Revolution Force Affiliate Network Review

Revolution Force
Founded in: 2014
Revolution Force (RF) is a worldwide affiliate network with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Amsterdam. The network works with direct CPL offers only and is recognized for its exclusive partnerships to several English-speaking GEOs.
Payout models
Number of offers
Adult Dating, Casual Dating, Male Enhancement, Cams
Payment methods
Paxum, ACH, Wire, PayPal
Referral commission
$100 for every affiliate that reaches $500 threshold

Revolution Force (RF) is a worldwide affiliate network with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Amsterdam. The network works with direct CPL offers only and is recognized for its exclusive partnerships to several English-speaking GEOs.

Revolution Force Affiliate Network Review


Revolution Force was founded in 2014 by Sean Christian. Christian, the previous Vice President of Marketing for Adult Friend Finder and co-founder to, has over 20 years’ experience in the affiliate marketing industry. For the last five years, Christian has spent time building and growing his company to where it is now a real competitor in the industry. Revolution Force proved itself a competitor by being a trusted professional within the affiliate marketing and showing its loyalty to its partners.

The company stays strong by being able to adapt to the ever-changing affiliate marketing world easily. The goal is to always stay one step ahead of the competition, which is what Revolution Force has been doing. In 2019, Revolution Force began working on a “secret project”, which will be launched to its affiliates in 2020.

2020 will be Revolution Force’s biggest year yet as they get ready to launch their “super-secret agent” to its partners.



Registration is quick and easy. RF takes each application seriously and wants to begin working together as soon as possible.

The purpose of the application is to get a basic understanding of the applicant. The team wants to be able to identify the skills of the affiliate, understand their needs, and know about how their funnels/systems work. The team must understand all KPIs in order to get the possible outcomes for both the affiliate and advertiser. Total transparency and honesty are key.

During the registration process, an affiliate will need to provide the following information on the application:

  1. Traffic type, verticals, and GEOs covered
  2. Skype/Telegram contact
  3. Where the affiliate is located
  4. Screenshots of the affiliates last two months of revenue
  5. Number of unique clicks per day on Tier 1

After applying, the affiliate will be contacted by a dedicated affiliate manager within 1-2 business days. Once an AM reaches out, the manager will then ask more in-depth questions about the affiliate to receive a full understanding of the applicant’s traffic.

Working with a manager

Each manager at Revolution Force offers their own set of expertise and skills, but one thing they all have in common is their attention to detail. AM’s at RF offers some of the fastest response times in the industry and is open 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple question or a complex one — they are there to help. Even if it’s a simple question about payment options. They’re there to help.


Payments are made with Paxum, PayPal or ACH Wire every Wednesday (net-7).


Currently, there are more than 700 active direct CPL/CPA offers (exclusive ones included) and more than 150 SOI/CC CPL offers registered in the system. The verticals include:

  • Adult Dating;
  • Adult Games;
  • Cams;
  • Health & Beauty;
  • Mainstream Dating;
  • Male Enhancement.

The full list of offers is available to all partners on the network website.

By the way, offer filtering is simple and fast: just select your vertical/traffic type/payout model and get the selection of offers to your liking.

Revolution Force Affiliate Network Review   

Private offers are opened after an individual has run a test campaign, and an AM has reviewed and assessed its quality. However, there is a quicker way to gain access to private offers. If a partner believes they should qualify for a private offer, all they have to do is submit previous statistics to their manager, showcasing their point.

Revolution Force specializes in dating, but the guys also have a focus on nutra offers, some of which were approved by the FDA.

You can always ask your manager to provide you with creatives for the offers you have picked up. Revolution Force can supply you with creatives for social media, e-mail messaging and other ad formats.

Traffic Restrictions

Revolution Force accepts all traffic, but not all advertisers do. Each advertiser has their own rules to an offer, permitting or not permitting certain traffic types. An AM will gladly assist you with these restrictions.  


Revolution Force has many benefits, but one of the biggest advantages is working directly with the advertisers. Every offer from RF comes directly from the advertisers. Direct offers equal better offer terms.

Working directly allows affiliates to receive all the information they need to optimize any campaign quickly.

Another perk at RF is the bonus program offered to the top affiliates. Extra money is given at the end of the month to the top affiliates based on performance.

Finally, the last benefit is the International Exclusive PPS labels and iframe landers. 

Global SmartLink

The Revolution Force team offers an in-house SmartLink solution to make the most out of your traffic.

Be sure to test it out if you work with multiple traffic sources or wish to test some offers and landings to find out which convert the best.

Tracking the highest converting landings and creatives won’t pose any difficulty, as the stats display each traffic flow separately.

Reviews from some of Revolution Force’s affiliates:

Revolution Force Affiliate Network ReviewChristian Grasberg: (DE) EU Media buyer

Thanks to Revolution Force, I was able to successfully enter the US market on my first media buy. The right pick by the AM and the right exclusive label resulted in a positive ROI after a few days of testing. Their US exclusives are perhaps one of the best-kept secrets currently in the game.


Revolution Force Affiliate Network ReviewMichael Torst: US

We have been working for over 2 years mainly with RF. During our cooperation, I have always been satisfied with their professionalism and style. Their AM even responded to my call during his holiday to help me locating & retrieving crucial payment data in order to track some of my missing payments.

Thanks to him I was able to track that sum fast. Money matters . 


Revolution Force Affiliate Network ReviewGeoffrey Meier: EU

This may sound like something you would expect, but when it comes to testing my postback I’ve never experienced a network testing my test link faster than these guys. Under 1 minute. In comparison with other networks – which can result in a lot your time being washed down the sink.


Revolution Force Affiliate Network ReviewKane Erol (e-mailer): Asia

These AM’s are seriously dedicated; I’ve had multiple problems with my tracker but wasn’t aware of such issues. Until my AM checked on the health of my domain and explained to me why my own tracker was off.

Another thing I’ve witnessed was a discrepancy as an affiliate in 2019 but my AM told me that our trackers were simply not sharing the same time zone. It’s really nice if you have someone that is able to identify and fix any issues in a blink. Guess that is due to experience. It saves a lot of stress and time that is needed when you’re monitoring your campaigns.


Revolution Force is a trusted network because of the team built within. Each team member comes with their own valued experience and skills, from social warriors to die-hard emailers, which makes the company a strong network — having different skill sets allow the Revolution Force team to pair every affiliate to the right manager.

Join Revolution Force now and start earning more!


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