Google Highlights Bargains in Search Results

26 August 2021
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Google Highlights Bargains in Search Results

People like saving money even when they are not in reduced circumstances. Google reports that over the last year searches for discounts and coupons doubled as people are increasingly looking for a bargain.

A deals tab is a new feature that has been introduced in Google Shopping. The mighty Google takes it upon itself to guide the customers to better deals and to showcase sales from all over the Internet.

Previously, to appear in Google Shopping, tab you had to list your products in Google Merchant Center. Promoting via the Merchant Center has been free for marketers for over a year now. This time Google went further: the deals section will display cheaper listings and discount products whether you advertise via Google services or not.

This is a good opportunity for marketers to get more exposure and connect to the customers. But what if you are promoting something less competitively priced? Unfortunately, the new feature will not work in your favor. But as a solution, you can list discounted or “lite” versions of your products, get in the affordable options listing, and then “upsell” to the full price directly on your landing page.

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