The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

The Limited Club
Founded in: 2023
The Limited Club is a private affiliate network catering exclusively to affiliates and media buying teams with a monthly turnover of $200K or more. The company provides direct Gambling and Betting offers primarily for Tier-1 countries, but it also has local offers for Tier-3, including exclusive deals. Furthermore, upon request, the CPA network can swiftly introduce offers not currently available on the market. The available payout models include CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid, all payable via USDT TRC20 and with no minimum payout threshold. Affiliates benefit from expert support, detailed statistics, high-converting landing pages, and personalized payout terms.
Tier-1, Tier-3 (local brands)
Payment models
CPA, RevShare, Hybrid
Payment systems
USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20 + other methods upon request
Minimum withdrawal
No threshold
Accepted traffic sources
FB, ASO, PPC, SEO, UAC, In-App, Influence, mixed
Prohibited traffic sources
Scheme traffic

The Limited Club is an affiliate network specializing in the monetization of Gambling and Betting products. The team members boast three years of expertise in the gambling industry, possessing skills in generating substantial traffic volumes, and are eager to share their experience and insights. True to its name, The Limited Club is an exclusive network, currently comprising 30 partners. This limited membership enables the company to provide each affiliate personalized attention and optimal conditions.

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

The affiliate’s arsenal features over 200 direct offers, primarily focused on Tier-1 countries. Additionally, the company provides local products for diverse GEOs, along with exclusive offers directly from advertisers. You can collaborate with The Limited Club choosing from the CPA, RevShare, or Hybrid payout models. The company accepts nearly all traffic sources, including mixed, and facilitates payouts from any amount without a minimum threshold. The Limited Club members are equipped with high-converting landing pages, in-depth statistics, and personalized terms and conditions for payouts.


  • 200+ direct offers, new ones are added daily 
  • Access to exclusive offers from direct advertisers
  • Three payout models: CPA, RevShare, Hybrid 
  • You can withdraw funds via USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, or agree on another method with the manager
  • There is no minimum payout limit
  • The platform accepts different traffic sources, including mixed traffic


To become a partner of The Limited Club, register on their website. To do this, you need to go through several steps. First, enter your e-mail address and password in the registration form. Then accept the “Terms and Conditions” regarding data privacy policy and personal information.

After that, your application will be checked and manually approved by one of the managers. You will receive an email confirmation and proceed to monetize offers. 

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

Affiliate’s account

Dashboard. This section displays the total balance and available funds in dollars and euros. Additionally, you can view data on clicks, conversions, hosts for the day and for the last 10 days. Information on new offers available on the platform is located at the bottom of this page.

You can also find the contacts of your dedicated manager on the Dashboard.

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

Offers. In this tab you can see active products on gambling and betting, learn about the arrival of new offers. To monetize any offer, you need to request access and get approval from your manager. Data on offers on the platform can be filtered by category and GEO, and sorted by ID, CR, EPC, and name.

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

When you click on an offer, you can view its card. There you can see the conditions for working with the product, including targeting, rates, accepted traffic sources, GEO, and other advertiser requirements.

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

Statistics. This page shows detailed data on advertising campaigns. You can filter the information by date, device, country, offer, OS, and smartlink. Additionally, here you can see detailed information on products, conversions, browsers, devices, GEO, etc.

The Limited Club Affiliate Network Review

Payments. In this tab, you can see the history of all payouts made during your work on the platform. You can choose the appropriate payment method in the account settings. Currently, only crypto is available. If you require another payment method, ask for assistance from the manager.

The News tab contains announcements about updates to The Limited Club, operational rules, tips, and recommendations for affiliates from the company. If you need help setting up integration with the tracker, contact your manager on Telegram — they will quickly advise and help you set up the integration.

Offers and accepted traffic sources in The Limited Club

Affiliates have access to 222 direct offers in the gambling and betting verticals. The affiliate network aims to include only products that lead to conversions and allow affiliates to make a profit. Offers are updated daily and can be launched at the request of affiliates. Additionally, the company can secure exclusive offers from advertisers, where the rate will be higher.

Affiliates can only start working with an offer with the help of a manager. The manager will also remind you to deactivate inactive offers.

The Limited Club affiliate network accepts a wide variety of traffic sources:

  • Facebook
  • ASO
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • UAC
  • In-App
  • Influencer traffic
  • Mixed traffic

If you deal with ASO traffic, the affiliate network can coordinate branded traffic for you across various local brands, generating additional profit for you. Please note that the platform does not work with scheme traffic.

