleyCash, E-Profit, or individual entrepreneur’s bank account (in this case, OMNI pays 7% extra)

GEOs: Russia and Kazakhstan (European GEOs are also available to trusted partners)

Accepted traffic: all paid traffic sources, excluding popup traffic, popunder traffic, click under traffic, doorway traffic, incentivized traffic, as well as Instagram and cashback traffic

OMNI CPA is a nutra CPA network that has been around since 2014. The network provides quality high-payout offers to its webmasters based on CPA. OMNI CPA focuses on nutra and also has a few white hat physical products. In total, there are over 40 exclusive offers.

So, let’s take a closer look at how to sign up on the OMNI CPA platform and launch your first campaign.


Registration with OMNI CPA is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. To start, go to and click on the Registration button. You will see the following window:

Once you submit your contact information, you will be contacted by your dedicated manager and will be able to start your ad journey. Please note that you will need to verify your traffic source. Each partner is assigned with a dedicated manager after registration.

Once your account is confirmed, the first thing you will see is the dashboard.

Go to the Offers tab to activate a particular offer.

Here, you can also set up search by GEO or offer type. Once you pick up your offer, you can get down to creating your first campaign.

You can choose between three remuneration calculation options.

  • Classic — payout for an approved order excluding upsales.
  • Dynamic — payout for an approved order including upsales.
  • Dynamic for redeemed orders — payout for a redeemed order including upsales.

In the “Possible revenue” column, you will find out how much you are expected to get for an approved lead.

Moreover, you can set the product price and the auction price yourself. It is advised to opt for a recommended price because if you raise it too much, it can considerably reduce your approval rate. 

The next step is to choose and set up your landing page and pre-lander:

Once you pick up your promotional materials, you will get your affiliate link.

Payouts and support

You can reach out to the support team (as well as the call center) 24/7 to settle a variety of issues.

Your payouts will largely depend on the remuneration type you opt for. There are a couple of options to choose from, including classic and dynamic. The classic option implies that you will get a fixed fee for each approved order, while the dynamic one presupposes that you will also receive a payout for each upsale.

The minimum payout sum is 3000 rubles ($40). Available payment methods include WMZ, bank cards, ZaleyCash, E-Profit, or individual entrepreneur’s bank account (in this case, OMNI pays 7% extra). Payouts are made each Thursday.


Before you receive your first payout, your traffic will be checked for quality. The quality check usually takes about 1-2 weeks after at least 10 of your leads get approved. Once your traffic is vetted, you will be able to request payments in advance daily.



Riddick Guru

I started working with OMNI when no one had any idea of how to promote freemium products. A colleague of mine advised me to send traffic to OMNI. The first tests on a progressive commission scale proved to be quite effective. What was even more reassuring was a high approval rate that allowed me to earn a lot. So, I have been cooperating with the network for a couple of years already and I’m glad they have chosen a viable development strategy.

Woofex, I-Advert team

We have been working with OMNI CPA since 2017. The advantages of the network include fast support, quality promo materials that are updated regularly, as well as a unique system that allows you to calculate your commission on the go. The system also gives you an opportunity to choose how much you want to get for a lead by setting the product price, which simplifies bidding and communication with your manager. Also, depending on your traffic quality, your commission may vary, so be sure to run quality traffic and you will multiply your earnings 🙂

Egypt, affiliate marketer

I have been working with OMNI since 2016 (and I’ve been an affiliate for 7 years already). With the help of the network, I was able to make the most out of their nutra offers even in the most daring times. The guys offer a unique feature — they allow you to work on a dynamic rate (they pay you for upsales). Your commission depends on how much money the call center was able to get from a single lead. And this is only a fraction of all their technical solutions. The functionality of the network is actually quite impressive, and if you know your analytics, you will be able to secure a high ROI.


OMNI CPA is a CPA network with over 40 exclusive offers and a variety of remuneration options.

✅ In-house products
✅ GEOs: Russia, Kazakhstan (European GEOs are also available to trusted partners).
✅ Remuneration calculation options: classic, dynamic, dynamic for redeemed offers.
Increased payouts for upsales. The higher your average order value, the higher your payouts. At that, your approval rate won’t be reduced.
✅ High payouts.
✅ Unique landing pages and pre-landers.

Sign up on OMNI CPA and start earning money right now!

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