New Google Ads for Travel

4 October 2021
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Travel bans are still very much a thing, but this does not mean that the travel vertical is dead. The industry is reviving and big corporations make an effort to support it. Google has introduced a Things to do ad format that will be relevant for your travel campaigns. Now users browsing for various sights will also see tickets, tours, and related services alongside search results. In Google’s view, the new ad placement will be just perfect for promoting services and experience tours.

The suggestion block with your ads will be displayed above the main search results in response to “things to do in X” or “activities near me” queries and such.

New Google Ads for Travel New Google Ads for Travel


Setting up a Things to do campaign will be easy as the ads will be composed by the Google algorithm automatically based on the data you provide, they will include a title, a photo, and a link to the landing page. Advertisers will set the campaign budget and choose a bidding model from those available for Google search campaigns except for Target Impression Share. However, there will be less headache with targeting and keywords for your campaigns — Google will do it for you. The ads will be targeted by the user’s location and device. Ad ranking and impressions will be decided in the course of an RTB auction and based on the ad quality: Google will assess how relevant and helpful your ad is for the specific user. To start with Google Things to do, a marketer or an advertiser just needs to fill out the partner form.

Google’s goal is to help users discover the travel options and pick the best one. The campaign setting process is simple, and this format also provides two listing options: free and sponsored. Free ads are an opportunity for promoting small businesses, while the sponsored ads will be able to spark more interaction for the better-known brands.

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