Olimob Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2017
Olimob is a global affiliate program and direct advertiser focusing on CPA offers and providing exclusive terms for affiliates. Its primary verticals include Mobile Subscriptions (mVAS), Dating, and Gaming. You can drive traffic from almost any source, but make sure to check the offer requirements in advance.
Payout models
CPA, CPL, RevShare
Number of offers
Payout methods
From $300 Wire, Crypto, Capitalist, PayPal, WebMoney
Accepted traffic sources
SEO, Email, Google, Facebook, SMS, Social, Media, Messengers, Push
Prohibited traffic sources
Incentivized traffic, fraudulent traffic

Olimob is a global affiliate program and direct advertiser, specializing in traffic monetization under the CPA model and providing exclusive terms for affiliates. Currently, it boasts the trust of over 10,000 advertisers and affiliates worldwide.

Throughout its years in the field, Olimob has developed numerous user-friendly technological solutions, ranging from conversion tracking and real-time statistics display to its proprietary smartlinks. The option to leverage standard applications and solutions, combined with competitive marketplace rates, further enhances Olimob’s appeal for collaboration.

Olimob Affiliate Network Review


  • WebView applications for Facebook, TikTok, Bigo and Google UAC campaigns
  • In-house smart-link tech 
  • Experienced managers who are always ready to assist
  • New affiliates get a bonus on top of the first payout
  • Global GEO coverage
  • Agency accounts are issued on request
  • You can monetize almost any traffic source
  • Real-time conversion tracking 
  • The platform is integrated with the most popular trackers
  • More than 3000 offers

Registration and the dashboard

To get started with Olimob, you need to register an account. The registration process is swift and transparent: follow the link, fill out the form, verify your email — and you are in!

With this affiliate network, you don’t have to wait for your account to be approved. The quality of your traffic will be assessed during your first campaigns, then you can get access to private offers and higher payout rates.

Olimob Affiliate Network Review

The affiliate’s dashboard holds all the stats of your campaigns, as well as the top offers and the contacts of your dedicated manager.

The dashboard has the following tabs:

  • Dashboard. Here you will find the general information about your ad campaigns. For example, your revenue, the number of conversions, the list of top offers, and more.Olimob Affiliate Network Review
  • Statistics. This tab holds detailed statistics of your campaigns. You can filter the data by GEO, offer, stream, etc.
  • Offers. In this section, you will find all offers currently available with Olimob. There are filters by payout rate, GEO, frequency capping, verticals, etc. By clicking on an offer, you will see a detailed description with terms and requirements, payout models, audience, and other important parameters.Olimob Affiliate Network Review
  • Streams. This tab contains detailed information about the active streams. With these insights, you can monitor the traffic performance, scale, and disable the sources that don’t perform well enough.
  • Billing. Here you can see the history of transactions, your revenue, and account balance.

Offers, GEO, and Smartlink

At the moment, Olimob has over 3000 offers within several verticals: mobile content, dating, and gambling. For instance, the Olimob team has more than 5 years of experience with dating and gambling niches, so the managers are always ready to assist you and provide advice. In the database, Olimob has both direct offers and exclusive in-house offers. Reach out to your dedicated manager if you are looking for something particular. In addition to public offers, Olimob also provides media buyers with access to private offers. You need to contact your dedicated manager to access a private offer (you will find the contact information in your dashboard).

Olimob Affiliate Network Review

All available offers are featured in the “Offers” section of the dashboard with filters by GEO, traffic source, and vertical. In the offer description, you can always get more information about the terms and accepted traffic. Below, you will see sections dedicated to configuring conversion tracking and post-backs. 

Olimob Affiliate Network Review

Olimob accepts almost all traffic sources, you can drive mixed traffic as well, but you need to approve it with your manager first. To ensure the best results, make sure to discuss your campaign flows and traffic sources with your personal manager before launching a campaign.

The offer database is updated every day. You can access public offers on your own, but you need to request access to the private ones.

Olimob accepts traffic from any GEO and can provide you with suitable offers for any goal.

