Mobstra Affliate Program Review

Founded in: 2017
Mobstra is an affiliate program that represents a mobile content provider. Direct offers allow for smooth monetization of mobile traffic via IVR and SMS in European GEOs. The main payout model is Revenue Share. Mobstra accepts mobile traffic from most sources, mixed traffic included.
Offer verticals
Astrology, Tarot, Horoscopes, Finance, Sweepstakes, Tests, Mainstream Daiting, Adult
Number of offers
22 (Europe)
Payout models
Payment methods
Bank Wire Transfer, USDT, Capitalist
Minimum payout threshold
50 EUR
Accepted traffic sources
Almost all mobile traffic, including mixed traffic
Prohibited traffic sources
Spam, misleading, niche adult traffic (rape, zoo, incest, scat), traffic from hacked websites

Mobstra is an affiliate program that provides affiliates with access to in-house offers in such niches as Astrology, Tarot, Horoscopes, Finance, Sweepstakes, Tests, Mainstream Dating, and Adult.

Mobstra Affliate Program Review


  • Direct advertiser
  • Bonuses for larger amounts of traffic
  • Customizable offers (upon request)
  • Ready-made promo materials (copy, creatives, prelanders)
  • Integration with trackers
  • Unicalization of landers to your requirements
  • Individual terms for trusted affiliates
  • Early payouts

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

Each new Mobstra affiliate can receive a bonus of 25 EUR on their balance: to claim the bonus, enter the promo code ZORBAS during registration.


To get started with Mobstra, you need to create an affiliate’s account. To do this, open the main page of the website and hit the “Register now” button. Then, fill out the registration form where you need to specify:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Telegram or Skype ID
  • Promo code (if any)

Mobstra Affliate Program Review

You will receive a confirmation email, so it is crucial that you provide valid contact information.


Upon registration, you will have full access to the platform’s features. The dashboard contains the following tabs:

  • Statistics. This tab has general information about your traffic flows. Here you can filter the data by period, country, device, campaign, post-back, etc. The reports are available for download as CSV or Excel files.Mobstra Affliate Program Review
  • Offers & Campaigns. Here you can access all offers that are publicly available at Mobstra (400+), as well as monitor active and archived ad campaigns. For your convenience, the platform has filters by payout model, GEO, and vertical. You can also browse through the top offers and new arrivals.Mobstra Affliate Program Review
  • Payouts. This page contains information about your payouts and the status of each transaction.
  • Phones. In this tab, you will see the list of phone numbers that are allocated to you. There are filters by ID, GEO, and mobile carrier.
  • References. In this section, you can find the rules of working with Mobstra, answers to frequently asked questions, withdrawal guidelines, and information about the bonus system. Moreover, you can get ready-made creatives, prelanders, and ad copy in different languages.Mobstra Affliate Program Review
  • User Profile. Your user profile has all the info about your account: email, contact details, payment data, post-backs, etc.

Offers and traffic sources

The list of available offers can be found in the “Offers & Campaigns” section of the Catalog tab. You can select GEO, vertical, or payment model, as well as payout rate, EPC, and CR.

Click on the offer to see the full description and promo materials.

Mobstra Affliate Program Review

All offers in Mobstra are unique, the database covers a slew of verticals: Dating, Adult, Astrology, Tarot, Horoscopes, Finance, Sweepstakes, and Tests. 

400 offers are in public access, and 350 more are private. To access a private offer, you need to prove the quality of your traffic and then request access with your dedicated manager. The offer database is regularly updated. Moreover, Mobstra can provide personalized offers to affiliates who drive big volumes of traffic. You will get notified in advance when an offer is going to be deactivated: you will get a message on Skype or Telegram, as well as a notification on the official Telegram channel of the affiliate program.

What traffic sources are accepted in Mobstra?

Most mobile traffic sources are accepted, and all conversions are paid for. You can also work with mixed traffic, however, its conversion rate is usually lower.

What traffic sources are prohibited in Mobstra?

