Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2019
Luxeprofit has been working as an affiliate network since 2019. The company has entered the public market and provides 500+ offers for any GEO. Nutra and gambling are their bread and butter (but other products are present as well). Payout model: CPA. Individual terms and offer-on-demand service are available to affiliates with large traffic volumes. Luxeprofit is open to sharing its media buying experience with affiliates to improve the earnings of the latter.
Number of offers
betting & gambling, nutra, adult, crypto, finance, sweepstakes
Payout models
Hold period
depends on the offer terms
Payout systems
USDT, Capitalist, Bitcoin
Minimum payout threshold
Prohibited traffic sources
fraudulent & incentivized ones

Luxeprofit is an affiliate network for making profit in any verticals and any GEO. Rigorous testing of the offers prior to publishing them is the foundation of the company. Drive any traffic you like, including the mixed one. The staff is always ready to assist: from the offer selection to a detailed explanation of setting up nuances alongside the ad campaigns launching.


  • Worldwide GEO coverage
  • Internal media buying team for testing the offers
  • Mixed traffic approved
  • Pre-made landers for the offers
  • Automated weekly payouts
  • Custom terms for verified affiliates
  • Tips and hints on launching ad campaigns and picking an offer
  • Dashboard with detailed statistics
  • Readily available case studies from the buying department
    Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

Luxeprofit registration and profile

To get started with the affiliate network, you need to create a profile. Go to the official website of Luxeprofit and hit the register button.

Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

Specify your e-mail, password, and Telegram afterwards. A representative from the network will contact you next: he is going to take a brief interview, activate your profile, and provide advice if needed on picking the offers and GEOs, based on the traffic at hand.

Finally, you can connect to your dashboard. Open sesame!

  • Home page. Your base of operation with the traffic info, daily stats, new & recommended offers, affiliate manager contacts, and balance sheet.Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review
  • Offers. Does exactly what it suggests – aggregates the available offers. You can sort them out based on the verticals, GEOs, and statuses (available and active).Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review
  • Statistics. A large section with a detailed description of your traffic. Examine the conversion rate, offers, smartlinks, browsers, GEOs, subaccounts et cetera. All the data can be exported as a CSV file.
  • Payouts. A worthy page with your balance: income, payout history etc.
  • News. Luxeprofit news for your interest. Take a look at the special promotions of the company or the offers of the partnering services.
  • Referrals. Refers to the info about the people you have recruited into the company. In order to attract more affiliates, go to the profile settings for a referral link.
  • Support. All the tickets depart to support team from here. From here you can inquire about common, financial, or technical nuances.Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

Offers and traffic

Luxeprofit provides over 500 offers to work with. They include casual reselling alongside exclusive advertising offers in gambling and nutra verticals. New offers occur constantly, and all of them are subject to thorough testing by the internal media buying team of the affiliate network. Besides, Luxeprofit are ready to include a new offer in their database on the affiliate’s demand.

A full list of offers can be found under the corresponding section of the dashboard. To check the exact conditions, press the button to get the link. Voilà:

  • Description
  • Tracking-link
  • GEO and targeting conditions
  • Target actions
  • Payout rates
  • Conversion rate statistics
  • Hold period
  • Limitations
  • Accepted and prohibited traffic sources
  • Pre-made landers and creatives (if available)Luxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

You can initiate the work on your own. The only exception are the offers under testing by the internal media buying team (access can be granted on demand).

A huge competitive advantage is the readiness of Luxeprofit to accept virtually any traffic. Therefore, prior to commencing the work, we advise you to talk through your traffic sources with the manager.

Whether new offers are added or old ones are removed, the notifications are made through affiliate managers and the private Telegram group of the network. The link is given to the affiliates after beginning to work with Luxeprofit.

GEO and tracking

Luxeprofit provides the offers practically for any GEOs. The affiliate network has already entered all the popular countries and is hungry for new markets. The internal media buying department is here not only to test the offers but GEOs as well, so the affiliates can enjoy the most recent offers in their prime. As a gesture of goodwill, the Luxeprofit representatives recommend all the affiliates and teams to take a look at the offers for:

  • Brazil
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Azerbaijan

Luxeprofit functions on the Affise platform. Consequently, an experienced affiliate can connect the post-backs and integrate a convenient tracker without breaking a sweat. Starting webmasters can expect the company to provide some detailed guidelines or a dedicated manager to aid in any endeavor.

Luxeprofit payouts

Payouts are made automatically each Friday (for the previous week). Specify your payment details for that under the profile settings. Which payment services are available?

  • USDT
  • Capitalist
  • BitcoinLuxeprofit Affiliate Network Review

If necessary, the other payment systems can be integrated – just contact your affiliate manager to come to an agreement. The minimum payout threshold is $100. By default, the hold period in Luxeprofit is absent, however, some offer terms can impose some restrictions on the follow-up deposits and their sums, as well as extra time to check the traffic sources. In this case scenario, the hold period lasts 7 days.


Luxeprofit affiliate support is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT+3). That is, provided your case is nothing out of ordinary, otherwise, the specialists will deal with your pressing matter at any time. Having registered, you get rewarded with a dedicated manager that will always aid in:

  • Selection of an offer and GEO, based on your traffic source
  • Connection of a tracker
  • Setup of post-backs
  • Selection of creatives for the offer
  • Withdrawal of earned cash (if needed)
  • Setup and launch of ad campaigns

In a nutshell, you can contact the Luxeprofit manager with anything regarding the partnership with the network. The company knows how to make a professional affiliate with even monthly payouts out of a complete newbie.

If you have to contact the support team of Luxeprofit:

  • E-mail or Skype of the manager (displayed on the dashboard)
  • E-mail (general support)
  • Tickets to support team under the dashboard


Luxeprofit is an affiliate network that is friendly to die-hard affiliates and teams on par with the wanna-be professionals. The affiliates get access to verified offers, helpful tips & hints, and full-stage support. Partners with the traffic of quality are rewarded with custom payout terms, improved payout rates, and some other freebies. Budding affiliates are guided by the support team on how to launch an ad campaign efficiently and which creative to pick for the profit to make a bang for its buck.

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