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How to Protect Your Landing Page from Theft and Hijack Free Traffic to Your Website

Building a winning landing page is already challenging enough without having to think about special protection functionalities. 

Imagine you finally managed to create an effective landing page after giving it a lot of thought and doing extensive market research. Your landing is so perfect it never fails to convert visitors and get them to purchase the product or service you are promoting. 

However, having driven traffic through it successfully for a couple of days, you realize all of a sudden that the CPM has grown dramatically, while your conversion and approval rates are lagging sluggishly behind. What on earth could have happened?

Then, you open some random spy tools and see that half of the market is now using your perfect landing to run traffic and generate sales. %&$#?@!

Well, what can you do to protect your landing page from being stolen by newbies and run-of-the-mill affiliates? First of all, you can add a script that will make it difficult for your competitors to download your page. It is supposed to remove a context menu from your page and make it impossible to use the Ctrl+S functionality to save your landing. Obviously, it won’t protect your landing from Wget and other download software, but it will definitely save you some time and make things harder for those who want to steal your page.

The second simple script allows you to hijack some free traffic from your competitors: just save it and replace YOUR_URL_GOES_HERE  with your landing page URL. The script is triggered automatically after a thief copies your landing, pastes their links, uploads the page to their web hosting and starts running traffic. Once the user hits the page, the script will replace your competitor’s links with the original ones.

What else can you do to hide these scripts from a spying eye? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Put these scripts in some legitimate outside .js file. For instance, jquery.js files are often used on landing pages. So, you can take one of these and place your scripts at the very end or in the middle of a jQuery object. Mind your syntax and don’t forget to check everything for efficiency.
  2. Before adding the scripts, run them through an obfuscator to make them less clear and harder to understand. There a lot of JavaScript obfuscator tools around, such as this and this.

So, that’s it for today. If you have any questions left, you can contact me on Facebook.

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