VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2017
VortexAds is a CPA network that was incorporated in 2017 and focuses on dating and gambling. The network's offers are promoted predominantly in English-speaking, Western Europe, and CIS markets. They also provide exclusive offers (both dating and gambling ones) to trusted partners.
Offer verticals
dating (mainstream, adult), gambling, betting
Payout model:
CPL SOI/DOI (dating), FTD/CPA (gambling)
Number of offers
Minimum threshold amount
Payment method
WMZ, Paxum, Wire, Crypto, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, AdvCash, BlockChain, QiWi
Accepted traffic
all traffic types except fraud, incent, and bot traffic, misleading advertising is also prohibited

VortexAds is a CPA network that was incorporated in 2017 and focuses on dating and gambling. The network’s offers are promoted predominantly in English-speaking, Western Europe, and CIS markets. They also provide exclusive offers (both dating and gambling ones) to trusted partners.

The VortexAds team is passionate about affiliate and performance marketing and constantly works on improving customer experience to drive better results. This is what helps them quickly adapt to all the changes in the market and ensure profitable cooperation for all partners.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

One of the advantages of the VortexAds affiliate network is that it provides its partners with WebView apps to run gambling offers on Facebook and UAC, which are developed by their internal team. The development and creative departments continuously test out new app design technologies to ensure a longer product lifetime. Apps are provided for free. TOP partners can request custom-designed apps.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review


The registration process is simple and takes no more than a couple of minutes. All you need to do is fill in the registration form, wait for the message from the manager and give answers for a few questions.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

Just after your account is approved, you’ll be able to sign in and see the list of available offers. Moreover, you can reach out to your account manager, and they will send you a list of top-performing offers based on the verticals and sources you work on.

Personal account

The first thing you will see once your account is approved is the dashboard:

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

To choose offers, go to the “Offers” tab where you can explore available offers and look through the conditions. Vortex has more than 1000 offers for 50+ GEO most of which are from direct advertisers. 

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

Also the network has private offers, which can be connected after discussion with your manager. One of such offers is LevelUp Casino which you won’t find in any other network because this advertiser cooperates only with Vortex.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

To start promoting an offer, click on the “Need request” button and fill in a short form specifying what kind of traffic you are going to run. Once the offer is approved, you will be able to create a funnel.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

The “Statistics” tab displays results of a funnel. Actually it’s similar to what other networks have.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

Vortex gives an opportunity to integrate with such tracking systems as Keitaro, Binom and OctoTracker. To configure, go to the “Postback” tab, choose a proper tracker, add macros and set a link.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review

If you didn’t work with trackers at all or you have difficulties with configuration, feel free to contact your manager.


The network provides Net-7–Net-15 payment terms to its partners. The payouts are made on Thursdays. You can also discuss individual payment terms with your manager.

The minimum threshold amount is $50.

Available payment methods include

WMZ, Paxum, Wire, Crypto, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, AdvCash, BlockChain and QiWi. 

Available payment currencies: USD, EUR, UAH, RUB, USDT and BTC.

The average hold period for dating and gambling offers is 1–7 days and 1–2 weeks respectively.

Advantages of the network

  • Offers from direct advertisers, which allows the network to provide timely feedback and exclusive terms to trusted partners even for their first/test ad campaign;
  • In-house WebView apps for driving Facebook and UAC traffic to gambling offers. App cloaking to ensure longer app lifetime;
  • Assistance with promo materials upon request;
  • In-house tracker that allows the network to be more flexible in terms of developing new features;
  • Dedicated managers who are available 24/7 and can help you with a variety of issues.


Vortex Ads is one of the best affiliate networks out there when it comes to the dating market. The managers are willing to provide exclusive offer terms, comprehensive technical support, and round-the-clock dedicated service. The team’s expertise is also evident in how they work on enhancing customer experience and grant bonuses to partners, which we appreciate very much. The guys are setting an example for other companies in the market, and we would like to thank them for that!

Victoria, Head of the Together Networks media buying team

We have been working with this network for over a year already. The network can boast a support team of professionals, great terms, and a nice selection of dating offers for any GEO with high affiliate rates. The payouts are made on time on a regular basis. Just send quality traffic and everyone will be happy.

Approach X, a media buying team

I’ve been working with VortexAds (gambling) for three months already. This is a great affiliate network to send traffic to. I have worked with 7 or 8 companies before, and none of them is even close. Thanks to my manager, all issues I had were fixed within half an hour. The stable operation of the system and an opportunity to withdraw your funds quickly are also among the main advantages of the network. Highly recommended.

Arbitrage-Up, an affiliate team

I have been working with Vortex for two years. Our cooperation has been running smoothly so far. The network’s team has an in-depth understanding of affiliate marketing and is very flexible in terms of decision-making. My manager is often available off working hours, and so all issues are fixed really quickly. I highly recommend this affiliate network to all affiliate marketers who haven’t signed up on the platform yet.

Oksana, a TOP affiliate


VortexAds is a CPA affiliate network that aims to ensure quality results and long-term cooperation with its partners. VortexAds offers you access to products from direct advertisers, in-house WebView apps and tracking solution, and much more:

  • results that won’t take long to arrive;
  • a team of experts proud of what they do;
  • adaptability to drive better results.

To know the network better, subscribe to its social media and follow the news: Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

BONUS! Enter “1000bonus” in the “How did you hear about us?” field while registering on the platform. Then our manager contacts you within 24 hours. After approving your account within 3 months from the beginning of first conversion you need to earn $10k in the CPA-network VortexAds. Upon reaching this sum, $1000 as bonus will be added to the nearest payout.

VortexAds Affiliate Network Review