Gasmobi Affiliate Network Review

Gasmobi is a Madrid-based affiliate network and a direct advertiser. The company is historically strong in the leadgen vertical (and we discussed it with the guys back in 2019). Moreover, the network also focuses on sweepstakes, surveys, dating, finances, astrology, loans, and mortgages. 

Date of foundation: 2016

Official website:

Number of offers: over 1500 CPL, CC Submit, Click to Call, CPS, etc. offers

Offer verticals: Sweepstakes, Dating, Surveys, Finance, Astrology, Mortgage, PayDay

Payouts: Payouts are made weekly if you promote the network’s in-house offers RexOffers and OrangeViral or twice a month if you run other products. The minimum payment threshold is $200. There is a variety of available payment methods on Gasmobi, such as Webmoney, Payoneer, Capitalist, PayPal, and Wire Transfer

All traffic sources are accepted, except for content locking, proxy, spam, and incentivized traffic


Gasmobi is a Madrid-based affiliate network and a direct advertiser. The company is historically strong in the leadgen vertical (and we discussed it with the guys back in 2019). Moreover, the network also focuses on sweepstakes, surveys, dating, finances, astrology, loans, and mortgages. 

Gasmobi as an advertiser

As mentioned above, Gasmobi is both an affiliate network and a direct advertiser.  Since 2019, Gasmobi has been developing its own CC Submit and IVR brands called RexOffers and Orange Viral.

If the name of a certain offer in the network’s database contains “RexOffers/OrangeViral”, know that this an in-house offer.


As most of you know, CC Submit implies that in order to win a particular product, the user has to enter their credit card details and other personal information. Therefore, to promote CC Submit offers, affiliates generally use landing pages featuring the most popular products and brands. As for France and Italy, the best-converting offers include Nespresso coffee capsules and machines, as well as Lidl, Aldi, and Carrefour vouchers, whereas in the US the dominant position is occupied by all sorts of gadgets. You can promote such offers as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Air Pods, Samsung Galaxy, PS 5, Xbox, Nespresso, Nintendo, Rumba robot, Dyson, and much more in over 15 GEOs. Here are the landing page examples:

The countries that were killing it in May included the USA, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

However, as far as the CC Submit vertical is concerned, the ranking looks a bit different:

Gasmobi as a CPA network

Gasmobi is an international affiliate network that specializes in direct offers in such verticals as sweepstakes, surveys, astrology, educational and finance products, cryptocurrencies, nutra, and dating.

The top 5 verticals in the last 5 years:

Sweepstakes: SOI, CC Submits, VOD, IVR.

Leadgen: Finance, Education, Insurance, Test Drives, Astrology, Surveys.

Other popular verticals include Nutra, Cryptocurrencies, and Dating that can help you generate a sustainable income and max out your profit.

Affiliates can reach out to their dedicated manager for advice or to get a selection of ready-made promo materials, including:

  • email newsletter templates;
  • pre-landers;
  • banners;
  • or ad copy for your creatives.

 Accepted traffic sources vary from one offer or advertiser to another. However, if you drive quality traffic and don’t violate the prohibition on sending incentivized, proxy, spam, and content locking traffic, it’s very unlikely that the users you referred will be rejected by the advertiser.

At the same time, some offers do accept incentivized and chatbot traffic, so be sure to check out the offer description before launching your ad campaign.

Some offer terms are stated in the offer name! When picking up your offer, you can filter out different products by accepted traffic sources.

By the way, to launch your campaign, you will have to contact your affiliate manager to unlock access to the offer you have chosen. After the test campaign, you will be able to get automatic access to the network’s offers.

As mentioned above, almost all traffic sources are accepted depending on the offer and except for content locking, proxy, spam, and incent.

However, some advertisers also accept incentivized, SMS, and chatbot traffic.

So, to sum it up, you can send Email, Social, Push, Display, Pop, Native, SMS, chat-bot, and even incent traffic to Gasmobi depending on the offer you are running.

Be sure to follow the network’s channel on Telegram to keep up to date with the latest platform news and developments.

Registration and getting started

Although registering with Gasmobi is pretty easy, it requires going through a number of steps. This is necessary in order to filter out unscrupulous partners and give you a clear understanding of what Gasmobi can offer you.

Once the application form is submitted and reviewed, you will get an email with information about your manager, account access data, etc.

If you think your application has been lost, feel free to contact the network’s team on Telegram or Skype.

How to max out your profit with Gasmobi?

Gasmobi has a loyalty program that allows you to receive bonuses on your payments and thus earn even more.

To qualify for the bonus program, you need to send quality traffic to one of Gasmobi’s offers for a couple of months. After you reach a threshold of $500, you will be eligible to get extra bonuses on your payments.

Moreover, Gasmobi also offers extra revenue to those willing to refer their friends to the network.


Gasmobi is a go-to network for affiliates who want to promote leadgen offers and get the most out of their traffic.

If you have huge volumes of cold traffic and are looking for the right partner, sign up on the platform and ramp up your affiliate game together with Gasmobi.

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