Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2012
Leadgid is an affiliate network for monetizing the financial and e-commerce offer verticals. The main payout models are CPA and CPL. The minimum payout threshold is 50 USD. The GEO coverage includes 32 countries. The number of offers is 500+. The affiliate dashboard holds many useful tools for parking domains, replenishing agent accounts, setting post-backs, etc.
Financial, e-commerce
Payout models
500 (direct)
32 countries
Payment options
Bank Wire, WebMoney, Tether, bank cards
Minimal withdrawal
50 USD
2 times a month
Depends on the offer

Leadgid is an international affiliate network with financial and e-commerce offers. The company works directly with advertisers, which allows for offering higher payout rates for any GEO. One of the main advantages of Leadgid is a wide range of necessary tools for work: from profitable replenishment of agency accounts to redirect and phone checker. They allow you to not only optimize your campaigns but also increase your profits.

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review


  • 500+ direct offers
  • 32 GEOs
  • Early payouts and deferred payments for trusted affiliates
  • Useful tools (from phone checker to redirecting offers)
  • Agency ad account with high cashback
  • Ready-made promotional materials
  • Regular promotions and competitions with valuable prizes
  • Quality and responsive support

Getting started and dashboard

The registration form is simple. To create an account, go to the official Leadgid website and click on the “Register” button.

The following must be specified:

  1. Name and surname
  2. E-mail
  3. Phone number
  4. Vertical (finance or e-commerce) 
  5. Telegram, Skype, or WhatsApp account

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

After registering, make sure to confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email from Leadgid. Afterward, you will only have to talk to the affiliate network manager, who will activate your account after a short interview.

What can you find in the affiliate account?

  • Dashboard. Here you can find general information on your traffic and affiliate network news, recommended and disabled offers, deadlines for promotions, and contests.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review 
  • Tools. A useful tab for every Leadgid affiliate. Here you can find all the tools you can use in your daily work. These can be agent accounts, redirects of offers, phone checkers, etc. Each tool has a detailed description of how it works and terms of use.
  • Campaigns. The section with the current promotions of the affiliate network. To participate, you need to select the event you are interested in, study its terms and conditions, and find the affiliate offers you want to connect to.
  • Offers. Here you can take a look at all the offers to work with in Leadgid. You can set filters by vertical, GEO, traffic type, payout rate, participation in contests, etc.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review 
  • Reports. You can set filters by vertical, GEO, traffic type, payouts, participation in contests, etc. Information on clicks, currency, leads, CR, AR, EPC, etc. is available. Data can be filtered by time, offers, and conversions. Individual pages in this section contain information about your progress within current Leadgid contests and promotions.
  • Finance. A tab with information about your withdrawals from Leadgid. Here you can find terms about dates, minimum amounts in different currencies, available payment systems, etc.
  • Help. In this section, you can contact the Leadgid Support. You can create a ticket describing your question or issue, get interactive tutorials on the features of the partner network personal account, and organize work as a sole proprietor or self-employed person.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

Available tools

One of the Leadgid advantages is its technology-driven account and abundance of tools that are useful for any affiliate.

  • Back URL. A useful tool that allows you to automatically redirect traffic in case an offer is stopped or paused. Global and individual redirects are available.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review
  • Phone checker. You can use it to reduce your SMS messaging costs by checking your existing phone number database against the advertiser’s database. This eliminates duplicates and removes users who are already in the advertiser’s database from the mailing list.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review
  • Postbacks. A simple and handy tool for setting up a global post-back. You can set it up either by yourself or with your dedicated manager. You can also view the history of post-backs.
  • Referral program. You can earn 3% of your referred partner’s payments for 180 days after their registration.
  • Universal API application. In Leadgid, you can connect a single URL to any offer from the “Traffic Type: API” category, from which requests will be distributed to all the offers available to you.Leadgid Affiliate Network Review
  • Offer exclusion. The Leadgid affiliate network identifies customers by their conversion history on certain offers. It also allows you to avoid the repeated display of the same product in order to increase the likelihood of conversions to an offer that has not yet been applied for.
  • Credit showcase. An effective tool for monetizing financial traffic that allows you to use a credit offer showcase with multiple GEO.
  • Domain parking. Leadgid allows you to park your domain on your own services — “Leadgid Tracker”, “Credit Showcase”, “Showcase Builder”.

Offers and types of traffic

The Leadgid affiliate network offers 500 direct offers in the financial and e-commerce verticals. The main payout models are CPA and CPL. Offers are updated regularly: new products appear every week. Outage notifications are made via Telegram and email newsletters, as well as via news in a personal account and Twitter.

To access an offer, contact your dedicated manager: before launching an advertising campaign, you need to discuss the traffic sources, GEO, and promotional approaches.

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

In the offer description, you can see the traffic requirements, hold period, promo materials, lists of negative keywords, etc.

