Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Founded in: 2016
Stripcash is an affiliate network with direct offers in the webcam vertical. The company provides affiliates with opportunities to monetize traffic from all GEOs. Stripcash also supplies webmasters with ready-made promo materials, advanced statistics, customized post-backs, anti-ad blockers, smartlinks, and a lot of other useful tools for work.
Available verticals
Adult (webcam)
GEO coverage
Payout models
Revenue Share
Payment systems
Wire transfer, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, checks, ACH
Minimum withdrawal
100 USD
Hold period
2 weeks
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, brand bidding

Stripcash is an award-winning network with several years of experience on the market. The company operates in almost all countries of the globe, working on the development of the most profitable GEOs.

The network works in the adult niche and has one of the most technologically advanced services for monetizing direct webcam products. Stipcash provides exclusive customizable widgets, ready-made creatives, and statistics so detailed that you don’t even need to use a tracker.

For affiliates who don’t have high volumes of adult traffic or their own site yet, Stripcash provides a platform for website building under the White Label model. On top of everything else, the network team provides anti-ad blocker solutions, smartlinks, and a lot of useful traffic redirectors to make your working process easier and more convenient.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


  • Award-winning network with a long history in the market
  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • In-house offers
  • Ready-made promo materials
  • Detailed statistics in the user account
  • The global community of active users
  • Customized post-backs
  • Individual hybrid terms for trusted affiliates
  • Exclusive bonus system

Getting started and user account

Your introduction to Stripcash begins with a registration form. It is located on the main page of the official affiliate program site. The form consists of 9 blocks, but do not worry, the questions are simple and clear. These blocks include questions about:

  • Basic information (name, e-mail, password, and agreement to terms and conditions)
  • Your role (media buyer, publisher, model, or other)
  • Sources of traffic 
  • Promotion methods
  • The expected volume of monthly visits
  • Contacts for messenger communication (Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype)
  • Interface language
  • How did you learn about the affiliate network

The only step you need to take after is to confirm your registration using the link in your email.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

What can you find in the affiliate account?


In this section, you will find data on all areas of your work. The Statistics tab will help you view a report on your advertising campaigns. The data is reflected in a table, the creation of which you will need to start yourself. To do this, select the types of data required for the demonstration. The filter contains tracking options, client data, smartlinks, and a calendar with the selection of the desired time interval for analysis. After selecting the needed indicators, click the “Run report” button. You can also save the selected filter for further analytics on the same indicators.

On the Member Inspector tab, you will find a table with information about the members. Here you can see the data about their total purchase, refund, scheme earning, country, lifetime, and the latest activity.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


This block contains three pages:

Dashboard — displays general statistics divided into two blocks: statistics on target actions (clicks, unique spenders, signups, and confirmed signups) and financial indicators (first purchases, total purchases, refunds, and scheme earnings). This data can be sorted by freshness (from today to a month ago). In addition, on this page, you can find data on current earnings, revenue share, affiliate manager contacts, and details of participation in the referral program.

Account — stores the settings for logging into the affiliate account. Here you can update your email data, change your username or your password to access the workspace.

News — shares the latest news in the work of the affiliate network.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Links & Ad Creatives

This block is for creative endeavors and creating links. Here you will find:

  • Link Builder with tracking data
  • Ad Creatives Builder with various ready-made layouts for different types of advertising
  • Banners with the ability to add custom parameters, choose the appropriate orientation, resolution, and layout
  • Pre-roll Ads with a variety of options to choose
  • Easylinks data

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


A powerful in-house tool allows affiliates to set up a cam site using Stripcash technology on their own domain. To do this, you will need to create a domain name, configure DNS and sign an agreement with the company. All detailed instructions are placed in this section.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


A section of your personal account that stores data on financial transactions for your offers. It consists of three blocks: Payout History, Payout Setup, and Earnings Log. 

The History tab stores information about all your financial transactions: their period, status, amount, and method. On the Setup tab, you can use the payout settings, and choose the appropriate withdrawal method, tax status, and minimum payout amount. You can also specify contact data here. In the Earnings Log block, you can view data on the referrals’ earnings.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Referral Program

This section shows data about the people you have brought to the affiliate network. The section is divided into two blocks. The Models tab contains data on the statistics of models that you have referred to the platform. The Referrals tab stores statistics on referrals that work with traffic in the affiliate network on your tip.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


A tab dedicated to setting up post-backs. Here you can find the Postback Setup where all the data on the postbacks used is stored, Postback Params with instructions for working with postbacks, and Postbacks Log with information about postbacks history.

