CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review

Founded in: 2020
CMaffiliates — is a multi-vertical affiliate network that provides exclusive offers to its affiliates. The network started out as a media buying team and now has years of experience in CPA marketing. It officially hit the market as a network in the summer 2020.
Payment models
CPA, CPL (SOI/DOI), RevShare
Gambling, Crypto, Nutra (COD, SS, Trial), Mobile subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating, Lead generation, Coupons
Payout methods
Bitcoin, USDT, WMZ, PayPal, Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum
All types of traffic
Motivated traffic

CMaffiliates — is a multi-vertical affiliate network that provides exclusive offers to its affiliates. The network started out as a media buying team and now has years of experience in CPA marketing. It officially hit the market as a network in the summer 2020.

CMaffiliates brings together affiliates from all over the world working with solo affiliates and small teams. The network is customer-oriented and always considers the needs of affiliates while choosing offers and promotional content.

CMaffiliates can help you climb high really fast as the team has expertise in combining different traffic sources and verticals. This allows affiliates to monetize all kinds of traffic.

Advantages of CMaffiliates

The CMaffiliates team knows that trust between affiliates and the network is the cornerstone of success. For this reason, the affiliates who drive proven high-quality traffic enjoy more flexible terms — test spend is refunded, there is an advance payout for traffic and conversions before the campaign starts running. 

If you choose to, you can also integrate any tracker or pixel into the platform.

Another thing to consider: the network has an in-house media buying team that works with various traffic sources. This guarantees the relevance of their offers. To drive up the performance, CMaffiliates select an offer that would cater to the needs and wants of a given affiliate based on the traffic source of the choice.

Registration and getting started

CMaffiliates website features an intuitive interface. Registration takes 2 steps:

  1. You can either fill out a form on the website or contact a manager to create a new account. You will need to provide: e-mail, verticals and traffic sources that you work with, your average monthly volume, and a messenger for communication.

    CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review
  2. Soon, the manager will contact you to get the statistics from any other network or a traffic source to check the quality of your leads.

Upon completing the registration, you will get to the dashboard with all the information divided by tabs: Offers, Postbacks, Reporting, Analytics, and Company.

CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review

CMaffiliates offers

CMaffiliates features more than 2000 offers in a range of verticals. And what is more important, all of them are direct advertiser offers. Years of experience on the market also mean that the network has many exclusive offers.

You will find new offers every week, the choice of the new ones is based on the demand on the side of affiliates. CMaffiliates is focused on performance of their affiliates and provides the best for them, but you can also add an offer yourself.

The offer description contains payout model, acceptable promotion methods, available creatives and traffic, targeting, bids, GEO, preview URL.

CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review

Along with available creatives and landing pages you will find useful beginner guides on the field in general and separate niches. CMaffiliates provides creatives that you can use in your ad campaigns.

CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review CMaffiliates Affiliate Network Review


Seeing that CMaffiliates sports a large variety of offers in different verticals, each GEO shows different conversion rate. The profitability of GEOs fluctuates over time, some rise while others dry out for good. That is why CMaffiliates team follows the market trends and suggests the GEOs with great performance here and now to bring higher profits to their affiliates. 

To discover the best GEOs of the day, contact your account manager. They will suggest suitable options based on your needs and experience.

Payouts in CMaffiliates

As a standard, the network offers Weekly Net 3 and Monthly Net 7. Minimum withdrawal amount — $100. You can discuss other options with your manager. CMaffiliates is usually very accommodating and may allow you to get payouts more often.

Payout methods include payment systems: Bitcoin, USDT, WMZ, PayPal, Wire, Capitalist, Payoneer, Paxum.

Customer support

Seeing that the CMaffiliates works on the international scale, the support is round the clock. The team is always in touch and ready to help. 

The support team are real professionals who know all ins and outs of working with traffic.

CMaffiliates reviews

I would like to say a couple of words about our experience with CMaffiliates. We have been looking for an affiliate network that would allow us to drive traffic to crypto offers with pay-per-lead and not per deposit. We wanted to test out this new vertical. Unfortunately, most networks deal with deposits, and we didn’t want that as the tests would have been too expensive this way. Anastasia contacted one of your media buyers offering to work with CMaffiliates on the PPL. To be honest, I do not trust networks if I see the managers looking for clients like this. But seeing that it was the only network with PPL available for crypto we agreed to run some tests. Anastasia turned out to be a very responsive and helpful manager.

Good points:

  1. We got anything we asked for. Creatives, copy, pre-landers. It was all ready, you can drive traffic right away. And we did. The campaign was running until Facebook threw yet another tantrum. We had daily feedback on our leads and suggestions on how to optimize and target in Facebook.
  2. Payout rates for PPL are really good. I would even say the best.
  3. Payout methods — I prefer USDT and I got all the amount with no hold period and no fees.

Weak points:

I see none yet, love working with the network so far. The only drawback for me is that it is not possible to work with PPL throughout the week, you get paid per deposit during the weekend. Although it is hard to say it is the network’s fault as call-centers do not work at their full capacity on weekends.

I really wish that Facebook would come back to normal and we could drive big volumes of traffic to crypto offers.

I cannot say that you should or shouldn’t work with this network. You have to test everything for yourself in our line of work. I can say for myself that I will work with CMaffiliates in the future. I can recommend Anastasia as a manager. She is really competent, and we don’t see this too often these days.

Black Jack

CMaffiliates is a fresh affiliate network that is worth your attention. Timely payout, the offers I worked with had the rates higher than in other networks. The managers definitely know their job. I tested only dating offers, but I plan to run more verticals with this network. I advise you to try working with them, and I wish СMaffiliates to develop and become even better.


We have been working with gambling and Russia as the GEO, but we wanted to go global. For this reason, CMaffiliates offers with pay per registration were the best for us. We were able to test several GEOs at once and drive sufficient volume of traffic. The offers were excellent, so we continue to work with them. 

And I would like to point out the work of our manager. It was the best management that we have ever seen in affiliate marketing. There was not a single conflict, support was 24/7, all issues were resolved very quickly. In general, CMaffiliates has two advantages: excellent offers and great managers. Is there anything more important in affiliate marketing? =)



CMaffiliates — is an affiliate network with a wide choice of offers for different verticals. It is possible to monetize any type of traffic whether it is Facebook or push notifications. The team is highly professional and keeps a close watch over the market trends. The affiliates get full support and good advice.

In a nutshell, why you should register in this network ASAP

  • A wide selection of offers in different verticals.
  • The affiliates get support at every step of the campaign.
  • In-house media buying team with many years of experience.
  • Negotiable payout terms for trusted affiliates.
  • Expert support for affiliates.