Google Is Unwrapping Automation

18 October 2021
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The Think with Google insight portal has rolled out an animated interactive demonstration of how Google campaign automation works and why it is important to employ it is your work. Let’s unveil the key points together.

Google Is Unwrapping Automation

Four info blocks cover the most important steps in the automation process. The first “Reach new audiences” section describes the correlation between the size of your audience and the quality of your leads. You can see how switching between narrow and broad targeting affects your ROI, cots, and the number of converting customers.

Next, Google suggests that you “Get more from your marketing budget” by using the Smart Bidding algorithm. It employs the full power of machine learning to set bids more precisely, so that you can leverage the best value for money customer acquisition.

The “Build more meaningful creatives” tells more about matching the right creatives with the most suitable part of your audience. Marketers provide their best assets (text, image, video, etc.) and Google machine learning tech helps in combining these into the best-performing creatives optimized to what your audience needs here and now.

Google Is Unwrapping Automation

The online environment is fast-changing, the audience’s mood and demands are volatile, so the finishing touch is learning how to “Improve your campaigns faster”. Monthly reports, budget management, ad copy updates — are just examples of the marketing best practices worth acquiring. Speed can be a game-changer and bring your campaigns to a new level.

Check out the Think with Google Automation demo yourself and incorporate these useful tips into the daily routine to unlock your true potential.

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