Adult partners

Adult vertical includes affiliate networks that deal with 18+ content. It is recommended to run such campaigns on themed adult websites, but experience shows that the conversion rate will not be low regardless of the traffic source you choose.

Adult in Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money and What Affiliate Network to Choose

Within the affiliate marketing landscape, adult advertising stands as a notable vertical of interest. This article provides insights into the world of adult advertising, revealing its intricacies, potential, and effective strategies.

As we delve into the realm of adult products within affiliate marketing, our objective is to offer you a roadmap to profit and awareness. We aim to streamline the complexities of the adult product space, providing valuable insights, practical strategies, and helpful tips to enrich your affiliate journey in this distinctive field.

Exploration of sub-verticals in adult affiliate marketing

Choosing a sub-vertical that resonates with your personal interests is a strategic move. Passion for your chosen niche not only fuels your dedication but also enhances your ability to connect effectively with your target audience. Let’s delve into some noteworthy adult entertainment sub-verticals that have garnered attention from skilled affiliates.

Live webcams

Over the last decade, live cam networks have emerged as a prominent sub-vertical. While recorded content remains popular, the allure of live interaction cannot be ignored. Live cam shows extend beyond nudity, focusing on engaging conversations with captivating individuals. Several established companies offer live cam affiliate programs, providing marketers with an array of tools, from pop-under to banners.

Adult dating

The adult dating sub-vertical has consistently proven lucrative for affiliate marketers. Similar to live webcams, this niche centers on fostering connections. The larger online dating services market’s growth indicates substantial potential. Engaging in adult dating affiliate programs within this niche offers abundant opportunities.

Adult Virtual Reality (VR)

Although adult VR is yet to dominate the industry, its potential is noteworthy. The immersive nature of VR offers exciting possibilities for content creators. Early adopters of VR technology are more inclined to invest in quality content, signaling growth prospects for this sub-vertical. With options ranging from immersive scenes to VR video games, affiliate marketers have a chance to explore this futuristic landscape.

Adult video games

The emergence of adult video games introduces a captivating sub-vertical for affiliate marketers. With a growing audience seeking engaging experiences, promoting adult video games is both profitable and engaging. While this niche is relatively new in Western markets, its potential is evident.

Adult paysites

The landscape of adult paysites has evolved alongside the rise of free adult tube sites. Nonetheless, a niche audience continues to seek premium content. Affiliate marketers can tap into this sub-vertical by targeting the right audience or effectively conveying the exclusivity of premium content.

Optimal ad formats for adult traffic

The following insights guide advertisers on the ad formats that yield the best outcomes for their adult advertising endeavors.

Pop-up traffic

Pop-up ads offer affordability, ease of execution, and vast testing possibilities. This format’s versatility appeals to both novice and seasoned marketers. The absence of creatives, utilization of landing pages, and abundant traffic contribute to its popularity.

Domain redirect traffic

Domain redirect, or zero-click traffic, offers precise targeting through keyword matching. While slightly more expensive than pop traffic, its potential for engaging users who have demonstrated interest in a specific product or service makes it a compelling option.

Push or In-Page push ads

Push ads, being akin to native ads, excel in adult dating campaigns. Their non-intrusive, user-friendly nature delivers messages directly to users’ devices, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Desktop vs. mobile traffic

The rise of mobile devices has reshaped traffic dynamics, favoring mobile-driven interactions. However, the optimal split between desktop and mobile varies depending on campaign specifics, necessitating ongoing evaluation.

Strategies for success while running adult ad campaigns

These are some tips and tricks that will make the adult traffic landscape much easier to navigate on your affiliate journey.

Understanding the audience of adult content

Understanding the target audience is a cornerstone of effective advertising. Key insights into user demographics and preferences enable advertisers to tailor their campaigns for optimal engagement.

Demographics and preferences

  • Men show a higher propensity to engage with adult content ads, while the female audience is steadily growing.
  • Age demographics typically range between 25–45, with variations across countries.
  • Engagement transcends financial status, with a global audience of diverse backgrounds.
  • Adult content ads cater to both novices and regular consumers.
  • The allure of secrecy and thrill drives engagement with adult content.

Insider tips for excelling in adult ads vertical

Succeeding in the adult vertical necessitates informed strategies. Adhering to established practices and seeking guidance from the affiliate marketing community are valuable steps toward profitability.

  • Begin with adult dating offers for a smoother start.
  • Avoid overly narrow niches to maximize reach.
  • Thoroughly research campaigns before execution.
  • Seek credible sources for industry knowledge.
  • Start with pop traffic to gauge campaign success.
  • Initiate with broad campaigns to test setups.
  • Create ad creatives aligned with policy guidelines.
  • Consult traffic source representatives for insights.
  • Allocate a portion of the budget for testing.
  • Optimize bids and placements for enhanced results.

Creating compelling ads that resonate with the target audience is pivotal. Crafting messages that evoke the desired emotions while adhering to policy guidelines ensures effectiveness.

Prominent GEOs for adult advertising

Targeting geographical areas with high-performing potential requires up-to-date insights. While trends shift, several regions consistently exhibit strong performance in the adult vertical.

  • English-speaking countries like the US, CA, UK, and AU.
  • LATAM countries including MX, BR, AR, and CO.
  • European countries such as DE, FR, IT, SE, and PT.
  • APAC region encompassing CH, TW, IN, TH, PH, and ID.

