Google Ads

Outrank Them All

22 July 2022
If you know a thing or two about search engine ranking, you probably wish your sites would take the...

Words to Avoid in Ad Campaigns

5 May 2022
Why bother about being rough or toxic By saying toxic here, we mean using provocative copy,...

New Year in Marketing: Trends 2022

24 January 2022
To mark the new year and to take a closer look at marketing trends, ZorbasMedia team has...

Google Is Unwrapping Automation

18 October 2021
The Think with Google insight portal has rolled out an animated interactive demonstration of how...

Platforms Spur In-App Shopping

12 October 2021
Google is fighting for cookie substitutes and is promoting privacy clauses in the Play Store, Apple...

New Google Ads for Travel

4 October 2021
Travel bans are still very much a thing, but this does not mean that the travel vertical is dead....

Google Highlights Bargains in Search Results

26 August 2021
People like saving money even when they are not in reduced circumstances. Google reports that...

Privacy Policy Section for Google Play Store

2 August 2021
Any affiliate working with Google Play Store would know by now that it is difficult enough to get...

Case Study: How to Make $443.85 Promoting Dating Offers on Google Ads

15 February 2021
Disclaimer: The case was written by one of the MyLead  publishers who wished to remain...

Mobile Content in Affiliate Marketing

17 August 2020
Definition of mobile content offers Types of mobile content offers Mobile content business...

Checklist for Google Play App Optimization

4 June 2020
Artem Tkachuk, ASO Manager at and ASO Expert at ASOdesk, discusses the main principles...

Google Discovery Ads Are Now Available Globally

28 May 2020
About a year ago, Google unveiled its plans for expanding the platform’s ad opportunities and...

How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

7 April 2020
Google assigns a quality score to every ad campaign depending on multiple factors. The outcome of...

Everything You Need to Know About Google Ads Lead Forms

12 March 2020
Google offers a lot of advanced ad tools, such as Display Network, ads in search results, video...

Getting Started with Google Ads Remarketing: How to Choose the Right Audience and Create an Ad

10 March 2020
Remarketing is an ad strategy that allows you to deliver personalized ads to people who have...

From toxic paid SMS and fraudulent WAPclick to something new and yet profitable

6 December 2019
Hello there! It’s my first column on ZorbasMedia, and so I would like to introduce myself. My...

Google Ads to Improve Ad Asset Tracking in App Campaigns

28 October 2019
On October 24, Google Ads announced it will be improving app campaign modeling to serve more...

Google to roll out several updates to its ad policy

24 October 2019
The search giant has announced that it is going to introduce three important changes to its ad...

Google Joins the E-Commerce Race with Its Shopping Ads

10 October 2019
Today, we look at another opportunity for your E-commerce income – Google Shopping Ads....
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