In addition to this, among the services, there is a section NiftyStats Secrets, in which you can generate a secret token.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Documentation, policy, and communication

The last three sections of the affiliate account contain information about the Documentation of the affiliate network, including Landing Options, Links & Ad Creatives params, Models list API, and Scripts. In addition, here you will find a detailed description of the Stripcash policy on cookies and terms and conditions. And the final segment is the Contact Us block, in which you can report a problem or suggest an improvement to the platform.

Stripcash Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Offers and traffic sources

Stripcash network works with direct offers in the webcam vertical. At the moment, there are two main offers: the Stripchat — an international webcam site with free online broadcasts, and the platform for communication between fans and content creators.

The company accepts almost any type of traffic. However, it is forbidden to work with incentivized traffic or use the brand name in the promotion.

The main payout model with Stripcash is RevenueShare. It means that the affiliate receives 20% of the user payments on the platform, while the leads are linked to the affiliate indefinitely. 

The platform takes care of its partners and informs them about all updates using e-mail newsletters. All the necessary updates are also duplicated to the Stripcash Telegram channel

GEO coverage and tracking

Stripcash provides offers for working with countries all over the world. By cooperating with this affiliate network, you will have the opportunity to unlock your potential by working with Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3. Despite the fact that the Stripcash affiliate network has already proved its expertise in popular countries, it also has plans about focusing on some new markets. Asia is currently seen as a particularly interesting and promising GEO for the affiliate network team. 

Working with Stripcash means creating a collaboration with a platform packed with such detailed statistics that you won’t need any additional tracking services.

To set up post-backs, use the appropriate block in the affiliate account. There you will find detailed analytics on postback indicators and understandable materials for self-help in case of difficulty with the setup.

Stripcash payouts

There are several ways to withdraw your profit. The main ones are Wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, electronic wallets, checks, and ACH. In the Payout section of your affiliate account, you can set up the currency for payments. The list of available options includes Paxum, USD currency wire transfer, Bitcoin, USDT, Etherium, EURO currency wire transfer, and ACH Payment (USA only).

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. The hold period is usually 2 weeks. Moreover, the webmaster can discuss hybrid working conditions on an individual basis. Contact your affiliate manager for details.

Affiliate Support

Stripcash affiliate account contains an extensive block where each user can find available pre-rolls, ready-made creatives, and banner creation tools to make unique promotion campaigns.

For extra support, there is an affiliate manager assigned to each webmaster on the platform. His contacts are placed in the dashboard section, and he is available for any questions regarding working with Stripcash. Contact the manager any time during the office days from 9 AM to 7 PM GMT+3. In addition, if you have any questions about working with the platform, you can use e-mail or contact company representatives via Skype.

Bonuses to affiliates

The Stripcash platform provides a wide variety of opportunities for its users. For example, each affiliate network partner has the opportunity to use the built-in tool to create their own website using the White Label model. In addition, the network provides its webmasters with exclusive customizable widgets that promote top models on the page and increase the conversion rate. Furthermore, there are anti-ad blockers, smart links, and many other useful features for redirecting traffic to facilitate work.

The affiliate network also has a referral program. You can attract both your colleagues who will drive traffic to Stripcash offers and models who join the community. You can find a referral link in the corresponding section of your affiliate account.

As for bonuses, the affiliate network periodically pleases its partners with profitable benefits. For example, a summer promotion will start very soon on the platform. In order not to miss its announcement, follow the news on the Stripcash Telegram channel.


I’ve been with Stripcash since January. the fact guys are growing rapidly is evident. First I started with CPL, then switched to RevShare. I have $3000+ passive income per month, that’s pretty awesome I assume.

Stephen J.K., a webmaster

Stripcash has proved itself to be one of the best affiliate networks. It’s really one of my favs. They’re constantly releasing new features and improving services. The support is also super cool, always ready to help!

Suzanna Marks, a webmaster

I’ve been with the guys for 2 years already and very satisfied with the whole program and the income I have!

Olivia Lee, a webmaster

Real-time fast tracking — got the first payment, everything is ok for now. Looking forward to sending more traffic! If you got HQ traffic, the Stripchat offer can make you rich I think… I’LL TRY!

Burak, a webmaster

When I first started to test Stripcash, I didn’t even expect how profitable it would be! Thnx guys for my stable income.

Patrick, a webmaster


Stripcash is an affiliate network with direct offers in the adult vertical around the globe. The fact that Stripcash has one of the most technologically developed platforms in the webcam field allows the affiliate network to provide its webmasters and media buyers with a wide variety of features. By cooperating with Stripcash, you will get the opportunity to use ready-made creatives, apply advanced campaign analytics in your work, use a variety of technical tools to facilitate work, as well as participate in company contests to increase profit.

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