How to pick the perfect CPA network to promote adult offers

When choosing an ideal CPA network for promoting adult offers in affiliate marketing, a strategic approach can pave the way for success. While the landscape may evolve over time, here’s a speculative guide on how to make the right choice:

  1. Expertise in the adult vertical: an ideal network would have a track record of success in promoting adult offers, indicating a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of the industry.
  2. Diverse adult offer portfolio: this indicates that the network can align with your specific promotion strategies.
  3. Reputation and trustworthiness: online forums and discussions can provide insights into the experiences of other affiliates and their satisfaction levels.
  4. Transparency and Analytics: a network that provides transparent data can help you track the performance of your campaigns and make informed adjustments.
  5. Regulation and compliance: a network that adheres to industry standards and guidelines can mitigate potential legal risks.

Affiliate offers in the adult advertising niche

Navigating the vast information surrounding popular and profitable niches often presents a challenge. This rings particularly true for topics deemed taboo, like adult advertising. To extract credible insights, advertisers need a discerning approach. This section presents research on select affiliate networks/programs and their adult offerings.


With over a decade of industry presence, Mobidea offers a wealth of experience and a diverse inventory of mobile offers, including adult options. Their global reach, mobile-exclusive targeting, and various pricing models make it a prime choice for affiliate marketers.


Founded by prominent affiliates, CrakRevenue stands out with its conversion-focused inventory of over 700 dating offers. The network’s blend of global targeting, mobile and desktop reach, and varied pricing models establishes it as a hub for consistent profit.


ClickDealer boasts a reputable standing as a multinational agency for top advertisers. Its comprehensive portfolio spans both direct and exclusive dating offers, with the unique ClickDealer SmartLink optimizing traffic distribution for optimal results.


Olimob shines as a mobile CPA network, offering exclusive high-payout offers in the dating vertical. Their global targeting, a wide array of monetization options, and anti-fraud measures position them as a valuable asset for affiliates.

Case studies of dating product monetization in affiliate marketing

Let’s explore relevant case studies that shed light on the path to triumph in the adult affiliate landscape.

Case Study: A Three-Month Adult Nutra Campaign. 176% ROI. CIS

In a successful NutraMedia campaign, an affiliate achieved a remarkable 176% ROI by promoting “Ant King” male enhancement offers on Facebook, targeting Ukraine and Moldova. His strategic approach included optimized landing pages, impactful “hardcore” pre-landers, and virtual QIWI cards for account management. Regularly refreshed video creatives, targeting the 24-55 age group, ensuring engagement. Using Google websites for link redirection, Alex showcased adaptation and optimization as key drivers of his sustained campaign success.

$100K on adult games with PPS

In this case study, Alexander shares insights into succeeding in the adult games niche using the PPS (Pay Per Sale) model. Drawing from his 6-year experience, he discusses selecting optimal PPS offers, working with the Cpamatica affiliate network, and the importance of targeting specific GEOs, devices, and browsers. He emphasizes time targeting strategies, the jobs-to-be-done approach for engaging users, and the art of driving traffic effectively. With practical tips on campaign setup and ad format selection, Alexander’s guide offers valuable insights for a successful journey into the adult games affiliate niche.

Case study: How to Promote Adult Dating in the USA

Affmy network’s media buying team shared a successful case study on launching in-house adult dating offers using in-page push ads via RichAds. They achieved a 54% ROI in a 10-day period. They recommended using whitelists, testing multiple creatives, starting with premium sources, and separating campaigns by device. The USA was highlighted as a lucrative GEO for adult dating offers due to a warm audience response. They emphasized the use of adult materials, messenger icons, and imitation of video messages as effective creatives. The case study outlined campaign setup, tracking implementation, and optimization strategies.

A comprehensive exploration of adult affiliate marketing

Exploring the intricacies of successful monetization in the adult affiliate domain requires delving into a vast reservoir of knowledge and implementing well-considered strategies. This comprehensive guide brings together an array of resources, valuable insights, and strategic approaches, providing you with the tools needed to navigate the intricate landscape of adult offers and optimize your affiliate earnings.

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Forums and communities

  1. AffiliateFix — a community of affiliate marketers where you can discuss strategies for adult offers and tactics.
  2. Warrior Forum — a platform for discussions on affiliate marketing strategies and approaches.
  3. Mobidea Academy — a blog with articles on affiliate marketing, encompassing insights into adult offers.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Podcast — podcast discussing various strategies in affiliate marketing, including promoting adult offers.
  5. Stack That Money (STM) Forum — a premium affiliate marketing community with in-depth discussions, case studies, and insights spanning various verticals and traffic sources.


In the vast field of affiliate marketing, the intriguing world of adult advertising emerges as a boundary-breaking vertical. This article expertly explores this realm, revealing its potential and outlining successful strategies. Crucial to this journey is diving into niche sub-verticals within adult entertainment. Understanding these niches’ unique opportunities and audience dynamics is key for tailored engagement.

The article highlights optimal ad formats for adult traffic, including pop, domain redirect, and push ads. It also guides marketers in adhering to policy guidelines and adapting to evolving desktop and mobile dynamics. Insights into audience demographics and preferences empower marketers to create targeted campaigns. Insider tips for excelling in the adult vertical offer seasoned advice, stressing research, creativity, and industry compliance.

Selecting the right CPA network is strategically approached, focusing on expertise, offering diversity, GEO targeting, and reliability. This equips marketers to make informed choices in this dynamic landscape. The case studies provide actionable insights for successful strategies in the adult affiliate landscape, aiding marketers in reshaping campaigns and achieving results.

This article serves as a roadmap, a manual, and an invitation to confidently explore adult affiliate marketing. If you’re ready to tap into this alluring vertical, don’t hesitate to take your first steps and try out the opportunities it holds