What kind of traffic does Leadgid accept? It all depends on the offer, so each affiliate is advised to study the terms beforehand. In general, the affiliate network always accepts the following sources:

  • Banners
  • Context
  • SEO
  • Social networks traffic (MyTarget, Telegram)
  • Teaser networks
  • Pop-up
  • SMS messaging (upon approval from your manager)
  • E-mail newsletters (upon approval from your manager)

Also, every offer contains a list of prohibited types of traffic. Typically, Leadgid does not accept the following:

  • Incentivized traffic
  • Spam traffic
  • Redirect (click-under and other formats where the site is displayed without user participation or consent)
  • Adult (18+)
  • Brand advertising (including bank brands and MFI)
  • Toolbars

It’s also worth noting that you can use mixed traffic with Leadgid: financial and e-commerce traffic or traffic from different sources for the same offer.

GEO and tracking

The affiliate network provide offers for 32 countries, including both popular and exotic ones: the Philippines, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Cambodia, Peru, etc. At the moment, the company recommends paying attention to offers targeting Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and Spain — they show good growth and attract the interest of users. In addition, the affiliate network plans to actively develop the US market.

To track traffic and conversions in Leadgid, you can use “Global postback” services, set up Google Analytics post-backs, or connect the post-back yourself in your account (select status, event type and fill in the URL field).

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

Statistics on your traffic are collected in your account. However, it is recommended to connect a third-party tracker. If you need to, your affiliate manager can help you do this.

Leadgid promotions and bonuses 

The affiliate network regularly holds various contests or promotions for its affiliates. Prize draws happen on the Leadgid’s YouTube channel with the prizes usually being tickets to marketing events, company merchandise, money to refill advertising accounts, certificates, and much more.

Promotions and competitions are held every three months. For example, there is now the “Banking Autumn”, which involves financial offers for Russia. The reward for participants is a payout bonus in the form of cashback.

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

Another big competition from Leadgid is “Haute Couture”. It runs from 1 November 2022 to 30 June 2023. By driving traffic to the specific offers, you can receive increased payouts, earn points to exchange for gifts from the affiliate network, as well as win a trip to Bali or Dubai, as well as get shopping vouchers.

Leadgid Affiliate Network Review

Payouts and payment options

You can get payouts twice a month in roubles and once in other currencies. The minimal amount is 50 USD or equivalent in other currencies. For trusted affiliates with large volumes of quality traffic, early payouts or a credit line for turnover are available To get them, you need to contact your dedicated manager.

The hold in the affiliate network depends only on the advertiser and the specific offer. On average, the hold time is 30 days for banks and 15 days for MFIs.

Which payment systems are available on Leadgid for withdrawal?

  • WebMoney. The fee is 3.9%.
  • Contract with no commission.
  • Bank account (individual’s card). Fee — 4.5%, maximum amount per month — 1650 USD.
  • Tether. The fee is 3.9%.

If necessary, you can contact your affiliate manager about using other payment systems.

Support for affiliates

After registration, you get a dedicated account manager who is available to help you every step of the way with Leadgid. What questions can I contact him about? He is available to answer any questions about:

  • Account activation
  • Matching an offer to your traffic
  • Access to an offer
  • Withdrawal of earnings
  • Getting tickets to Leadgid events

Affiliate support is available 25/8 (i.e. always). Leadgid support managers live in different time zones, so they are always in touch: which means you can get the help you need at any time of the day or night. You can contact the support team via messengers (Skype and Telegram), e-mail, or via the ticket system within your account.


I have worked with many financial networks, Leadgid showed the best returns. Very friendly atmosphere, I got to know many affiliates, the Leadgid team is very open and, they quickly resolve all the issues. Leadgid gave us a trip to the Maldives, now we are going to South Africa, too. And of course, all these things like iPhones, TV sets, cameras, etc. 🙂 Also, Leadgid has handy tools such as user history, checker, offer wall builder — all this allows for a good boost in profitability.


Hi all! I have been working with Leadgid since 2018, and I personally know the managers and the team — they are great people, never a single problem!

It’s a decent affiliate network for finance offers, they are actively expanding with regular promotions and new verticals. Although it is obvious that the finance vertical is their focus. If you have target traffic, then Leaddgid will be the best option for you. Offers are well thought through and have adequate payout rates, for exclusive ones you need to reach out to support. It’s easy, the managers are always open for conversation!

Osaulenko S., founder of the Timeleads project

This network is the best for several reasons: the best affiliate manager compared with other companies; the best speed of leads update and confirmation; the fastest payouts; no questions about why I supply less traffic at one point or another and no requests to turn the volume up.



Leadgid is a direct-offer affiliate network that allows you to monetize the financial and e-commerce verticals. The company will be a good choice for experienced affiliates and media buying teams, as well as beginners in affiliate marketing: Leadgid not only offers everything you need for running efficient ad campaigns, but also help from a support team and a dedicated manager.