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Case study: Driving teaser traffic to a weight-loss offer in 2020

Hi everyone! As the summer is getting closer, weight-loss products are making it to the top of affiliate marketing offers. This case study shows how to effortlessly launch an ad campaign targeted at women seeking to get a perfect beach body and, most importantly, stay in the green.

  • Affiliate network: UMGID 
  • Teaser network: AdvertNative 
  • Offer: Chokolate Slim 
  • GEO: Vietnam 
  • Campaign time period: 03.05.2020 – 07.05.2020 
  • Money spent: $2800 
  • Money earned: $3448 
  • Net profit: $648 
  • ROI: 23%  

We picked up a Health & Beauty offer called Chokolate Slim. This is a fairly popular weight-loss product with high payouts. The offer was introduced to the market a couple of years ago and since then it has demonstrated a sustainably high conversion rate in Asia.  

As has been already mentioned, we picked up an offer from affiliate network UMGID. It covers a wide range of GEOs such as Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Romania, India, and Vietnam. Moreover, different product prices are available for Vietnam. We decided to test out a landing page for Android and desktop devices and opted for a price of 550000 VND (=$24).  

Then, we created a flow on the CPA network and added both desktop and mobile landing pages to it to monitor the dynamics and avoid spending too much money on testing. Also, we excluded iOS devices because they don’t generate enough clicks when it comes to Vietnam.  

You need to pay particular attention to your landing page because your campaign results depend on it and on your traffic quality.  

This is how the first section of our landing page looked like:

We also picked up 3 pre-landers from the affiliate network to warm up the audience properly. Android devices were added to the campaign on the second day.

We eventually decided to leave those pre-landers that are the most popular among the network’s partners. Plus, we added macros to the bottom of the landing page, which enabled us to enhance the campaign’s conversion rate. The “eat and lose weight” slogan proved to be the best conversion-wise, and so we also used it in one of our creatives. All those who run weight-loss offers must have noticed that the juxtaposition of delicious food with a slender body generates the highest number of clicks. The pre-lander below showed the best click-through rate:

AdvertNative creatives 

We drove traffic from teaser network AdvertNative. We met the guys at the CPA conference 2020 in Kyiv where we decided to cooperate. The network gives you competitive creatives and high-quality traffic that demonstrates a decent conversion rate. We found a lot of platforms for desktop and smartphone traffic.  

Этот текст скопирован с сайта https://zorbasmedia.com


This is probably the first time we came across considerable difficulties when filtering out creatives because all of them converted pretty well. 

During the entire campaign time period, the creatives showed an increasingly high conversion rate, and we opted to leave them all. Some of our teaser ads:


Креативы в тизерной сети

However, the best-performing creatives were those that demonstrated visual changes after a course of Chokolate Slim.

Below, you will find the overall campaign results. 

Stats from UMGID as of 3.05 – 07.05:

As you can see, we managed to secure the best results on the fourth day. Both traffic quality and quantity have remained consistently high since we launched the campaign. So, this offer holds a lot of prospects for affiliates, and we are going to continue driving traffic to it, though using other sources.  


Running teaser traffic is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially at the very start. To come up with a profitable strategy and secure a stable income, you’ll need to:

  • choose a reliable affiliate and teaser network; 
  • closely monitor your stats from day one to filter out poorly-converting offers, platforms, and banners; 
  • constantly make adjustments to your ad campaign. 

This is what you should bear in mind first and foremost because at first glance it may seem that you won’t need any complex skills. It is also worth noting that beginner affiliates who are going to start running teaser traffic have to keep in touch with a network’s support team because these guys have a vested interest in your success.  

Contact UMGID manager to find out more and begin working with them.

Author: Media buying team Umgid.

Этот текст скопирован с сайта https://zorbasmedia.com

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