New Targeting From PropellerAds

16 September 2021
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PropellerAds has introduced a new targeting by demographics and interests. On the platform, this feature is called Audiences. This option allows you to target the most suitable share of the audience and to increase the CR and CTR by an average of 20–40%.

At the moment, the feature is available only to some categories of users, but in the future it will be open to all. The available bidding models and ad formats will also be updated.

The new targeting in a nutshell:

  • Ad formats: Push and In-Page Push
  • Bidding models: CPC, CPM, CPA Goal
  • Account levels: Gold and Platinum
  • Interests: Sports, Shopping, Finance, iGaming, Giveaways, Dating, Utilities
  • Gender: Men and Women
  • Age: 18–29, 30–49, 50+

This is how you can choose the categories for Audiences on your dashboard:

New Targeting From PropellerAds

Why the new targeting is worth trying out:

  • it is pinpoint precision since you work with custom audiences gathered by interests, gender, and age;
  • it is great for cross-marketing;
  • only those who are already interested in the product will see your ad;
  • creatives targeted for a relevant audience have an average CTR 38% higher than the ones without Audiences;
  • PropellerAds team ran some tests and saw a CR increase of up to 300% in campaigns with Audiences compared to non-targeted ones;

Targeting by interests is based on previous user interactions with offers or ads, as well as on search data.

Setting up a campaign with Audiences

  1. Log into your account (Gold or Platinum level)
  2. Open the Create Campaign Tab
  3. Find Audiences feature in the Targeting Section
  4. Specify the audience you would like to engage

So far, you can add only one custom audience per campaign, but the developers have plans for a split-testing option of different audiences within the same campaign.

Case study

Now we would like to walk you through a case to tell you more about the advantages of the Audience (read the full case in the PropellerAds blog).

Basic information:

  • Ad format: Classic Push
  • Offer type: Sweepstakes 
  • Lead cost: initial lead – $0.42; increased to – $0.48
  • Period: 19th of March – 31st of May
  • GEO: Indonesia
  • Devices: Android
  • Daily budget: $500
  • Bidding Model: CPA Goal

Indonesia is a great GEO for sweepstakes campaigns, as the audience enjoys the idea of a surprise win and has not yet developed the ad fatigue to this kind of ads. The majority of Indonesians prefer mobile devices to desktop, while the share of Android in Tier 2 countries in general significantly outweighs iOS users.

The pre-lander that was used is common for sweepstakes offers: people think of something pleasant and usually free when they see a gift box. Just what you need for such an offer. The words “chosen to win a fantastic prize” leverage more curiosity and encourage the user to click on the link.

New Targeting From PropellerAds

Another creative for this campaign looks like a push notification saying: “we tried to contact you” and a gift box once again to bring on that pleasant anticipation of a win.

New Targeting From PropellerAds

Targeting settings

First, the testing: one audience and one creative per campaign. This is an important point, because this setting allows us to see if your audience likes the selected creative. This also saves time and budget.

In targeting by interests, we choose Finance and Giveaways. We launched three campaigns for each of these audiences for low, medium, and high user activity respectively.

Here is what we got for the medium activity group:

New Targeting From PropellerAds

This group showed the best results on average: CTR without targeting by interests was 0.34%, and with Audiences it increased to 1.41% for Finance and to 1.48% for Giveaways.

This demonstrates that targeting by interests and demographics significantly increases the CR and CTR compared to non-targeted campaigns and allows you to attract traffic of higher quality.

Let’s sum up

  • PropellerAds offer the feature of targeting by interests, gender, and age. At the moment, PropellerAds is the first ad network that offers targeting by interests, gender, and age for Push campaigns. Only Gold and Platinum accounts have access to this feature so far, but soon the Audiences will be available to all users.
  • You don’t need to look for loopholes for betting, gambling, and sweepstakes campaigns. The platform has ready-made active audiences for these and other verticals. The audiences are based on previous interactions with similar offers and ads.
  • You can scale campaigns for Facebook, Google, and other traffic sources safely and work with the most relevant users.
  • At the moment, PropellerAds has the biggest audiences for the following GEOs: India, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, Colombia, Malaysia, the USA, Egypt, Vietnam.
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