For your convenience, the platform is already integrated with popular trackers:

  • Keitaro
  • Binom
  • Peerclick
  • Voluum

It is also possible to run campaigns without a third-party tracker, as your affiliate dashboard features all the statistics in real time. If you wish to set up a post-back, reach out to your dedicated manager for assistance.

Olimob Smartlink

In addition to a big offer database, Olimob provides affiliates with an in-house smart-link monetization system with the best offers in auto-rotation. Olimob affiliates don’t need to spend time selecting and testing different offers, the smart-link does all the hard job for you and works for any vertical.


The platform allows withdrawing funds weekly to virtually all popular payment methods with a minimum hold period and allows for individual conditions for both top affiliates and budding marketers.

The minimum payout threshold is $300, affiliates can choose the most convenient option from several payment options. There is a permanent $50 bonus to the first payout for all new affiliates. This amount will be credited to your account automatically upon registration, but you will be able to withdraw the bonus only after you pass the $300 payout threshold. Payouts are weekly and there is no hold in the mobile subscription vertical (mVAS).

The payout methods include:

  • Wire transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Capitalist
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney

Navigate to your profile to choose the most convenient option.

Olimob Affiliate Network Review

There is no hold period in this affiliate network. You can request a payout as soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold.


Your dedicated manager is always in touch and ready to assist you. You can reach out to your manager to:

  • change the account settings
  • request a payout
  • access private offers
  • launch ad campaigns
  • get WebView applications
  • get pre-landers
  • create streams and configure Smartlink
  • configure Google Ads applications
  • select offers
  • configure post-backs

Besides, your dedicated manager can help you select the most suitable offer for your traffic source to maximize your earnings and get higher payout rates.

The managers are available from 9 AM to 7 PM (GMT+3). However, they will get in touch with you at any time in case of urgent issues. 

How can you contact the support team?

Bonuses and promotions

New partners get a $50 bonus on top of the first payout at Olimob. Also, Olimob runs regular vertical-specific promotions where you can get generous payout bonuses. Contact your dedicated manager for more details.


This network is really cool. I have been working with their dating offers for three months. I really like the smart-link’s performance! Timely payouts, no delay. Many thanks to my manager Alice @alisa_litvinko for solving all the issues!


In my experience, this is the best affiliate network for dating offers.

This niche is well-represented on the platform. The choice is so big, that I sometimes get lost and can’t choose the best option. And this is when the managers come to the rescue and help me monetize my traffic to its fullest. They also notify me when they have new offers for testing. Highly recommend.

Payments are strictly on time.


Good network, and a reliable support team.

The payouts are good. Thanks to my manager Alice, she is in touch 24/7 helping me with settings and traffic optimization. I like working with Olimob.


I have been working with this affiliate network for a long time. Why did I choose it in the first place? Because I liked the terms, and they had the offers I wanted. Let me elaborate. I evaluate this network from my current perspective when I have the necessary experience and consistent performance.

The support: I have worked with many offers and approaches, and my manager has always been there for me, it’s 10/10.

The platform: Real-time statistics, no glitches. In my time, there has been only one case when the website failed, and they fixed it the same day. It’s 8/10 for me.

The quality of offers: They have the offers I need, and the quality and selection are good. Many public and some private offers. You can find good offers for any GEO.

Reliability: There was nothing that could cause doubts about the reliability of this affiliate network. Timely payouts. 9/10.

Also, I want to mention that Roman, my affiliate manager, is a very competent specialist, I’m grateful for his feedback. 


I really like the results I see with this network. I drive only 5% of my traffic to Olimob, and I don’t have much at this point, since I have been neglecting by online business for some time. Also, it’s daytime, and I have several dollars in revenue, even though I mostly work at night. I am glad that I have joined Olimob, we are working towards higher revenues and bigger scale.



Olimob is a multi-vertical affiliate network with many offers and global GEO coverage, which makes sure that media buyers can monetize virtually any traffic. You will find suitable offers in Olimob regardless of the traffic source and vertical you work with. Moreover, the profound expertise of the affiliate managers, as well as the tools and features this platform provides, make it easier to reach new marketing heights. 

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