TrafficStars Ad Network Review

Founded in: 2014
TrafficStars is a feature-rich self-serve ad network that specializes in adult traffic. It offers 7 profitable ad formats, media-buying tools, and works by CPA/CPC/CPM pricing models. Also TrafficStars has exclusive partnership with xHamster and other big publishers. 
Adult, Gambling, Nutra, Dating
Payment models
Ad formats
Popunder, Banners, Native, Video, Push, Interstitial Full Page
Payout methods
Paxum, or with a Credit Card
The minimum deposit
$100, for a wire transfer $500

TrafficStars is a feature-rich self-serve ad network that specializes in adult traffic. The team behind this 7-year-old network has 15 years of experience. Also TrafficStars has exclusive partnership with xHamster and other big publishers. 


The network serves more than 7+ billion impressions daily. The team grew significantly over the years: now the company employs over 50 specialists worldwide.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

TrafficStars is always ready to meet you halfway and for this reason the company deals with both direct traffic and traffic from other networks. This means that aside from adult offers you can run a variety of verticals including dating, nutra, and gambling.

TrafficStars offers plenty of GEOs from any Tier. You can also pick certain countries or regions, though the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, and India have the biggest volumes.

The available payment schemes are: CPC, CPM, CPA, and DCPM which is a dynamic bid where you can specify the limit and let the algorithm tweak the bid for you.

Registration and getting started

To get started with TrafficStars you need to fill out the registration form and pass the moderation.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

The self-serve platform allows affiliates access to all the features to launch campaigns and, for instance, set targeting to suit the chosen type of traffic. The dashboard design is intuitive and easy to navigate.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

You will get detailed statistics on your campaigns and the account in general. This is great for analysis and further improvement. When your account is verified you will be assigned a personal manager who will provide guidance and help you launch and optimize your campaigns.

Ad formats in TrafficStars

The network offers a slew of ad formats: 

  • Pop-under
  • Banners (300×250, 300×100, 315×300, 900×250, 728×90, 250×150)
  • Native
  • Video
  • Push (Classic and In-Page)
  • Interstitial Full Page (Landing page and Image)

Targeting and other features

The platform features an array of targeting options for your campaigns from ad format to priority of a chosen creative. 

These are the features available to all the registered users:

  • Choice of ad format, GEO, and regions 
  • Targeting by category, language, device

    TrafficStars Ad Network Review
  • Targeting by operating system, browser, carrier, IP

    TrafficStars Ad Network Review
  • Keyword targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Setting up a schedule for your ads

    TrafficStars Ad Network Review
  • Targeting by domains or specific ad placements
  • Choice of the payment scheme (dynamic CPM/standard CPM/CPC)
  • Daily budget of an ad campaign
  • Choice between ASAP/EVEN traffic distribution

    TrafficStars Ad Network Review
  • Frequency capping
  • Setting the priority of a chosen creative within a campaign

    TrafficStars Ad Network Review

You will have three options for website/placement targeting.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

RON — all websites and placements available on the platform with an addition of white and black lists for placements and domains.

Prime — you target placements from a predefined list.

And in Members Area — you can choose placements on the websites with paid access for users.

To enhance your performance take time to think your strategy through for every offer you run. Your account manager will always be glad to assist you in setting your campaign up and recommend a suitable ad format to start with.

TrafficStars has everything an affiliate might need to run profitable campaigns. Additional features allow for granular set up, targeting, and tracking:

  • Duplicate campaigns 
  • Look-a-like audiences 
  • Individual bids on chosen placements 
  • Ability to kill placements while in the statistics tab 
  • Export statistics 
  • Marketplace 
  • API integration 
  • S2S tracking 
  • Creating ad campaign groups and much more

Support in TrafficStars

TrafficStars prioritizes the expertise of account managers so that publishers get the best assistance. That is why you can rest assured that any issue of yours will be resolved promptly. Additionally, all managers do media buying so they have an insight into the obstacles that affiliates may face. 

TrafficStars website also has “FAQ” and “Blog” sections with a load of useful articles and tutorials. For instance, a guide full of tips and best practices on how to set up a test account.

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

TrafficStars Ad Network Review

Minimum deposit and payment methods

The minimum deposit in TrafficStars is $100. You can top up your balance via Paxum, or with a Credit Card. The minimum deposit for a wire transfer is $500.

Moderation in TrafficStars

TrafficStars runs a manual check of all new accounts to vet the data you submit. For example, if you indicate a company registered in the EU, you have to provide a valid VAT number. 

Moderators can also request personal identification or additional details about your company to confirm the accuracy of information. 

What may be more important, they will always check your advertising materials against the company rules before your campaign is launched. For example, if your creatives feature a well-known logo or contradict the text that goes into the ad — your campaign will be rejected until you fix the issues.

TrafficStars Bonuses

TrafficStars is rather generous towards the affiliates and often dishes out nice bonuses. Exclusively for our readers, the network offers a promo code for new accounts ZORBAS23. Recharge your balance and receive +10% on top. The offer valid for new customers only.

To learn about TrafficStars news and events keep an eye on your e-mail inbox. All the juicy news makes it into the e-mail newsletter.

TrafficStars has a referral program that will bring you an extra 5% income for each invited publisher. Find out more details from live-chat support.

TrafficStars reviews

We are happy to be partners with TrafficStars. It’s a great network with high-quality traffic, the best placements, and their support team speaks a ton of languages. Great to be your partner!

Jane Zim,

Head of Strategic Development

In Mobipium we pride ourselves on working only with the best players in the field, and TrafficStars is one of them! Their quality traffic allows us to hit a new height every day.

Ivo Amorim,

Campaign Manager Mobipium

TS — is one of the best ad networks out there. It has a transparent user-friendly interface that is easy to work with. There are so many opportunities to make profit with TS, join in!

Karina Bielawska,

Key Account Manager Mobidea


TrafficStars is an ad network with big volumes of quality adult traffic and exclusive access to premium placements (xHamster speaks for itself). An easy to navigate self-serve platform gives you a smooth start even if you lack experience. And detailed targeting options make it easier to launch a successful campaign and reach your audience.

Sign up right now and start making money with TrafficStars!