HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2013
HilltopAds is an international ad network that renders services to both publishers and advertisers. POP’s, VAST/VPAID video, and In-Page push are among the main ad formats. The network operates on a fully automated self-serve platform available to users at any time of the day. Both affiliate marketers and webmasters benefit from the in-built traffic filters, granular targeting, and an unlimited traffic flow.
Type of company
Ad network
Ad formats
POP’s, VAST/VPAID, In-Page push
Minimum deposit
Payment methods
PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether, Capitalist, Webmoney, Credit Card

Over the years, HilltopAds team has created and perfected a self-serve platform where one can easily monetize a website or launch POP’s, VAST/VPAID, and In-Page push ad campaigns.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

The ad network provides access to direct traffic from publishers and RTB traffic from premium traffic sources. The in-built filters make it easier to work with traffic and save time by creating White and Black lists to enhance the quality of traffic. The ad network allows marketers to work with any vertical.

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Advantages of HilltopAds

  • Swift and simple registration.
  • No pre-moderation of ad campaigns.
  • Convenient self-serve platform.
  • No limitation on the volume of traffic.
  • Global GEO coverage.
  • Granular targeting.
  • Direct URLs available for your campaigns.
  • The platform is integrated with all popular tracking solutions.
  • Expert dedicated managers.
  • Advanced checks to filter out low-quality traffic.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Registration and the dashboard

Registration with HilltopAds is pretty straightforward. To start with, you need to choose one of two categories: a publisher or an advertiser. 

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Specify your name and email, create a password. Further account setup will be available only after you confirm the email.

Advertiser’s dashboard

Dashboard This is the main page with all the information on your account. You will find here: the general statistics, ad campaign news, and support team contacts.

Funds. Available funds, history of transactions, etc.

Statistics. Here you can monitor your statistics, which are updated every 15 minutes. You can filter and group by ad type, GEO, traffic source, creatives, and date period. It is also possible to download the stats as a CSV file.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Manage Campaigns. On this tab you can control your ad campaigns: launch new ones, stop or just monitor the active campaigns.

Estimation Tools. This is a calculator tool that helps you estimate the daily number of impressions and their cost depending on the chosen ad format and GEO.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

My Profile. Here you can manage your profile details. It is possible to change the name, password, billing data, etc.

Support. This is a traditional FAQ section with useful articles on how to use the platform to your advantage.

Referral program. HilltopAds allows you to earn by attracting new affiliates to the platform (5% of their income). On this page, you can find your referral link, a list of attracted affiliates, statistics on your passive earnings.

Publisher’s dashboard

Dashboard. This is the main page with all the information on your account. Here a publisher can find the overall statistics, their balance, news, and support team contacts.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Statistics. In this tab, you can see statistical data that is refreshed every 15 minutes. There are filters by ad format, GEO, website, and date. It is also possible to download the stats as a CSV file.

Manage Site & Zones. This page allows you to manage the websites you monetize via HilltopAds and your direct links.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

Payment history. This tab contains the transaction data and information on your balance within the ad network.

My Profile. Here you can manage your account: change the name, password, payment data, etc.

Support. This is a traditional FAQ section with useful articles on how to use the platform to your advantage.

Referral program. HilltopAds allows you to earn by attracting new affiliates to the platform (5% of their income). On this page, you will find a referral link, a list of attracted users, and statistics on your earnings.

Contact data of your dedicated manager (email, Skype, Telegram) is also in your dashboard. The manager will assist you in choosing the most suitable offer, launching or monitoring an ad campaign. The interface of the platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Ad formats

The network offers several ad formats:

  • POP’s. You can choose Popunder for both mobile and desktop campaigns.
  • Video VAST/VPAID. These are video ads. It is much easier to set up and configure video players on various websites once you choose these. With VAST you can choose what kind of user data to collect and set the page they see upon clicking on the ad. VPAID format has the same features plus more interactive points (more tabs, fill-out forms, etc.).
  • In-Page / Push notification. Push notifications are available for both desktop and mobile campaigns.
  • Banner. Banners for mobile/desktop campaigns.