You can partner with The Limited Club through CPA, RevShare, or a Hybrid model. The interest rates are contingent on the advertiser’s conditions. The affiliate network employs an individualized approach for each team to ensure optimal outcomes.

GEOs and tracking

The Limited Club focuses on Tier-1 countries. They recommend working with such GEOs as Poland, Canada, England, and Spain. They also see potential in Brazil, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan for business. The partner network also includes local brands in Tier-3.

The Limited Club operates on the Affise platform. Conversions are reported through post-backs, which can be set up independently in your account or with the help of your manager. Detailed statistics are available in the affiliate network so that you can work without a tracker.

Payouts in The Limited Club

There is no minimum payout amount in the affiliate network, with payouts starting from $1 and a 0% withdrawal commission. There is no fixed hold on the platform; it all depends on the conditions of the offer. Typically, advertisers pay for traffic once every 2 weeks or once a month. Upon receiving funds from the advertiser, you can be paid instantly. The currency on the platform is USD and EUR.

Funds can be withdrawn in USDT TRC20. If you need another payment option, you can contact the manager. Upon request, they can withdraw to other payment systems, such as Capitalist.

Affiliates receive the most favorable working conditions, including more frequent payments, rates above the market, and a guarantee of spend coverage, as it is a closed affiliate network with its closed base and large volumes. Advertisers offer them more than others or individual teams do.

Affiliates support

Affiliate support is the responsibility of managers with at least three years of experience. They provide the highest level of support and engagement as a standard. The managers will inform you about the current top-performing offers, assist you in selecting offers, and a technical specialist will help set up integration with the tracker. The support team operates from 11:00 to 20:00 UTC+3, but managers are always available to respond every day and at any time.

Bonuses for partners

Occasionally, the affiliate network organizes promotions for affiliates who are already working with The Limited Club. These are exclusive events for affiliates only, so contact your manager after registration for all the details.

Bonus for ZorbasMedia readers

For ZorbasMedia readers, there are exclusive conditions: increased rates and incentives. Please contact your manager for the full terms and conditions.

🇧🇷 Blaze [BR] (mindep 1brl no kpi) Exclusive offer:  🇵🇱 Lemon [PL]
🇧🇷 KTO [BR] Exclusive conditions:  🇬🇧 Vegas Plus [UK]
🇧🇷 EstrelaBet [BR]


All the mentioned offers are without KPIs, because The Limited Club team understands how important it is for affiliates to receive full rewards.


There are so many affiliate networks on the market now… In most cases, when yet another manager contacts you, you roll your eyes and have no desire to reply, because you emphasize direct advertisers and don’t want to waste your time. But it’s a different story here.

When you work with a big team, several qualities of an affiliate network are important to me: understanding of the market and affiliates’ needs, favorable conditions, prompt problem-solving, and, of course, everything that concerns finances, such as reconciliations and timely payouts.

I like working with the guys very much, I am satisfied with everything, and I recommend them.🔥

Evgeny, EKB Team

Working with the Limited Club team is a true pleasure, as cooperation includes three out of three: fast answers, high profits, and no headaches.😁

They are very attentive to each partner, which allows them to provide high-quality cooperation and meet the needs of our team. Thanks to their promptness and creativity, we have the opportunity to multiply the numbers in our campaigns. Any advertiser or GEO, profitable rates, large caps: everything is at your service. And the absence of delays and errors leaves a pleasant “aftertaste” from the work done and undoubtedly increases the profit of our teams!💪🤑

Together we are constantly in motion, opening new horizons in the world of affiliate marketing.

The Limited Club is a partner you can rely on in all situations.

Our team is grateful to The Limited Club for their responsible approach to business and amazing cooperation. I do not doubt that together we will reach incredible heights!✨

Nancy ZM, BizDev Umba Team


The Limited Club is a private affiliate network with 200+ offers in various GEOs that provides customized terms and support to affiliates, but it is not easy to become a member. Their main focus is on Tier-1, but the company also offers local offers from other GEOs and exclusive products. The team has expertise in gambling and aims to create favorable and profitable conditions for their partners. On the platform, you can work with various types of traffic, and withdraw money in crypto without a minimum withdrawal amount. The affiliate network offers 3 models of cooperation, detailed statistics, support, and personalized work conditions.

The Limited Club is an affiliate network for experienced teams and solo media buyers with impressive traffic volumes. The team knows how to deal with such levels of requests and volumes as efficiently as possible, thanks to many years of expertise and a deep understanding of the iGaming market.