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11 Free Chrome Plugins to Manage Affiliate Marketing Tasks

After we published an article on the best neural network tools, it has become more than clear that affiliate marketers need a variety of different tools in their work, and so we decided to elaborate on this subject. Below, you will find our picks for the best Google Chrome plugins that come free of charge and can significantly simplify your work routine. Let’s take a look at each of them.


This plugin is especially useful for those of you who make creatives regularly. With ColorZilla, you can get a color of any website element or a color palette for any website.

Facebook page color analysis

Picking a color from a web page area


Imagine you have finally found a font that appeals to you, but you don’t know its name. WhatFont is here to help you identify fonts on web pages. Quick and easy. Just mouse over a word and the extension will tell you which font this is. 

Resolution Test

If you have just created a website and need to test it in different screen resolutions, then Resolution Test is a go-to for that. 

With this plugin, you can easily switch between user-agent strings to find out how your website looks like on different platforms.


The extension splits your browser window into two, which is very convenient is you’re performing two tasks simultaneously and don’t have a dual monitor.


This plugin converts files from one format to another. Over 2,500 different combinations are supported: rar to zip, pdf to jpg, epub to pdf, png to ico, and many others. 

Social Book Post Manager

Facebook post manager that can batch delete posts and allows for other batch processing such as hide/unhide/unlike items. 

Email Finder

The extension allows you to find email addresses from different websites in one click. Just go to the website you need and click on the extension to generate a list of emails.

Seo Meta in 1 Click

A tool that displays main SEO information and all metadata such as: 

  • meta tags (Title, Description, Canonical, Robots Tag, and more), 
  • H1-H6 headers, 
  •  number of images and their alt and title values, 
  • links and their title values, 
  • Open Graph, 
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml, 
  • analytical data. 


This tool needs no introduction. It allows you to see website traffic and key metrics for any website and find out how it ranks in a particular country or its own category. 

Touch VPN

If you need a VPN proxy urgently but don’t have enough time (or money) to install a paid VPN solution, this plugin is the answer.  

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