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Case: driving push traffic to desktop offers. $20k profit

Period: May 2019 — present day


Ad network: PropellerAds

Affiliate network: YepAds

Money earned: $97 148

Money spent: $74 210

Profit: $22 938

ROI: 30,9%

Hi everyone! Today we would like to show you the case presented earlier at the KINZA’19 conference.

Some may remember our case with PropellerAds, where we discussed the advantages of working with CPM traffic. This time we resolved to minimize the cost of click by increasing CTR up to the maximum. For example, let’s take two real ads and compare them:

In both cases, CPM of the ads is the same, but we were able to boost ROI by 5 times due to the reduction in CPC.

Since we mostly ran traffic on sweepstakes, we decided to adjust the conversion flow accordingly.

Our first step was to search for good offers so we requested a top list from YepAds. We have long-standing partnership with them, and this reputed affiliate network is one of the best when it comes to sweepstakes (although, they are not the most popular in CIS countries).

I would also like to mention that managers in YepAds get fully involved in the process, they are truly interested in mutual success. What’s more, recently they launched in-house high conversion rate sweepstakes for profitable GEOs.

Here you can see the statistics for two French offers:

1. Payout 20.00$ CR 2.47%   2. Payout 25.90$ CR 1.17%

  • YepAds in-house offer;

  • offer from a third-party advertiser.

Just the thing for those who strive to test hot in-house sweepstakes! Welcome to YepAds.

So, we have our top offers. Now it’s time to make up some creatives.

Do you remember these banners?

The idea was to use the same banner on push offers and see how it works.

The rules were the following

  • Do not copycat. We didn’t find any of these via spy-tool or there were just a few matches. Good thing is – you can once again use the method for Facebook (it’s not commonly used for push offers) or the one for banners (our choice). In this case overlap of the audience is minimized.

  • Don’t complicate things. Genius lies in simplicity. The method is incredibly simple, and it has already proved itself in relation to banners.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. The use of this approach was quite risky in itself, but we were daring and victorious.

  • Help the user make a click. The important point is to gather as big audience as possible. The banner imitating a system message suited this description perfectly.

But there is a problem! In its policies PropellerAds prohibits imitating system messages (whether Windows or MacOS), so we had to create a similar message with a different design.

Here are the creatives we used

We didn’t waste much time on creating the icons.

Here are some of our landing pages

Despite the obvious differences to the system window, CTR obtained on these advertising campaigns was several times higher than that of casual creatives. Here is part of campaigns for different GEOs:

For some GEOs click rate was even higher than 25%! It is easy to calculate the cost of 1 click.

Why the main bulk of traffic came from PropellerAds?

Our partner PropellerAds ad network is one of the market leaders for push offers. They have a vast and ever-growing database of users.

PropellerAds work with different payout methods (e.g. CPC and CPM – payout for impressions, the one that brought us top profit). This ad network also has flexible targeting settings based on user’s PC operating system, Internet provider, location, User Activity, region etc. We highly recommend launching campaigns on PropellerAds.

But are all of those goal clicks?

Obviously not. The majority of users clicked on the ad only to close the annoying window. Mislead (in this case it was “blurring” of the ad’s subject to attract more users) should only be used:

  • on small CPC or CPM. Maybe click rate of the creative will be a pleasant surprise, but drained money supply will surely leave you disappointed. Be careful and don’t go too fast
  • on trustworthy campaigns. If you are sure that both pre-landing and landing page of the offer work as they should, you can increase the number of clicks on the campaign. Otherwise, you risk losing money. At the same time, you will not be able to test neither the creative, nor the pre-land, nor the offer properly.
  • in moderation. Keep in mind that mislead should expand the subject of the ad, not change it. When the ad says that user’s phone glitches and it’s advisable to clean the device, it won’t be any good if user sees a casino ad on the website.

We have followed these rules and here is what we got in the tracker:

Of course, not all the campaigns were profitable, some got in the red even with cheap clicks (although in this case the offer itself was to blame). In any case, we were satisfied with the result ($20 000 profit with 30% ROI).

We hope that our case will give you inspiration to think up new creatives and profitable campaigns.

See you next time!

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20 october, 10:59
Great aticle. 20k is insane. Also, anyone interested in playing video games and getting paid as tester? Sign up here https://tinyurl.com/yypl4qea
14 october, 06:50
how can you get so much clicks with such a low cpc price like $0.007?
i don't think you can scale up with such cpc price on properllads
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