New Targeting From PropellerAds

16 September 2021
PropellerAds has introduced a new targeting by demographics and interests. On the platform, this...

Privacy Policy Section for Google Play Store

2 August 2021
Any affiliate working with Google Play Store would know by now that it is difficult enough to get...

Tips for Landing Page Optimization to Increase Affiliate Sales

29 July 2021
In affiliate marketing your landing page is usually your best shot at converting a slightly...

Free Photo and Video Editors for Your Creatives

10 June 2020
If you happen to need a free-of-charge photo or video editor but you don’t know which one...

11 Free Chrome Plugins to Manage Affiliate Marketing Tasks

9 June 2020
After we published an article on the best neural network tools, it has become more than clear...

AI Technologies For Affiliate Marketing Creatives

13 May 2020
Affiliates have to come up with tons of creatives on a regular basis. However, marketers,...

Driving traffic to push notifications in 2020 and staying in the green

15 April 2020
Hi! My name is Maria Dorvey, and I would like to tell you about my push traffic journey and share...

Facebook is Taking Legal Action Against a Cloaking Software Maker

10 April 2020
On April 9, Facebook filed a complaint in California federal court against Basant Gajjar accusing...

CPL vs. RevShare: Which Pricing Model is the Best Fit For the Essay Niche?

1 April 2020
Millions of students start their studies in high school, colleges, and universities every year....

How to Protect Your Landing Page from Theft and Hijack Free Traffic to Your Website

11 March 2020
Building a winning landing page is already challenging enough without having to think about...

How to download a landing page: free and paid solutions

23 October 2019
To stay ahead of the curve in affiliate marketing, picking the right offer and setting up an ad...

Affiliate’s Guide to Anti-Detect Browsers

16 October 2019
Affiliates sometimes need to stay under the radar if they want their campaigns to be successful....

Instagram promotion services

11 October 2019
Today we will discuss the topic of automation on Instagram and why it’s a useful tool for...
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