Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2016
GG.Agency is a CPA platform for monetizing mobile traffic worldwide. 
Payout models
CPA, RevShare
Offer verticals
Mainstream, Adult
From $20
More than 50 countries
Accepted traffic
Push, pop, Facebook, Google Ads, incentivized traffic
Forbidden traffic
Fraud traffic

GG.Agency is a CPA platform for monetizing mobile traffic worldwide. 

The affiliate network focuses on mVAS (Mobile value-added services). mVAS is a segment of added services by mobile carriers including entertaining mobile content (ringtones, games, virtual dating) that spearheaded the popularity of mobile VAS in the 2000s. Since then, the market for such services became known as mVAS.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

More on the mVAS by Golden Goose

In order to monetize mVAS, the Direct Carrier Billing or DCP protocol is needed. It allows for immediate charging of the fee from the user’s mobile account. This protocol is a key to mVAS marketing and this is why GG.Agency named their framework DCB HUB. 

DCB HUB is a concept that unites 300+ mobile carriers and 10 000+ mVAS publishers on one platform creating the market for cross-border trade. Cross-border trade became a big trend mostly due to the high Internet penetration worldwide. Now the Internet users from South Africa, Thailand, Russia, or Argentina enjoy the websites and services well out of their national domain zone.

DCB HUB by GG Agency makes the mVAS market borderless. Now a local business that provides mobile entertainment can have a wider reach than only one mobile carrier in their homeland. By joining the affiliate network, this business can enjoy access to thousands of publishers globally and, therefore, reach their target audience. And publishers don’t have to search for businesses manually, sign contracts with each and every local advertiser, and manage international cash flows — the affiliate network will take care of it all.

Advantages of Golden Goose

This affiliate network has one of the most powerful in-built trackers. It is specifically designed for mobile traffic and supports 20+ parameters in the analysis. 

For an easier campaign setup, the platform has more than 200 templates of ad network links. Also, to better monitor your ROI and to cut the non-performing campaigns on the go, Golden Goose has more than 70 ad networks integrated with the platform. You can also pass the network’s parameters, use the threefold groupings, and many more great features.

All in all, the GG.Agency in-built tracker is a full-scale affiliate tool that is quite self-sufficient. Although, you can always choose a different tracking solution.

Registration and getting started with Golden Goose

To register with GG.Agency you need to fill out the form specifying your email, password, nickname, Skype ID, and a promo code in case you have one.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Fill out the questionnaire to confirm your email address, get approved, and get your account going. This usually takes no more than 1 hour. The moderators will not request your statistics from other affiliate networks, which makes the launch with Golden Goose faster. 

Once approved, you get to your dashboard with a selection of Top offers, New offers, and an OfferWall.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Aside from the usual stats format, you can configure the way your data is depicted in the Widgets tab.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Your dashboard will also have a referral program section. GG.Agency gives you 3% of the profit of invited affiliates with the exception of profit from private offers.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

You can use the GG as a self-serve platform or contact a manager in case you need assistance. Each affiliate is assigned with a personal manager who is ready to give advice on how to better use the platform or how to approach a particular offer. You may also get tips and learn best practices for the chosen ad networks.

Golden Goose offers

GG.Agency has more than 500 direct advertiser offers in Adult and Mainstream verticals for 50 GEOs. Again, the affiliate network negotiates direct contracts with mobile carriers and local aggregators worldwide. The negotiation part may take up to 6 months but this approach yields the best results in the long run and makes the offers more efficient. Affiliates receive a daily selection of new offers along with useful tips and case studies.

The right monetization flow is tantamount to success when it comes to mVAS offers. The most popular flows nowadays are 1click and 2click subscriptions. And the most widely-used and somewhat demanding are PIN SUBMIT and Premium SMS — you will need more experience for these. 

Every offer has the information on GEO, hold period, flow, and mobile carrier indicated in its description. You can also find useful information on pre-landing pages, frequency capping, banners, and the most efficient ad networks for this particular offer sorted by their share of conversions. Besides, there is a “Prohibited traffic” tab where you can see the types of traffic that will not be accepted.

  The affiliate network accepts mixed traffic and uses smart links to monetize it fully.  

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Aside from offer descriptions, you will also find the statistics of the average CR for every offer sorted by ad network and by pre-lander available for that offer.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

Also note that Golden Goose supplies its affiliates with promo materials, e.g. creatives and landings you can see in the offer description.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review


As mentioned above, the affiliate network has a wide GEO coverage, namely more than 50 countries (CIS, Europe, North and South America, Asia). At the time of writing the following GEOs show a good CR: Egypt, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Greece, Bahrain. 

