Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

Mirelia Networks
Founded in: 2018
Mirelia Networks is an advertising network brought to you by online dating professionals that primarily focuses on desktop and mobile display adult traffic from Tier 1 GEOs.
Payments system
CPC (only dating), CPM
Cams, dating, adult paysites, games, phone sex, gambling and more
The minimum top-up amount
Amount system
Bank card, Paxum card, or through a wire transfer

Mirelia Networks is an advertising network brought to you by online dating professionals that primarily focuses on desktop and mobile display adult traffic from Tier 1 GEOs.

Mirelia Networks has been around since 2018. The network’s team has over 8 years of experience in online dating and provides Members Area adult traffic to its partners. Mirelia’s in-house websites have over 1.5 million unique visitors per day, and the network generates over 1.5 billion ad impressions from 20 GEOs per month.

At the same time, the websites’ audience is growing with each passing day and is assessed by the company’s internal analysts and media buying department.

Traffic by country:

  • USA — 75%
  • UK — 5%
  • CA — 5%
  • AU — 5%
  • NZ — 4%
  • Other — 1%

On traffic

Advertisers can buy traffic from Mirelia Networks based on two business models: CPC and CPM (the latter will be available after you reach out to your manager).

The CPC model is available only for dating offers. If you work on CPM, you’ll be able to promote other offer types such as cams, dating, adult paysites, games, phone sex, gambling, and more.

As you can see, Mirelia Networks focuses on adult traffic, which implies that you should monetize it through adult offers.

On the ad review process

As a rule, the ad review process on Mirelia Networks takes little to no time. All the guidelines are described in the Help section of the network’s official website. Note that if you happen to run fraudulent traffic or promote tech support offers and other shady stuff, you won’t be able to work with Mirelia in the long run.

If you doubt whether your offer meets the criteria, you can contact your account manager who will do their best to help.

Personal account and campaign set-up

Once you sign up on the SSP platform, you will get access to the following sections: Statistics, Campaigns, Payments, Help, Affiliate Program, FAQ. We are going to dwell upon Statistics and Payments.

So, having logged in to your personal account, you will see the section displaying your campaigns’ stats, including the key metrics and your ads’ performance. You will also find subsections for CPC and CPM campaigns there. 

If you wish to launch campaigns on CPM, reach out to the support team. This option will be activated in just a few minutes.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

Note that more metrics are available for CPM campaigns as compared to CPC.

Now, let’s move on to the campaign set-up. As was mentioned above, you can launch your ad campaigns both through CPC and CPM. First of all, we are going to talk about launching CPC campaigns. The campaign set-up can be divided into two stages.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

The Segment field deserves separate consideration. Here you can choose the preferred traffic segment. The higher the price, the higher the quality.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

In the Targeting tab, you can choose your GEO, device type, vertical (as mentioned above, if you work on CPC, you can only promote dating), campaign frequency cap, daily and total click cap, and daily cap refreshment timezone.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

Then, you can set up your spending cap per hour and PPC rate.

In the same tab, you can type the product domain and set up split-testing.

After clicking on the Next button, you will be redirected to the Landers tab. Here, you can select a landing page that the user will hit after they click on your ad. The approximate CTR and format specifics are listed for each landing.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

The algorithm for CPM campaigns is pretty much the same.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

While launching a campaign on CPM, you can select between various banner placement options and decide whether or not to deliver your ads to users subscribed to paid website services.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

You can also set up your campaign’s frequency cap per user, budget, and dayparting. Based on the data you have submitted, the algorithm will automatically calculate the expected eCPM rate and the number of daily impressions.

After clicking Next, you will go to the Banners tab where you should upload your banner and enter the link your banner will lead to. Now, you can submit your campaign for approval.

Mirelia Networks Ad Network Review

To be able to launch ad campaigns, you need to top-up your account. The minimum top-up amount is only $30. You can deposit money using your bank card, Paxum card, or through a wire transfer.

Best traffic practices from Mirelia’s team

To put it briefly, adult offers convert much better and are very compatible with our traffic. If you wish to promote your offer on CPC, adult dating should be your top priority. We also have advertisers who promote cams, adult games, and nutra offers, but it is recommended to do that on CPM. Mainstream offers also perform well sometimes, but you have to run a lot of tests and choose the right landing page.

It is important that you set up all the caps, and if you promote the same product domain in different ad campaigns, be sure not to enter 1 in the domain frequency cap field because then you will simply compete with yourself. And who would want to do that?

Affiliates’ reviews


Our company has been working with the Mirelia advertising platform for over a year. We are very glad about our cooperation. Our partners always try to help us even in hopeless situations, sometimes on weekends, or at night — they always help us out and solve various problems.

I want to note the important points of Mirelia as an advertising network — the quality of traffic and its impressive volume. These are important indicators for us, we are very pleased with this! I think this is a strong argument, and adding something else does not make sense.

Our company always tries everything new that our partners offer us, sometimes it’s a traffic purchase model, sometimes traffic types, and sometimes new geolocation.

 We hope for further cooperation and scaling.

We recommend everyone to test premium traffic from Mirelia Networks.

Best regards,


Head of the media buying team

Valentin Khodarev


I have been working with Mirelia for 2 years already. The admin panel has become much more user-friendly, the CPM model is available with wide target options (e.g. time targeting, frequency cap), with an extensive pool of pre-landers, not only for dating but also for other adult verticals. The integration of these options to the CPC model would be great, as well as extended geo coverage. Great support from the account manager and interaction with the advertiser is always on top!

Tatiana Martynovskaya

Media buyer, TrafficHunt


Let’s start from positive and in my opinion Mirelia has the fastest admin panel that I had ever seen before. The easiest way to start a new campaign with only one direct link, because they have their own base with banners and pre-landers (but it’s possible only on CPC model). They are splitting all their users into 4-5 different segments and 8-10 categories which you can set in each campaign and it really useful.

And here is a list of negative points in my opinion:

  • I can’t set up frequency cap for each unique user for every 12-24 hours in CPC campaign
  • existing settings for pre landers split-test are not convenient (I must create a few different campaigns for that)
  • their top GEO’s are English speaking countries only

Igor, media buyer


QonvertiQ Marketing Agency

About the partnership and communication in general.

I have never had an issue. And the few times I needed to check something Margarita from the support team has always been very helpful and friendly.

I like the traffic quality a lot for how I run things in the Adult Space. One just needs to test a few different segments and combinations of pre-landers to get the gold.

I’d have liked more tracking and dayparting options.

Traffic converts best (for me) for adult lead generation offers. I like to build assets myself (email lists, push lists, pixel lists) with my traffic and Mirelia traffic is perfect for that.

Kostas Papadakis,

QonvertiQ Marketing Agency


Mirelia Networks is a great advertising network for affiliates promoting adult offers and looking for quality adult traffic from Tier 1 GEOs. It provides lucrative opportunities for both beginner affiliates wishing to start working in the adult space (the low minimum top-up allows to avoid the cash flow gap) and more seasoned affiliate marketers who are on the lookout for quality adult traffic to scale up their campaigns.

ZorbasMedia readers can get $20 to their deposit for a $50 top-up and $100 for a $300 top-up. To claim your bonus, sign up on Mirelia Networks and enter ZorbasMedia in the Referrer field.