  • Spam
  • Mislead
  • Niche adult traffic: rape, zoo, incest, scat
  • Traffic from hacked websites

How can you activate an offer? You can do it either manually or by reaching out to your affiliate manager. If you work independently, there are two options:

  1. Create a link in your dashboard and start driving traffic.
  2. Download the offer archive. Then, you upload the archive to your domain and integrate ad network tracking pixels (if necessary). The archive has a built-in Mobstra API without redirects, so all clicks and conversions will go directly to Mobstra.

Launching your first ad campaign

Once again, you can reach out to your affiliate manager or launch an ad campaign manually.

For the latter, do the following:

  1. Pick one or several offers from the catalog.
  2. Select them and click the «ADD TO PLANNING» button.Mobstra Affliate Program Review
  3. In the Planning section, you can launch an advertising campaign by selecting one (or all) of the previously selected offers. To do this, check the box next to each offer and click «CONTINUE WITH SELECTED OFFERS».
  4. Select the campaign type: Redirect, TDS, or ClickGiver.
  5. Follow the instructions (for example, when creating a Redirect campaign, you need to specify the name of the campaign, the domain for the tracking link, and post-back).Mobstra Affliate Program Review
  6. Save the settings.

After creating the campaign, you open the «Campaigns live» section and copy the campaign URL.

GEO and tracking

Mobstra affiliate program specializes in European GEOs. You can target 22 GEOs with your campaigns:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Belgium
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • France
  • Finland
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Estonia

Mobstra Affliate Program Review

New products and offers that have shown a good performance in one GEO are localized for other countries.

What markets are worth testing out according to Mobstra? The audience is big in the UK, France, and Romania, in Sweden and Finland it is smaller, but also solvent. At the same time, small countries (for example, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, or Bosnia and Herzegovina) show a good CR thanks to the localized creatives and content, since there are still few local products for these GEOs. You can check out the examples of translated prelanders and headlines in the Ad Examples section in your personal account.

For conversion tracking, Mobstra uses a standard S2S post-back. Only leads who have made a payment are displayed in your dashboard. Thanks to high-quality offers and a simple campaign flow, affiliates do not have to wait for the approval of leads and get their payout faster.

Affiliates can also work with any popular tracking solution. The FAQ section contains detailed instructions for integration with Binom, AdsBridge, Bimob, RedTrack, and Keitaro. By the way, you will find a pre-set integration template in Keitaro.

Moreover, FAQ section contains step-by-step guides for launching Mobstra campaigns via FB, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Payouts and bonuses 

You can withdraw the funds every two weeks on Thursdays, there is no commission. The hold period is 5–10 days. You can request an early payout, but in this case, a commission will be charged.

What are the payout methods in Mobstra?

  • To a bank account (IBAN)
  • To a TikTok ad account
  • Via USDT

You can also withdraw to a Capitalist wallet or other payment services, but only after the approval from your affiliate manager. The minimum payout threshold is 50 EUR.

Mobstra offers a system of progressive bonuses that depend on the volume of your traffic. Drive more leads to get bigger bonuses.

The amount of payouts, EUR Less than 5000 5000–9999 10000–19999 20000–29999 30000–39999 40000–49999 50000–99000 VIP
Bonus payment 0 % 5 % 10 % 15 % 20 % 25 % 30 % 35 %

Bonuses are paid on the last Thursday of the month following the reporting period. In addition, affiliates with high-quality traffic can increase the size of their bonus upon approval from their dedicated manager.


Every affiliate is assigned with a dedicated manager. The support team works from 9 AM till 9 PM (GMT+3). In case of major issues, everything is resolved quickly and at any time of the day.

What can an affiliate manager assist with?

  • Working with the Mobstra platform
  • Personal account features
  • Configure post-backs
  • Tracker set-up
  • Campaign set-up for mixed traffic
  • Recommend offers that will suit the chosen traffic source
  • Payout rate bump
  • Customization of offers
  • Access to private offers
  • Requesting an early payout

How do you contact your affiliate manager? They will get in touch with you via Skype or Telegram after registering with the platform, besides you will find their nickname in the information letter that you will receive after filling out the registration form. The FAQ section on the Contacts tab contains the list of all affiliate managers.

