Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review

Revenue Media
Founded in: 2021
Revenue Media is an upsell service that allows you to make the most of your offers in nutra, keto, e-commerce, sweepstakes, and CBD verticals. Users receive an offer on the website checkout page to subscribe to a monthly e-magazine from Revenue Media. After submitting their card and completing the checkout they receive a lifestyle & health e-book that comes with a $19.99 monthly subscription charge which is scheduled to be rebilled in 14 days from the day of purchase. Revenue Media calculates successful rebills, deducts related fees, and pays you out your 50% RevShare commission on a monthly basis. The company went public in 2021 and works with advertisers from various niches that promote their offers via self-hosted sales pages (powered by Google and SEO tools), using Facebook and other high quality traffic sources.
USA and Tier-1 countries
Nutra, CBD, Keto, E-commerce, Sweepstakes
Payout model
Revenue Share
Payout rate
Payment services
Wire Transfer, Crypto

Revenue Media is an e-book upsell service that brings additional revenue flow to your e-commerce website. The company provides partners with an integration code or API solution that can be implemented into the site to increase advertisers’ income by upselling a monthly e-magazine that brings extra commission under the RevShare payout model. The upsell brings up to $50-70 LTV per subscription and does not affect the flow or the payment and chargeback statistics of your main offers. The service is built to comply with all the most important security standards and uses different dates (optionally — from 7 to 45 days after the checkout) to rebill the customers. The company also provides a call center, chargeback and refund management services, uses RDR, alerts, and other tools to increase the offer monetization.


  • GEO — USA and Tier-1 countries
  • 50–70 USD LTV from each subscription
  • The RevShare rate is 50%
  • Internal merchant accounts
  • Ready-made services for managing chargebacks and refunds
  • Convenient and fast integration of the service
  • Own call center
  • Detailed statistics in your dashboard
  • Referral program with a 5% rate


To get started, you need to create an account by visiting the official Revenue Media website and clicking on the “Register” button. All new clients should provide the following information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Phone number
  3. Company name
  4. E-mail
  5. Address
  6. Skype, Telegram, or social media account for communication

Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review

There is no manual account approval in Revenue Media. Right after registration, you can access your dashboard. What are the main features?

  • App. A page with general information about your results and performance. Here you can find data on income, subscriptions, rebills, referral earnings, and active subscribers.Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review
  • Statistics. Detailed statistics on your traffic. You can filter the data by connected websites and time period.
  • Referral. A tab with the history of your earnings under the Revenue Media referral system.
  • Promo sites. A page with information about all promo sites connected to your account.Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review
  • Account. An account management section. Here you can change your personal data, specify additional messengers, enable two-step authentication, etc.

How does Revenue Media help you earn more? After registration, you receive a code to embed into the checkout page of your website. Depending on the chosen integration method, the user will see a banner ad or an order bump with a subscription to a digital lifestyle magazine.

After completing the checkout of the main offer, the client subscribes to receive an e-book every month, the first issue will be sent to their e-mail immediately after the payment is completed. The cost of the subscription is 19.99 USD and is charged 2 weeks later (or other agreed period). Then clients receive new issues of the magazine on a monthly subscription basis.

Verticals and terms of cooperation

The main offer verticals that work well with Revenue Media upsells are Nutra and E-commerce. However, these verticals will be a good choice as well:

  • CBD
  • Keto
  • Sweepstakes 

What are the terms of cooperation? The first subscription payment is charged automatically  two weeks after the user receives the first issue of the e-book, and the payments will continue on a monthly basis until the user unsubscribes. The average subscription period is from 5 to 7 months. Each rebill brings you a commission under the RevShare model. The rate is 50% (minus chargebacks and some transaction fees). According to the Revenue Media statistics, each nutra offer with 100 sales per day brings an additional 30,000 to 50,000 USD per month.

Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review Revenue Media — Upsell Service Review

At the same time, Revenue Media rebills subscriptions on its own merchant accounts suitable for high-risk payments, using advanced security services, chargeback refund management. As an additional benefit for partners, we can mention the service’s own call center, which works with the users and encourages them to continue the subscription.


After integrating upsells and attracting subscribers, you will receive regular payouts from Revenue Media. After passing the hold period (7 days), they can be withdrawn via:

  • Bank Wire
  • Crypto

Payouts are made for subscriptions over the previous month. It means that after 30 + 7 days, Revenue Media calculates your income, deducts commissions, refunds, and other payments, and then transfers your earnings.


After registering and gaining access to the dashboard, you can contact the Revenue Media support team. The support managers are always ready to help and are in touch 24/7.

What questions can I contact support for?

  • Getting the code for the upsell integration into the site
  • Requesting payouts
  • Adding payment systems

How do I contact a support manager? To do this, you can go to your dashboard and click the chat button in the lower left corner. Also, make sure to specify Skype or Telegram during registration so that a Revenue Media representative can contact you directly if necessary.


I’ve known these guys for a very long time from their other projects. I started working with Revenue Media right after the launch of my US offers. Payments on time, never got disappointed. They are always ready to assist, online 24/7.

Alex K., offer owner

We’ve been cooperating with Revenue Media for more than six months now. Our integration took 10 minutes, they offered two options: an order bump and a one-click style banner upsell (which I selected for my offer). They shared a link to the Portal where I’m able to track my results. I highly recommend this eBook upsell.

Alan B., CEO

At the beginning of our cooperation I had many concerns because it seemed too easy and too good — earning 50–70 USD LTV per checkout. But as our first couple of months have shown — it really is that nice and profitable 🙂 I get paid a high monthly RevShare and now getting the upsell integrated to my other Nutra offers!

Omar R., nutra advertiser


Revenue Media is an international service that will help increase the monetization of your websites and offers. The company is interested in direct cooperation with offer owners. In addition, affiliates can increase their passive earnings with the help of the referral program. The high RevShare rate and the opportunity to significantly increase your profit from each offer makes Revenue Media a valuable partner for everyone who works in the verticals of nutra, CBD, keto, e-commerce, or sweepstakes.

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