Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

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Advertise is an affiliate network that provides a productive collaboration between its affiliates and advertisers through direct offers. The network has been operating on the market since 2015 and in that time has built up a database of more than 1,300 available offers. The company deals with GEOs all over the world and with almost all verticals. The exception is only for the Nutra and the E-commerce verticals. Speaking about payout models, Advertise provides CPA, CPL, CPS, and RevShare options. Payments are usually made in USD and RUB through any payment method.
Payout models
CPA, CPL, CPS, RevShare
Number of offers
GEO coverage
Minimum withdrawal
Capitalist/WebMoney — $10, USDT — $500, PayPal — $100
Payment systems
WebMoney, Capitalist, Qiwi, USDT

Advertise is a CPA-based network that provides a productive collaboration between its affiliates and advertisers through direct offers. Advertise is constantly improving and enriching its database with new offers. For now, there are more than 1,100 offers for any verticals. The affiliate network operates Worldwide and accepts almost all traffic sources. The main payout models in Advertise are CPA, CPL, CPS, and RevShare. Any affiliate has an opportunity to get the payout in the most convenient currency: USD or RUB. Money can be transferred through various payment methods.

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


  • Detailed and transparent statistics
  • Custom traffic tracking system
  • Protection from unscrupulous advertisers
  • A large set of tools available on the platform
  • Individual manager available to help 24/7
  • Daily payments without delay


To become a part of the Advertise network, you need to follow several steps: 

  • select an individual or a legal entity on the website in the registration form, 
  • come up with a username and password, 
  • specify an e-mail and Telegram/Skype or other messengers for communication.

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You don’t have to wait for manual approval because verification is automatized. 

Advertise dashboard


The “Dashboard” section displays information about the balance in dollars and rubles, and referral statistics on earnings, clicks, and views. You can stay updated on the latest news of the affiliate network using the events and news feed.

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


In this section, you can find all the necessary statistical data on working with Advertise. To facilitate the analytical part of the affiliate’s work, the platform offers various statistical filters to choose from: by dates, traffic source, offers, promo, conversions, keywords, SubID, and by smartlinks. A detailed statistic is also placed in this section.

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


This is a section with two additional subsections: “all offers” and “my offers”. The first one is a database of all available Advertise offers, and the second one shows the offers that you are already working with. There is also a built-in search filter that you can set up by category, country, traffic type, payout model, and platform. There is also a possibility to sort offers by creation date, hold period, offer name, changes, eCPC, or CR. 

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


The Advertise platform provides a large set of tools available for affiliates:

  • Traffic sources
  • Streams
  • PostBack
  • TrafficBack
  • Discounts
  • Referral program
  • Domains parking
  • API
  • Tracking link tester
  • Smartlinks

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


The “Payments” section consists of 4 subsections:

  • Payments. Here you can regulate the financial terms of cooperation, such as convert, and order payments to an electronic wallet, as well as view the entire history of payments. To do this, you can use the filter by dates, status, and currency of payment.
  • Payments settings. It is a place to specify contact and payment information, set up e-mail notifications and change your password.
  • Balance history.
  • Exchange rates. The exchange rate information is available for certain periods of time. 

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials


The “Support” section contains 3 subsections:

  • Tickets.
  • Events. A section to track events on the platform, disable offers, check for a piece of system news, confirm cooperation, etc.
  • Contacts. 

Advertise Affiliate Network Review and Testimonials

Offers and payout models

Advertise platform provides the opportunities to monetize direct offers from advertisers in almost every vertical. For now, more than 1,100 offers are connected to the platform, and their number increases every week.

You can easily start working with the offer you like. However, in some cases, the manager may ask you to provide the data on traffic sources. You will also be informed of all the information about your offers in advance: via tickets, e-mail, and the manager personally.

The main payout models on the platform are CPA, CPL, CPS, and RevShare. Advertise accepts almost any traffic sources. 

GEO coverage and tracking

The affiliate network works with traffic from all over the world. Representatives of Advertise recommend paying attention to the African GEO, both in the context of traffic and the offers themselves.

The Advertise affiliate network has its own system with a wide range of possibilities for tracking traffic (including clicks). This system is already integrated into your account, so you can work without additional software. The manager is responsible for setting up post-backs.

Advertise payouts

According to the Advertise affiliate network payout conditions, the minimum payouts are as follows:

  • In dollars: Capitalist/WebMoney — $10, USDT — $500, PayPal — $100.

For most offers, the hold period is about 30 days, but the network is willing to discuss individual reduction terms.

Affiliate support

The working hours of the Advertise support team are from 9 AM to 7 PM (UTC+3) daily, including weekends and holidays. However, in case of an emergency, the support team is ready to help affiliates at any time.

You can contact the manager with any work-related questions and suggestions. For instance, to arrange a personal meeting at a conference or to share your ideas about replenishing Advertise database with some interesting offers. 

The affiliate network also has a Telegram channel to communicate with affiliates. Caution: this is the only official Advertise Telegram channel.


It’s a reliable CPA network with a great variety of interesting offers. Since I only drive traffic in a white-hat e-commerce direction, I found a bunch of unique offers here. One of the main advantages is daily payouts. I can also mention a good prompt support service that will help asap. One more thing I liked is how the company solves controversial issues with advertisers. In addition to e-com offers, there are also offers for installations/gambling/dating. I advise you to try the platform yourself, rather than read reviews.

Maksutka, an affiliate

Experience of working with the Advertise affiliate network associates with positive emotions — there have never been any problems with payouts during the entire time of cooperation. Moreover, payouts are available every day without a request, which is very convenient. Fast and responsive support, a large selection of offers with flexible terms dispose to a long-term partnership with Advertise.

TMT, an affiliate

Cool affiliate network! I always like to control everything, and it’s very convenient to track conversions here. No lead deviations for unknown reasons, as I experienced in other networks. Everything is great, we will continue to work with this affiliate network.

Tumber34, an affiliate

I was driving most traffic on gambling. The support turned out to be adequate, and the traffic was checked, but everything was fast, and the payments came as stated. I’d like to extend our partnership.

Zhorap, an affiliate

I met this network’s team at a conference. I work mainly with e-commerce offers. In general, I am satisfied, despite the fact that the payout may sometimes be delayed. I didn’t have any cases of reducing here, the support is fine. There is an ICO offer, which I love personally.

Tosha.Rastorguev, an affiliate


If you haven’t had any experience with the Advertise network, now is the perfect time to grab the opportunity to become part of a modern platform with a wide selection of offers for any GEO, any vertical, and any type of traffic. The company offers various payout models, depending on the offer, and payments are provided in both dollars and rubles. In addition, Advertise has an interesting offer for sole proprietors and self-employed affiliates. This partnership also includes an individual approach, a personal affiliate manager, and a support team.