Best Infographic Software Tools in 2023

19 May 2023
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Infographic software can help you to simplify complex data sources through visual representation. Utilizing such source tools in the digital world can positively impact a brand. A simple visual data source representation can convey a product’s core purpose effectively. In this article, you can find the best-animated infographics software.

A range of infographic software tools

Here are some tools that can come in handy when you are working with data that needs graphic representation. Below we will take a closer look at each of them.


Visme has a free plan for 5 projects and paid options from $15/month. It’s great for creating infographics with quality templates. The latest update makes it easy for non-designers in 3 steps. Templates are available or users can start with a blank sheet. Free articles and videos are in the “Learn” section. Interface needs improvement, but pricing suits individuals, businesses, and educators. Explore Visme’s site for the best plan and features.


Canva is a user-friendly platform with customizable templates, icons, charts, graphics, and images for creating visually appealing infographics. It’s suitable for educational presentations and marketing campaigns. Canva empowers businesses and individuals to communicate their messages effectively, regardless of their design experience.

Adobe Spark

Adobe is a leading software company with powerful and innovative tools for designers, developers, and digital marketers. It provides a range of educational resources, tutorials, and support services to help users get the most out of their software. Adobe offers tools for making infographics, images, and video for graphic designers, video producers, and website developers.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a software tool for graphic designers, illustrators, and artists of all levels, with custom brushes, vector graphics, and an intuitive UI. It’s part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which offers access to all apps, updates, cloud storage, and collaboration tools. Adobe Illustrator can help freelancers, small businesses, and large companies create stunning and professional infographics that match their brand or message. It’s a valuable tool for staying ahead of the game and creating infographics that capture audience attention.


Crello is an affordable and popular online tool for creating infographics with a simple and minimalistic interface. It offers a free plan with 5 downloads/month and a premium option ($7.99/month). Crello provides templates, fonts, and animations for easy and fun customization. Sharing finished infographics is also easy. With thousands of templates, creating a unique infographic takes just a few minutes. Crello is a hassle-free choice for anyone looking to create infographics.


Vectornator stands out from other infographics tools on the market with its ability to support multiple artboards, customizable vector shapes and icons, and real-time collaboration feature. Multiple users can work on a single project simultaneously, streamlining the process and fostering more effective teamwork. Vectornator also boasts a robust export feature, allowing designers to export their infographics into a variety of high-quality file formats, such as PNG, PDF, SVG, and AI.


Venngage offers two pricing options: Premium at $16/month and Business at $49/month. Their software has hundreds of templates and a robust web editor for creating professional infographics in three steps. Templates can be used for presentations, social media visuals, and reports, making communication impactful and engaging. Venngage also has a limited free version available and multiple payment options.


Infogram specializes in creating infographics with a free plan for 10 projects and premium plans starting at $19/month. It has beautiful embeds and advanced features, making it perfect for creating diagrams and sophisticated reports. Infogram’s user-friendly interface and special features make creating infographics intuitive. The pro version is a source for frequent and detailed infographics. Infogram also has unique collaborative features for businesses and teams.


Animaker is an affordable cloud-based tool for creating animated infographics and live-action videos and images. It offers over 1000+ icons, 3000+ maps, and 100+ charts with ready-to-use templates for crafting personalized infographic videos and images. The platform comes with tutorials and help, but may take some time to learn. Animaker offers a free trial, but purchasing a subscription is necessary for full access to the platform’s benefits.


Creately is an affordable and easy-to-use infographics tool with a simple editor, real-time collaboration, and a free plan. It’s great for visualizing processes and collaborating with teams, and offers an interactive viewer for embedding infographics into websites. The platform works with a variety of formats and is free for personal use, with paid plans starting at $6.99/month.


Easelly is a great tool for creating beautiful images and infographics with easy collaboration among team members and integration with popular social media networks. However, some advanced features may not be available for more experienced designers. Overall, Easelly is an excellent choice for those who want to create stunning graphics without breaking the bank or having to learn complicated software.

Design Wizard

Design Wizard offers affordable pricing with a free plan available. The Pro plan is $9.99/month and the Business plan is $49.99/month. It’s one of the easiest and best online graphic design software options. Infographics can be easily created using its drag and drop feature and archive of templates, symbols, and images. The Basic Plan is free and infographic design downloads start at $1. On the Pro plan, you can upload your own images and custom fonts. The Business plan allows you to add logos to videos.


The Pro plan gives access to premium features for working with infographic such as high-resolution downloads, custom color schemes, and the ability to remove the Piktochart watermark. The Enterprise is design source for teams and offers collaboration and team management tools, as well as priority support and training. Overall, Piktochart is great for beginners and non-designers who want to create visually compelling infographics and images quickly and easily.


DesignCap is a versatile and cloud-based app that offers templates, stock images, and icons for creating professional-looking visual content such as social media posts, flyers, posters, images, infographics, and presentations. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing marketing efforts and increasing engagement with visually appealing images and infographics.


Canva and Spark are great options for beginners who want to create infographics. They are user-friendly and offer a variety of templates, making the design process simple. On the other hand, experienced illustrators may prefer Illustrator, which offers more advanced features and customization options. Regardless of skill level, creating visually appealing infographics can help a business stand out and catch the attention of potential customers.

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