Follow the official Telegram channel to keep up with the news.


We work with nutra offers. Mobstra and their offers are a new niche for us. In such cases, the attitude of the affiliate program and the manager to the newbies is extremely important. Mobstra has mastered this aspect (we have seen different cases in our time). Constant support, any information on request, assistance with set-up — we received all this immediately at the start. They didn’t abandon us, the newcomers to this vertical (as it often happens), but they really helped us figure it out. We hope to continue and strengthen our partnership with Mobstra.


I have been working with the Mobstra affiliate program for a month, my experience is fully positive! 

The managers are always in touch and very helpful. The managers advised us on offers and GEOs, and we quickly managed to reach a good ROI. 

A convenient payout system, once every two weeks with an option to request an early payout on good terms.

I hope for a long-term and strong partnership with Mobstra 😎


Today’s market has many look-alike affiliate programs for nutra/gambling/dating, but this does not apply to Mobstra and its team. New and fresh offers with an interesting flow. Horoscopes, IQ tests, dating — everything is focused at paid calls or SMS. I like that there is a large selection of landing pages for any GEO. In any affiliate program, support team makes for half of the success: Mobstra has this aspect in great shape and I thank them) I can safely recommend this program, the quality and speed of service is top-notch.

Advert Classic

I have a positive experience working with Mobstra affiliate program. I have been working with them for about a year, and I will do so, I hope) The process differs a little from other platforms, because here you get paid not for a confirmed lead, but for a call or SMS. By the way, I have managed to get into the green at the very beginning. I would like to note the excellent work of the support team (Vladimir, cheers =)), they help both at the start and in the process. If any issues arise, they are also quickly solved. At the moment, I’m still working with one vertical (esoterics), but are a lot of verticals. The choice of traffic sources is virtually unlimited, you can work with the ones you like best. Personally, I was sad when Mobstra stopped sharing TikTok agency accounts. But it was most likely caused by the multiple bans on TikTok. In general, if you are a beginner just read a couple of case studies from Mobstra, and go ahead.


I have been working with Mobstra for about 4–5 months. I heard about this platform long ago, but somehow unusual offers did not attract me. Mobstra has its pros and cons, like any other affiliate program. This is purely my experience. I work solo, run free traffic, usually drive traffic to nutra offers targeting Russia.

Weak points:

  • Only European GEOs, mostly Eastern Europe except for France and England.
  • I’d like to see higher payout rates. But they are not too low if we are talking about “free” traffic. I think, bigger traffic volumes will bring higher ROI. I can get more with e-commerce, but it is less predictable than IVR.
  • The resulting content. I personally came across the fact that there is a limit of the duration of the call. I don’t know whether it’s a technical issue or not.
  • The payout system is not convenient, you have to wait to get the fund with no commissions. If you want it earlier — you have to pay. It’s unpleasant to lose even several euro on transactions in the current circumstances.


  • The very idea of this program, selling calls is easy. And most of the offers are white-hat. I have not had a single ban during my time.
  • A large selection of products that cover many verticals, and the principle of operation (calls) is the same. I find this fascinating.
  • Great support team. Modify a lander, translate a text, or request a payout at midnight — easy. For me, it’s the first affiliate network with such dedication.
  • No shaving or late approval, so affiliates don’t lose the money they have earned. No hold period and traffic validation. If there are leads — you get paid. 
  • A bonus system that looks like a percentage of the amount you have earned by the end of the month. Even with smaller volumes, the program supports affiliates financially. Which is very nice and partly compensates for the drawback with low rates.

In general, for me, Mobstra has become that safe haven where you can drive traffic with no headaches, knowing that you will drive leads and get paid on time. It’s definitely worth a try.

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Mobstra is an affiliate program and direct advertiser for all affiliate marketers and media buyers who wish to monetize mobile traffic. The company promotes in-house offers and provides affiliates with everything they need for maximum comfort. The affiliate program will be a good choice for both solo affiliates and big media buying teams.