One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

One Partners
Founded in: 2021
One Partners is an affiliate network specializing in monetizing traffic within the gambling and betting offer verticals. With a vast network of 250+ direct offers worldwide, the company offers a diverse range of opportunities for affiliate marketers. They accept various traffic sources, including TikTok, Facebook, streaming platforms, and collaborations with influencers. Media buyers partnering with One Partners gain access to a range of valuable resources and support. They provide free promotional materials, apps, dedicated assistance, and access to a referral program. The network offers flexible cooperation options, including CPA and CPL. You can withdraw your earnings to a card, e-wallet, or even in crypto.
Payout Model
Promo materials
Free ready-made and customized upon request
Payment systems
Revolut, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist, crypto, cards
Minimum withdrawal
50 USD
Allowed traffic sources
Facebook, Google, TikTok, ASO, SEO, Influencers, in-App, streaming platforms
Prohibited traffic sources
Newsletters, push notifications, pop-under, click-under, doorway websites

One Partners is a CPA network that presents an opportunity to generate income through direct offers in the global gambling and betting industry. The company welcomes various types of traffic sources, including TikTok, Facebook, streaming platforms, and collaborations with influencers. Affiliate marketers are provided with free promo materials, apps, an initial payout rate increase, a referral program, and dedicated support. Additionally, the network offers multiple options for withdrawing funds, allowing partners to receive their earnings through card payments, e-wallets, or crypto. You can collaborate with One Partners under the CPA and CPL models.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

One Media Holding is ready to introduce a new product to the market: an affiliate network that functions as an independent freelance platform. This platform allows media buyers to generate income, receive payments, and reinvest them as they see fit. Affiliates will have the option to either invest their own funds in advance or receive a pre-payment for their campaigns. The company’s goal is to create a platform that caters to the needs of both aspiring freelancers and seasoned professionals.

The One Partners team

The project was initiated by Azir Gojatov, the owner of the CPA network. He collaborated with Ilya, a technical specialist, Andrei, an analyst, and Alexander, an affiliate manager (Alexander currently holds the position of the team leader).

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

The owner of One Partners, Azir Gojatov

One of the most challenging aspects at the beginning of the project was to ensure its technical readiness. This involved integrating various apps, PSPs, and other providers, as well as debugging the system’s interaction with the tracker and advertisers. However, the team accomplished this task and proceeded to expand their team by recruiting new members.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

The One Partners team

Advantages of One Partners

  • At the beginning of their partnership, affiliates may receive payout rate bumps.
  • The network offers a range of free creatives and apps to facilitate marketers’ work. 
  • Additionally, affiliates have the option to request custom-made creatives from One Partners’ designer based on their specific requirements.
  • One Partners provides free tutorials on how to effectively work with platforms like Facebook and UAC.
  • One Partners allows affiliates to integrate their own apps and trackers.
  • The network provides daily payouts.
  • One Partners organizes weekly promotions and maintains a referral program. 
  • Affiliates can take advantage of these opportunities to maximize their earnings.
  • You can work with direct offers that are licensed locally.
  • One Partners regularly updates its list of top offers, which have been thoroughly tested by their in-house media buying team.
  • While the English version of the site is still being developed, the user experience remains intuitive and easy to navigate.


To register, visit the website of the affiliate network. The registration form will prompt you to provide your email address, password, preferred contact method (Telegram/Skype), the type of traffic you work with, and your name. Once you have submitted the form, a manager will reach out to you to inquire about your experience and assist you in setting up your account. Additionally, you will receive an email containing a verification link to confirm and activate your account.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Affiliate account

Homepage. Here, you will find a concise overview of all the sections available in the menu. For partners, the page provides comprehensive information on their offers, including data on clicks, registrations, deposits, conversions, payouts, and more, for different periods. At the top of the page, you will also find a banner highlighting the GEO of the week.

Additionally, on this page, you can access a list of available offers, as well as find contact information for your manager, and engage in live chat with the support team. Furthermore, there is a dedicated section that provides the latest news and updates from the CPA network.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

FB Applications. Within this section, you have the convenience of selecting and sharing your app without the need to contact the manager or rely on a bot for assistance. The system will automatically gather the necessary info, such as naming and deep links, for you. All you have to do is copy the link and drive traffic.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Creatives. This section allows you to request custom creatives for your work. To proceed, you will need to provide your ID, select the desired GEO, and outline the tech requirements in an automated format for the designer of One Partners.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

There, you will find an example of the tech requirements to guide you in providing the necessary details for your creative request. Once you submit the request, you will receive a ready-made creative in response.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Examples of One Partners creatives

News. This section provides regular updates on all the latest developments and changes in the offers available on the platform. You can filter the news based on the available offers, allowing you to focus on the specific updates that are relevant to you. Additionally, here, you can stay informed about upcoming releases and explore newly added products.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Offers. In this section, you will find the list of the top offers available on the platform. These offers are carefully selected by the company’s internal buying team. You have the option to filter the offers based on availability, source, and GEO.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Reports. This section offers detailed information regarding your deposits and registrations. It provides insights into various aspects such as finances, statuses, clicks, and more. By utilizing the “columns” button, you can filter and customize the data displayed.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Transactions. Here, you can access detailed data on various aspects of your campaigns, including info on clicks, conversions, dates, times, offer statuses, creatives, GEO, device types, and other relevant product parameters.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Billing. This page provides an overview of your balance, which includes both confirmed and unconfirmed conversions. It allows you to manage your payout methods, view and update your payout details, access invoices, and make withdrawal requests. 

