Affiliate’s Guide to Anti-Detect Browsers

16 October 2019
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Affiliate’s Guide to Anti-Detect Browsers

Affiliates sometimes need to stay under the radar if they want their campaigns to be successful. Anti-detect browsers or stealth browsers serve to protet your data and enable you to log into multiple accounts at once.

This is achieved through altering your browser fingerprint and thanks to a number of other features that we are breaking down below.

Anti-detect browsers enable you to:

  • stay completely anonymous online;
  • simplify the account farming process;
  • log into multiple social and ad accounts at once;
  • avoid bans for rule violations thanks to the three points mentioned above.

You can choose between a huge variety of anti-detect browsers. In this article, we’re counting down our picks for the best solutions on the market.

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is built on Chromium and is tailored specifically for designers, beta testers, SMM specialists and developers. This solution allows you to create separate cookie jars and color-code browser tabs to easily switch between your accounts.

Price: $0-$20 per month. If you buy a year subscription, you’ll be eligible for a 50% discount. In this case, you’ll have to pay only $10 a month. If you use a proxy server, you’ll have to buy an extension.


This solution replaces your original fingerprint with a different one and allows for accessing multiple accounts simultaneously. It also enables you to automate any repetitive task [By the way, if you wish to learn more about automation, be sure to check out our article on affiliate marketing automation software – Ed.]. Cookies, local storage and other cache files are completely isolated and thus cannot leak between profiles.

Teamwork is easy in Multilogin. With browser profile sharing and transfer functions, you can control profile access and distribute tasks between team members. For instance, one of your assistants creates accounts, while the second develops them and warms them up. All of this happens within a single environment without risks of data leakage.

Price: $99-$399 per month.

Linken Sphere

This browser is also based on Chromium. At the development stage, the team worked directly with the source engine, which allowed them to completely get rid of the spyware Google code. Thus, Linken Sphere protects you from any attempt at identification by spoofing fingerprints, creating a unique user portrait and so on.

Linken Sphere allows for complete anonymity: all the data that you submit while registering remains invisible to everyone but you (and therefore password and login recovery are impossible).

Price: $100-$900 per month. Only bitcoins are accepted as a payment method.


AntBrowser is built on Firefox. Each profile is like a separate personal computer and has its own unique IP, UserAgent, TimeZone and other parameters.

The service has two drawbacks. First, you can work with only one profile at once, which means that switching between different profiles will be difficult. Second, developers collect quite a lot of information from users because you can manage your profiles from any browser or computer through your personal account.

Conclusions: AntBrowser is a great tool for tests involving small traffic volumes, but it is not suitable for larger-scale campaigns. Its data security is inferior to that of the previous solution, for example.

Price: about $31 per month.


Antidetect is a tool for creating browsers with different configurations. The software is available in two versions, 7.6 and 8. The second version is more sophisticated, complex and costly ($2999 + a service fee of $100 a month). Antidetect 7.6 is the best option for affiliate marketers.

A configuration is a set of javascript files copied by a special method from real browsers. Each new browser will look like a copied one and have its own unique fingerprint. The browser created through Antidect is the usual Firefox Portable that you can transfer to any PC and share with your colleagues. You don’t even need Antidetected to launch the created browser.

Antidetect 7.6 price: $600, transfer to another PC — $100.


Kameleo supports Chrome and Firefox & Safari. The tool can emulate a lot of different fingerprints ranging from fonts, time zones and screen parameters to WebGL and cookies.

For an extra fee of $30, you can get access to a mobile emulator. The software has an intelligent canvas spoofing mechanism.

Price: $59-$249 per month.

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