Campaign launch

Once you have registered as an advertiser, you can launch ad campaigns. To do this, open the Manage Campaigns tab on your dashboard.

  1. Press “Add Campaign”.
  2. Select the format and traffic type, enter the name of the campaign.HilltopAds Ad Network Review
  3. Turn on the frequency capping if necessary.
  4. Configure the targeting.HilltopAds Ad Network Review
  5. Set the limits.

Please note that the platform will estimate the number of impressions and their cost automatically.

HilltopAds Ad Network Review

GEO and targeting

HilltopAds network allows to purchase and monetize traffic from any GEO. The network’s filters eliminate bot traffic, allowing users to run profitable campaigns in a variety of verticals including dating, gambling, betting, and utilities.

The volume of traffic depends on the GEO, vertical, and the price of traffic. 

Other targeting options include:

  • GEO
  • Browser
  • OS
  • Device Type
  • Carrier
  • Connection type
  • Time period

Additional features such as IP Range, IpUserAgent, OS Versions, Brand mobile device, Language can be activated via your dedicated manager. They allow for more detailed audience segmentation.

The platform is integrated with all popular trackers, which adds to the convenience. So, you can easily configure your campaigns with Voluum, Binom, AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, RedTrack, theOptimizer, Kintura, or Keitaro.

HilltopAds Traffic

HilltopAds has no limitations on the volume of traffic. You can buy big volumes but for a higher price. All the main formats will be available to you including POP’s, In-Page push, and VAST/VPAID video ads. The traffic is further segmented by user activity: Medium to High. Thus, affiliate marketers get high-quality traffic and reduce their costs for ongoing optimization of ad campaigns.

If any source that used to have traffic of high quality declines in this respect, it gets excluded from the list of available sources. Premium sources that include the network’s TOP websites with the majority of impressions are available separately.

NB: the available volumes of traffic depend on the ad format and targeting settings. Higher bids will bring you more traffic. Moreover, if you work with quality domains and white-hat offers, you can get access to premium traffic sources.

HilltopAds network also accepts traffic via Direct links. You can generate links for your campaigns on your dashboard.

Payment methods in HilltopAds

The range of available payment methods includes all the popular ones:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Webmoney
  • Capitalist
  • Credit Card (only top-up, exclusively for advertisers)

Minimum deposit: $50 The minimum withdrawal threshold depends on the chosen payment system (starting from 10 USD). Payouts are effected weekly or upon request.

Approval and quality checks

HilltopAds has no pre-moderation of ad campaigns, they are launched instantly. Multiple accounts, cloaking, carding, artificial traffic, bots traffic, and some specific types of content are prohibited. Refer to the terms of use for more details. In case of violations, fraud or other dishonest behavior, the advertiser’s or publisher’s accounts will be blocked.

Support and a dedicated manager

Your dedicated manager is always there to assist you. HilltopAds recommends that you always discuss planned ad campaigns and activated offers with your manager. The network wants you to succeed as much as you do. This is why your manager will always help you to be more productive.

NB: it is better to provide the manager with your messenger ID for faster communication, campaign assessment, and in case of any issues.


Personally, I think Hilltopads is one of the best advertising companies ever, and so far I haven’t had any major problems with you. The only thing that I can consider as a minor problem is the rpm rate drops suddenly for no reason and the quality of the traffic is good. Other than that, I have never seen any problem with you until now. Congratulations, well done in all circumstances, and thanks for everything, Hilltopads Team.

Affiliate marketer, mainstream campaigns

I have been working with this network for more than a year. CPM rates for Tier-1 countries and Asian GEOs (TH, MY, ID, VN) are really nice. Latam is not bad either.

I also like that they support Bitcoin and USDT in addition to the usual payment methods. Highly recommend.

Affiliate marketer, mainstream campaigns


HilltopAds is an advertising network that invests in a win-win relationship with its users. The network is as interested in your success as you are. To achieve the best results possible, it is necessary for you to maintain a high quality of traffic and ads and to follow the rules of the network.

ZorbasMedia readers can receive a gift from HilltopAds — +20% for deposits starting from 50 USD. To claim the gift, use the ZORBAS21 promo code.