The African countries are also worth your attention. The offers that seem to have yielded all they could in Russia and the CIS countries usually perform great in the above-mentioned GEOs. These countries are the most promising in terms of mVAS offers and even inexperienced affiliates will manage such campaigns.

Golden Goose has joined the WASPA (Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) in South Africa and therefore invests actively in this region. The total population has long exceeded 1 billion, and most residents use the wireless connection to access the Internet — that’s why this GEO has great potential. In addition to Africa, GG.Agency is actively working with LATAM where the mVAS market is well developed and new advertisers appear every month.

Let us emphasize that over the last 10 years Africa has become the second region in the world in terms of economic growth (4.9%) surpassed only by Asia. 


The minimum payout threshold is $20. The payouts are effected daily with no hold period that makes GG stand out among other affiliate networks.

You can choose a withdrawal method from this list:

  • WMR
  • WMP
  • WMZ
  • ePayments
  • Paxum
  • CreditCard
  • TeaserNet
  • VisitWeb
  • TrafficStars
  • Capitalist
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer USD
  • BuyMedia
  • Mpay
  • uMoney

Affiliates with proven high quality of traffic can negotiate individual payout terms. Contact your manager to do that.

Golden Goose support

Powerful in-house analytics at GG.Agency allows the managers to guide new affiliates in the right direction: why the CR is low, what traffic source should you choose, which creative or pre-lander is better, etc.

You will be supported round-the-clock and the team covers all issues that you may encounter: from registration to campaign set up and postback configuration. 

GG.Agency’s advice is to keep in touch with the support team, ask many questions, and communicate with the networ’s representatives during conferences!


Golden Goose usually runs a variety of promotions, check out their social media and Telegram to learn more.

In the “Benefits” tab on the website, you will find a selection of bonuses from trackers, ad networks, and forums. These will make it easier to pay for handy affiliate tools.

Golden Goose Affiliate Network Review

GG.Agency also has a remuneration system: affiliates receive GAGA points for every conversion on the platform. These bonus points can be exchanged for items, bonuses, certificates, and more.

Exclusively for our readers, there is a bonus of 10%+ on the Payout and $250 when your profit hits the mark of $5000.


Golden Goose is easily the best affiliate network for both Russian and international markets. I have been working with them for a year and now I’m 100% sure of it.

Firstly, I have experience with other networks and can say that contrary to Wildo or Web Wall that are absolutely fine in technical terms, GG.Agency works directly with carriers. This is why it is easy to get a personal brand approved or to receive precise information firsthand. 

Secondly, with this affiliate network I can work worldwide and access offers that are nowhere to be found. I have never thought of going international, now I drive traffic globally. It may be even more profitable to negotiate deals with local carriers by myself: but I think it’s too much trouble for what it’s worth and I’m not such a big shot to be approved on my own. Russian market is still the best for me, so naturally, I will not spend my time negotiating with some Italian advertisers.

All in all, GG.Agency is the best affiliate network out there, I can vouch for them.

  • Profit —  top of the market
  • Offers — direct for Russia, active international GEOs
  • Support — upholds the standard for good affiliate networks
  • Technology — fine as well


Almost all subscriptions are approved and paid for. Enough useful features and the CR that is equal to the market avetage. This is the only affiliate network that has such a wide range of GEOs for 1click offers. I use smart links to monetize traffic back from other networks. With Golden Goose even traffic leftovers bring profit!

The payouts are timely. Have a go with this network, if your conversion rate is high, you will be great.


A wide selection of offers for every user, around $3 on the balance is enough to request a payout, you can choose a currency for withdrawal or choose a wire transfer as a payout method. The referral system is also an advantage — 3% will never go amiss.

This affiliate network is worth trying out. Payout is always on time, you can request transfers every day if you wish. I had no issues with this. There are trusted Google Ads accounts, I use them to drive traffic to mVAS offers.



GG.Agency is an affiliate network for monetizing mobile traffic around the globe. The platform has a variety of offers from direct mobile carriers worldwide. So it is easy to choose an offer that would suit your needs.

Let us recap the advantages that make this network worth your while:

  • More than 500 direct advertiser offers in the Mainstream and Adult verticals.
  • Wide GEO coverage (CIS, Europe, North and South America, Asia).
  • Many features are available on the platform.
  • An in-built tracker for mobile traffic.
  • Daily payout and a variety of withdrawal methods.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Many bonuses and a referral system.