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

Tools. Here, you can set up post-back using the manager and integrate with a third-party tracker. Furthermore, in the Tools section, you can customize your API key.

Referrals. Here, you can access your unique referral link, which you can use to invite new affiliates to join the platform. By sharing this link, you have the opportunity to earn a commission for each successful referral. 

You can edit personal information, change payout details, and enable two-factor authentication in your account.

Offers and traffic sources

One Partners exclusively provides affiliates with access to direct offers within the gambling and betting verticals. Currently, the affiliate network boasts a wide selection of over 250 offers. The team of managers consistently updates the list of available products on a weekly basis.

To start working with an offer, it is necessary to seek assistance from a dedicated manager. Additionally, the managers are responsible for promptly notifying affiliates if the product they are promoting experiences any downtime or stalls for any reason.

Currently, the top-performing offers are as follows:

Verde Casino ASO, FB*, PPC Ice Casino ASO, FB*, PPC All Wins Casino  Batery
DE 410 EUR NO 390 EUR UK — 210 USD IN — 45 USD
My Empire PPC, ASO Vulkan Vegas ASO, FB*, PPC Nomad PPC, ASO Nine Casino PPC, ASO
IT — 200 USD DK 390 EUR KZ — 50 USD GB, IT — 140 EUR
Yukon Gold   Leon Casino WildDice PPC, ASO
NZ —  35 USD
SL — 20 USD
IE — 35 USD
PT — 90 USD
FR — 130 USD
GB, FR, ES — 140 EUR
DE — 160 EUR


The affiliate network welcomes various traffic sources, including but not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Influencer marketing
  • ASO
  • SEO
  • In-app advertising
  • Streaming platforms
  • TikTok

Kindly be aware that the platform does not accept newsletters, push-notifications, pop-unders, click-unders, and doorways as traffic sources. However, if the mixed traffic you work with meets the criteria, it can be accepted.

Affiliates can collaborate with the affiliate network through two models: CPA and CPL. The specific conditions and rates for each model are determined through personalized discussions with a dedicated manager. 

GEO and tracking

One Partners welcomes traffic from all GEOs. However, the affiliate network highly recommends focusing on Tier-1 countries, specifically France, Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. These regions are known for having a significant number of gambling and sports betting enthusiasts.

Furthermore, One Partners regularly announces the “GEO of the Week” on its social media. The affiliate network updates its banners to indicate which GEO is currently trending.

One Partners: Testimonials and Review on Affiliate Network

To effectively track and analyze performance results, you have the option to integrate a third-party tracker. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use a third-party tracker, the personal cabinet provides detailed statistics that allow you to work without one.

Payouts at One Partners

In the affiliate network, the minimum payout amount is set at 50 USD. Affiliates can withdraw their earnings on a daily basis. However, it is important to note that there is a hold period implemented on the platform. For CPA offers, there is a hold period of 7 days, and for CPL offers, the hold period is extended to 14 days. 

Earnings can be received in US dollars and disbursed through various methods, including bank cards (Visa and Mastercard). Additionally, affiliates can receive their earnings through popular e-wallets such as Revolut, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, and Capitalist. Furthermore, for those who prefer crypto, there is an option to withdraw earnings in USDT TRC-20.

Affiliate support

The CPA network offers media buyers a range of valuable resources and to support their work, including free creatives and apps. Additionally, One Partners extends exclusive offers to its partners, along with the opportunity to enjoy increased rates at the beginning of their cooperation. The affiliate network also offers free manuals on working with popular platforms such as FB and UAC.

Partners can also enjoy weekly promotions, for instance, requesting unlimited creatives throughout the day, discounts on accounts, and working without any hold during the week.

If affiliates have any questions, they can easily reach out to the support service. The support team is available to help with various aspects, including offer selection and launch, recommendations on GEO targeting, approval process, payouts, and more. The managers strive to maintain constant availability and responsiveness. Upon registration in the affiliate network, affiliates are assigned a dedicated manager who will be their point of contact throughout their cooperation

One Partners maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Additionally, they have a blog where they publish interesting and informative content derived from the weekly streams that occur in their Telegram channel. To access these releases and valuable insights, you can join the Telegram channel and explore the dedicated sections such as Insights — #OneStream and Cases — #OneCase. 

Bonuses for partners

Affiliates have the opportunity to participate in One Partners’ regular live streams on their Telegram channel. By tuning in, affiliates have the chance to receive bonuses and rewards.

The affiliate network offers a referral program that provides media buyers with a commission of 2% on referred users’ activities. One notable advantage of this program is that you can withdraw your referral balance separately from your regular balance. 


The first support representative I have ever engaged in such a heartfelt conversation with)

Affiliate marketer

The affiliate network provides excellent support and guidance, making it feel like they are guiding me every step of the way.

Affiliate marketer

The experience with the network has been fantastic. As soon as I signed up, the manager promptly reached out to me the next morning and set up a chat room with various assistants. The support I have received has been absolutely incredible. In short, it has been outstanding.

Affiliate marketer

If I decide to start driving traffic again, I will choose your affiliate network, as you are the only one I know that offers such an awesome experience.

Affiliate marketer


One Partners is an affiliate network that provides affiliates with the opportunity to earn from direct gambling and betting offers. Affiliates can take advantage of free promo materials and apps to enhance their marketing efforts. The network offers various promotions, a referral program, detailed analytics, 24/7 support, and multiple withdrawal options.

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a beginner, One Partners is suitable for both. The network caters to the needs of affiliates at different levels of expertise, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the opportunities and resources provided.